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the casting for jovi & my epic bandom buffy & angel AU that neither of us has any intention of writing.

i might have forgotten some or messed some up, but i think this is where we left off.

chosen. )
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look what arrived!


ETA: OH ALSO! [ profile] aloverestrained and i have been having MUCH FUN casting an epic buffy/angel bandom AU that will never be written. IT PWNS. i think my favorite casting is ryan ross as cordy. XD
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blurry as fuck (iphone pic of jovi's camera), but all you need to know is that i have now been in a jon walker/brendon urie sandwich. \o/

jon walker was pleased by us. and talked in my ear. and then i came.


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i might be the last person alive to see this, but jovi showed it to me last time i was in florida and it makes me lol really hard. :(
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is lj acting wonky for anyone else? i clicked on my bookmark for it a little while ago and it took me to but all it showed me was a random icon. and then a few minutes later i had clicked on what was supposed to be my friends page but it took me to the friends page of some other random journal. weird.

i went to the saratoga music festival yesterday with scott. conor oberst was amazinggggg and the total highlight of my day and i wanted his set to be 10x longer (&conor;), i was excited to learn that the swell season consists of glen hansard and marketa irglova (they were awesome; he was wicked charming, too - he said something about his holy trinity being bob dylan, leonard cohen and van morrison, big love from the crowd for that), i didn't know who steve earle was but i enjoyed him tremendously, and bob dylan was underwhelming. yeah, i said it. idk, admittedly neither of us are, like, dylan experts of any sort, but by the time he'd played for over an hour and neither of us recognized anything he played (well, "highway 61 revisited" kind of, but eh) and it was after 11 and we'd been there since 1? yeah, we totally left. oops. plus, he was kind of...not engaging? he never spoke the entire time we were there. idk! :/ *fails* also, this was without question the whitest crowd i've ever seen, wow.

omg, i am leaving tomorrow to go to florida! i get a jovi! and a dar and an adrienne and a jen and stuff! and then i get to go to tampa and have a josie! and then i have a mom, lol, and we're off to seattle and then our cruise to alaska! \o/ \o/ \o/ i am not at all packed! D: D: D:


ETA: bonus of the littlest cook, because he is SO CUTE.
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+ i have seen david cook (and his friends) 4 times in the past week. newark x 2, atlantic city, and now long island. i would honestly see him in concert every night if i could. the only other people i can comfortably say that for are fall out boy, cobra starship and jack's mannequin.

+ with the exception of ramiele and kristy lee cook, i honestly enjoy everyone on tour. carly is probably my favorite after what's-his-name (she's so fierce, you guys, i adore her!), followed by archie, brooke (i absolutely love her setlist and her version of "yellow" is just lovely), michael, jason, syesha and chikezie in roughly that order.

- now i don't get to go to the show again until 8/20.

+ but that'll be in sunrise with my florida girls, and dar and i will hold david in our arms, and adrienne and i will eat sushi and upset jovi in the process. XD

+ and then i get to do it all over again in tampa with josie the next night. \o/

+ and then i leave for seattle and then a cruise to alaska with my mom, which is going to be rad rad rad. XD

+ bought my panic ticket for miami today! \o/

- i am deathly ill, omg. i have an absolutely wretched cold. :(

i already talked about him so this isn't OCC, exactly, but whatever. i love that *this* was his date to the teen choice awards, lol.
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  • i posted really huge, really pretty david cook picspam the other day, in case anyone missed it.

  • have you guys heard that starbucks is closing 600 locations? :( i heard it on CNN at the gym the other day, and today i found out my usual place is one of the ones that'll be closing. woe.

  • speaking of the gym - when i first started, my trainer wanted me to do bench dips and i literally couldn't do it. i kind of half-ass managed about three. the other day i did thirty. it felt fucking rad.

  • i'm going down to florida on thursday, and seeing jovi and adrienne and dar and jen (and, uh, idk, probably other people) at warped on saturday!! also, y'know, cobras and such. and jack's mannequin, omfg, am i the only one who cares about that? i will stand there by myself if i have to. is there a schedule somewhere? i'm probably the only one who wants to see mayday parade, too, aren't i?

  • i bought red lipstick today and i think i like it. i'm pretty sure that i could be a girl who wears red lipstick.

  • eta: also, i always forget how much i love things like the velvet underground and david bowie until i listen to them and wish i could crawl inside the songs and just live there, covered in glitter.
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    i am officially seeing fall out boy on halloween with jovi!


    (and yes i'm also seeing gym class heroes and plain white t's and...who? cute is what we aim for, right? but whatever, you guys, FALL OUT BOY.)

    annnnnnnnnnnnnd a new butch walker demo was just posted on myspace.

    it really doesn't take that much to make me happy.

    ilu, flist! ♥
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    i got in this afternoon and bummed around for a bit, and then went to dinner earlier with [ profile] daydreamjovi, who was, as usual, full of awesome. why don't i live in florida anymore? SIGH! ♥

    i was going to post a handful of pics but i'm so jetlagged and tired that i can barely type coherently, so i'll just post a quasi-vlog i did.

    i missed you all muchly! i'll be home tomorrow, so be on the lookout for a real entry tomorrow night at some point, i'd imagine.
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    so [ profile] anasuede tagged me for this, and i am nothing if not obedient. plus, i haven't pimped any music in here for ages, which is sad because i used to post music recs all the damn time.

    List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

    apologize - onerepublic (and the timbaland remix). i just recently got randomly obsessed with onerepublic after discovering blake is working with their lead singer and some stoned guy. go check them out on myspace, they're already huge and they haven't even released an album yet. i lovelovelove them.

    she will be loved/with or without you - blake lewis. i just love this SO much. it's so fucking pretty and "she will be loved" never struck me as a particularly sweet song until blake sang it. and now i hear it and i melt.

    round here - brendon urie. a live counting crows cover that i'd never heard (the cover, i mean, of course i'd heard the original) until jovi played it in the car last weekend. and now i'm in love with it. it's so emotional and awesome and OH BRENDON URIE. ♥ ♥ ♥

    mary sunshine - reefer madness. SO FUN OMG. in case you missed it, i uploaded the movie last night; GO DOWNLOAD IT BETCHES. this song is just scandalous and rad.

    bang the doldrums - fall out boy. this will never not be stuck in my head. i just love it. and it's a total cake song. and the line "this is a love song in my own way; happily-ever-after, below the waist" is made of so much win. i really fucking love fall out boy, you guys. like, so much. so much.

    (so much.)

    send my love to the dancefloor, i'll see you in hell (hey mr. dj) - cobra starship. i don't know, i blame gabe saporta. this song is just so fun to dance to, and the video is super rad, and gabe saporta touched my face one time, i don't know if i've ever mentioned that? (but talking about it? still not old.)

    chivas - kelly clarkson. the hidden track on her new album, which i've listened to excessively, to the exclusion of the rest of it. idk, i just really adore this song. it's so simple and she sounds amazing.
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    wtf is that song that sounds like "stand by me" and it's all "you've got me suicidal blah blah blah"? will someone please either upload it for me or tell me what it is so i can go find it? it's been stuck in my head all day and i don't know who sings it or the title. :/

    EDIT: ok, solved! damn, you guys are fast! *snuggles flist*

    OH HAY PS: JOVI! i need you to upload "round here" for me, because yes.
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    honestly, claikens.

    again, i say: WHAT KIND OF FUCKERY IS THIS?

    unrelated fyi: i miss [ profile] hearthisvoice, [ profile] daydreamjovi and [ profile] blushingblaze. and bshorty.


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