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[Poll #1367134]
maybe a real entry sometime soon? WHO KNOWS.

EDIT: I FEEL SO ALONE. :( i hate them. when i was a reporter we didn't use them and now they look terribly clumsy to me.
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this made me smile.
Finally, A Use for Twitter

Sean informed me a few days ago that he had been following "The Real Shaq" on twitter.

"You realize that 'The Real Shaq' is probably a 5'4 White, 14 year old emo kid who's getting his jolly's from the attention, right?" I asked him.

"I don't know. I think it's really him"

Today Sean and I were discussing rumored trade situations over IM, and the possibility of Shaq being traded to Cleveland.

"Well, I just got a twitter from The Real Shaq, and he's at 5 & Diner right now," Sean informed me.

"Let's go then" I said, assuming that I'd finally put this "Real Shaq" crap to rest.

also, i randomly spent, like, an hour reading overheard in new york earlier. i have no idea why.
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i usually don't care about cat macros but this made me giggle.

spot the dfc: this one's 100% impossible to miss
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spam of counterpoint!

words i love:

what are your favorites?

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words that i hate:

hmm, most of those aren't even 'real' words. but still! what words squick/bother you guys?

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so last night, scott and i were doing a crossword puzzle online and one of the clues was something like "wences, for example." and we look at it for a sec and i go "i have no is a wence?" and he doesn't even look up, just says, totally deadpan, "the bass player from fall out boy."

i lolled.

he also quoted (slightly incorrectly but A+ for effort) something corporate to me the other day.

there may be hope for him yet.

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did any of you guys ever see the movie heavy traffic? i remember seeing it...god, it must've been six or seven years ago, completely baked, and having it kind of scare the shit out of me, heh. i just watched the trailer on youtube and i think it's exactly as fucked-up as i thought it was at the time.

in unrelated news: IT WON'T STOP SNOWING OMFG DNW

in happier unrelated news: i deleted a ton of my icons last night (i currently have 32 slots open!), uploaded a few new ones, and redid all my keywords. fun times.


aaaaaand a gift, because if you don't have this in your life, YOU NEED IT, TRUST ME: fall out boy - honey is for bees. it's a lullaby and it's my happy place. you want this, i promise.
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it was kind of like christmas morning today at sarah's! i woke up and i was lying in bed, reading my email, and sarah came in all "hey, your christmas present just came!" and tossed a package at me, so of course i ripped into it immediately, and...

clan pressies ftw! you wish you had my bff. ♥

also, flist, i have a question: if you write fic, do you re-read it often? because i find that when i want to read fic, a lot of the time i just read my own, which strikes me as wildly narcissistic. /o\

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so i'm visiting [ profile] themightybee and she's working and i'm bored. therefore, some incredibly pointless eljaying.

01. folie á deux continues to please me tremendously. no spoilers (altho i will forever maintain that music spoilers are not a real thing, sorry bbs), but just, LOVE. especially "the (shipped) gold standard" and "(coffee is for closers)". and "20 dollar nose bleed." and "west coast smoker." and "what a catch," still. and, y'know, all of it. &FOB;

b) speaking of those dudes, a ticket for the show in the city next week has been procured, because people are fucking awesome and kind. ♥ i'm still not 100% positive that i'm going because it's a pain in the ass to get down there and back, but, i mean, FALL OUT BOY. no matter how unrelentingly i fangirl david cook, musically speaking, FOB is my fucking favorite thing ever. so. i'm pretty sure i'm going.

third: allegedly there is going to be an 80s cover band playing here in a minute. i'm not sad about this. the keyboard player looks vaguely like ryland. sweet. EDIT: ahahaha omg they are hilariously awkward. two singers - she has pink dreads and dances like carlton banks; he has crazy new wave/emo skunk hair and total michael johns drama hands. and one fingerless glove. and a tambourine. epic. lolololol.

IV - there was a segment about the puppy cam on the news earlier; apparently it's the most streamed thingie in the history of the internets. puppies ftw!

cinco~ occ!

lawlz. oh, dfc, never change. did you guys hear that he said something this morning about going to a titty bar (my words) the other night and that a bunch of fangirls on message boards were quite aghast? puritans for cook! \o/ O.o

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two thoughts i feel compelled to share.

