Jan. 3rd, 2009

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2008 concerts

Bands seen [that i wanted to -- or at least didn't mind watching --, not suffered through, in approximate order of frequency]: david cook, panic at the disco, the cab, cobra starship, fall out boy, butch walker, jack's mannequin, my chemical romance, conor oberst, gym class heroes, metro station, the academy is..., taking back sunday, motion city soundtrack, phantom planet, alanis morissette, matchbox twenty, the complaints, say anything (it was half a song during warped but fuck it, i'm counting it), to have heroes, bob dylan, the swell season, forever the sickest kids.

Top 5 shows of the year?
01. david cook album release show @ the HRC in times square. (just a special moment for me, idk.)
02. fall out boy album release show @ the nokia theater in times square. (FALL OUT BOY!)
03. my chemical romance @ madison square garden. (epic show plus i had bina!)
04. jack's mannequin @ warped in miami. (glorious.)
05. butch walker @ the blender theater in gramercy. (butch is always perfection.)

Total number of shows? i'm going to guess around 30.

First show of the year? january 17; cobra starship (the really really ridiculously good-looking tour) @ revolution hall in troy, new york.

Last show of the year? december 30; david cook and his band @ jet nightclub (the mirage) in las vegas, nevada.

preach electric to a microphone stand. )
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so last night, scott and i were doing a crossword puzzle online and one of the clues was something like "wences, for example." and we look at it for a sec and i go "i have no idea...wtf is a wence?" and he doesn't even look up, just says, totally deadpan, "the bass player from fall out boy."

i lolled.

he also quoted (slightly incorrectly but A+ for effort) something corporate to me the other day.

there may be hope for him yet.

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i tried, but it rang and rang; i called all night
on a pay phone - remember those from another life?

-jimmy eat world, 'dizzy'

*moment of silence for my iphone, which i dropped in the toilet*

i attempted some heroic measures which have thus far been unsuccessful. i'm not terribly optimistic.

if you want me for any reason, texting is not so much an option right now, so send me an email.



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