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the casting for jovi & my epic bandom buffy & angel AU that neither of us has any intention of writing.

i might have forgotten some or messed some up, but i think this is where we left off.

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the cobra show was, unsurprisingly, A++++ awesome, would rock again. going solo was a little lame only because i had no cell service inside the venue, so i couldn't text and twitter as much as i would've liked (as everyone who follows my twitter goes THANK GOD FOR THAT) but otherwise it was superfun!

much to my chagrin, i enjoyed FTSK immensely. i am generally annoyed by jonathan cook's politics (i left him a bitchy blog comment once, lol) so i wanted to hate them, but he was actually quite entertaining (and wearing a twilight t-shirt, which amused me) and fun. dammit! (oh also, the redhead [caleb?] is wicked cute.) i missed hit the lights and sing it loud, but i didn't care about seeing them anyway.

and cobra continues to be made of all things fierce and sassy and fun, and i adore them all ridiculous amounts. but especially gabe, because, i mean. GABE. *hearthands forever* they played everything i wanted to hear except for "keep it simple," and there was silly string, and confetti, and gabe's sweat flying into the crowd and gabe himself flying into the crowd and ryland told us he was sweating his titties off. and i will never not be charmed by gabe's overwhelming gratitude. every time i see them, he thanks the crowd, like, 324992 times and i think it's actually fully sincere every time. i'm such a sucker for earnest.

the crowd was a little crazy, but i survived mostly unscathed despite being squished right in the middle of it. ironically, the only person who actually hurt me was a venue employee; a giant ass venue employee who had stationed himself at the edge of the mosh pit (which unfailingly opens up right next to me, wherever i am, idk if i inspire aggression or what) and who elbowed me quite soundly in the spot between my neck and shoulder, which was fun. :/ but whatevs, i brought sassy back with the cobras and it was excellent.

in unrelated news: DAVID COOK.

ok, that's not news. i'm just saying.

EDIT: oh also, for the record, bill beckett twittering about sports all the time makes me lol.

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oh, idk.

edit: new TAI via young master beckett's blog: rumored nights
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blah, i hate the new TAI video. sadface. it was cool to look at for about the first 30 seconds, and i like the shot near the end with the hands, but other than that, SO not feeling it. :x the whole point of their videos is supposed to be to admire william's prettiness (shh, yes, THAT IS THE POINT), dammit.

OH ALSO: where on earth is a leak of viva la cobra!? WHERE? WHY HASN'T IT LEAKED YET? >:O
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and youre gonna tell me this kid isnt emo. someone stole bdons animal crackers

lol pete wentz ilu.

there are a couple more new pics on pete's buzznet, go look. including hemmmmmmmmmy. and travis! ♥

EDIT: GAH THIS PIC IS TOO AMAZING TO DISCUSS. and i got 2nd comment! \o/
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TAI tour dates, squeee!

um, poughkeepsie, anyone? or i could be persuaded to go to NYC, probably.
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the new TAI... vid makes me happy. in the pants and elsewhere. THEY ARE SO SHINYYYYY.

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so. yeah. i've recently developed an overwhelming love of bandslash. here's a little something to show you why. not dial-up safe, but definitely worth clicking if you like boys. or boys who look like girls. or, y'know, if you like monkeys or puppies or laughter or oxygen. or...whatever, just click the cut?

he tastes like you only sweeter. )

pics totally, shamelessly stolen from everyone ever, most notably [ profile] citibyrd, [ profile] seanarenay and [ profile] bluestargirl6.

also, i'm going to see FOB next month with [ profile] sheedy and [ profile] daydreamjovi!!! \o/


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