01. there's a memory from my childhood that occasionally resurfaces and pisses me off. i don't remember being pissed off at the time, but maybe my 8-year-old self sensed the inherent doucheyness, even if she didn't understand it, and that's why it stuck with me all these years.

all through elementary and middle school, i was in the gifted program. (it was renamed to a.l.p.h.a., or advanced learning program for high achievers, when i was about 10.) anyway, in second or third grade we had a new gifted teacher. i don't remember her name or what we did that year; the only thing i remember is her always referring to the program as GT (for gifted and talented) and telling our group one day "so if people ask where you're going when you leave class, you can just say 'GT', they won't know. they'll probably think you said PE."

as far as i know, none of us had been bullied or teased. in all my years in that program, i never was. so why on earth would she indicate to a bunch of kids that intelligence was something of which to be ashamed? fail, teacher lady. massive fail.

02. in much more shallow news, i've decided that tivo really needs to incorporate programming via txt. if i could txt "record 30 rock" or whatever and have my tivo be all "i will record 30 rock tonight on nbc at 9:30" it would be fucking RAD.

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questions of utmost importance.

#1. whence came this "adjective noun is that same adjective" meme? i see it alllllll the time and idk why.

annnnd #2. for this poll, assume that we are working with a normal belt that can't be upside-down or whatever.
[Poll #1288038]
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i cannot listen to "electric feel" anymore without thinking of elle from heroes. were i a craftier and more motivated person i would make a badass fanvid.

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so, scott had to take his car to the shop this morning, which means that i had to follow him there and take him to work, which means i've been up for over an hour already. faillll. *yawns*

anyway, so like. ok. a certain segment of david cook fans have this thing going where they keep making up dorky embarrassing names for fans of all the members of his band? the most recent (and most mortifying) of which is for fans of his drummer, kyle peek. and it is peek-a-boos. i know, right? ugh. and they keep numbered lists, so that someone can declare that they are peek-a-boo #7 or whatthefuckever. i know it's all well-intentioned, but it makes me cringe and facepalm like whoa. i do not support this movement.

HOWEVER. from what i can tell, there is currently no horrible name for fans of the extremely cute bassist, joey clement. probably because nobody could think of anything lame enough to suffice.

so, it's now my goal to make "joe mamas" happen. who's with me? :D

UNRELATED: true blood was all sorts of awesome last night. i jumped, like, three feet at the end. this show just keeps getting better.

true blood 1.08 - the fourth man in the fire. )

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salvation AND free wi-fi? what a fuckin' twofer, amirite?

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i've been listening to this kind of obsessively for a few days now. it's less twinkly than the original, but it's so fucking fierce, idk.

mgmt // electric feel (justice remix)

it makes me want to be a superhero (electric girl, obvs) in some slick glossy city that looks like tokyo, maybe, and strut through the streets wearing some bad-ass boots and big black wraparound sunglasses, and i acquire, like, a ~posse~ in the process, and it gets dark and the city is all lit up in neon and shit, and then there is choreographed dancing, and then...well, then, i guess, i save the world. or at least i save the day. or the night. I SAVE SOMETHING, OK?

because SUPERHERO.

or whatever. :D
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this is going to be fun, i can tell. it's idk, i actually know nothing but i like this kind of thing! there are CLUES, you guys, and GANGS! \o/

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i might be the last person alive to see this, but jovi showed it to me last time i was in florida and it makes me lol really hard. :(
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good lord, i was looking through old entries and i found an entry i made the last time i was in italy which contained this photo.

...and now i am craving coke light SO FUCKING BAD. can i order that shit online and have it shipped to me? gah. WANT. D:
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i just heard the jonas brothers' song, uh, "burnin' up" for the first time? i think that might actually be the first time i've ever heard them sing (i skipped them on AI, lol).

dude, that was a miserable experience. wtf. :/
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omg, this made me lol really hard. :[

so did this, in a completely different way. :P


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