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you should throw a few american idol votes to this dude tonight.

his name is kris allen and he is tiny and wonderful.

866-436-5702 / 866-436-5705 / 866-436-5708

or if you have at&t text "vote" to 5702

please and thank you.
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~ so i'm down in the keys visiting my mom. i missed it here. it's, like, 75 degrees right now and the sun is shining and there's a breeze off the ocean. sigh.

~ my poor bb booth is fucked on the march madness thingie. random fucking onslaught of people voting for house last night. boo! oh well. team spike! (somewhat relatedly, i've been sick of SPN for quite a while and i am really ready for dean to go down in this thing.)

~ AI last night was a whole bunch of whatever. i missed a lot of people, but in brief: allison is my bbgirl, i loved kris, gokey is pretty adorb, and that's about it. adam still makes me want to spork myself in the ear when he sings. STOP THAT. :/ speaking of self-sporkings, dialidol makes me want to spork myself in the eye

~ i think i'm going to see butch walker on saturday! scott has a ton of work to do this weekend so i might just go down there solo. i hate to leave again so soon after i get back (i get home tomorrow night) but...butch! ♥

~ i see dfc and lots of my beautiful friends NEXT WEEK!!!!! \o/

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aw, this made me super-squishy. bo bice did an interview with newsday today (it's a really nice, long interview, if you're interested in him) in which he said:
David Cook, I'm rooting like crazy for that cat. Him and I shoot e-mails and text back and forth. If you haven't bought David Cook's album -- not like he needs my press or my help -- he's a great cat man. Now I'll tell you something, man, he's one of those people that I guarantee you standing here today, he won't change a single bit. He's just a modest, groovy cat, man. And I'm so proud of him.

I've actually met him twice and agree with you 100 percent. He is about as real as you can get.
Yup. You all keep an eye out for him, man. He's going to be the next one to sell 11 million. You just hide and watch.

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someone on facebook, re: adam lambert:
I totally got the MyChemRo comparison.

a. no
b. please don't ever call them that O.o
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unpopular and vaguely depressing opinion: i can't stand adam lambert. i expected to love him and he has all the ingredients that should make me love him, and instead he makes me want to die. idk.


my not-watching AI hasn't been so hot, but i realized tonight that i really just don't care this year. i sort of love nate marshall who's on next week, but i think i'm the only one so he'll be gone quickly. danny gokey is darling but i'm tired of hearing about his wife already and his taste in songs seems wretched. adam, well, i already explained how i feel about him. honestly, the only thing that could make me actually care about any of these dudes would be if they turned into david cook. *shrug* actually, the only person i've been at all psyched about, oddly enough, is allison iraheta. i loved her voice and she's adorable, even if she was incredibly stoned nervous in her interview with ryan. and her favorite artist is p!nk, and she fangirls jack white and franz ferdinand and stuff. and i totally want to dye my hair like hers, ngl. here's a video from tonight.

in unrelated news, the other day scott heard about a yoga class at the ymca on wednesdays at 6:30, and we decided we would go together. and i won't lie, i totally looked forward to it all day, and i made sure we had dinner early and all. so we go to the Y and fill out paperwork or whatever and then ask where the yoga class is being held...and it turned out that it's on wednesdays at 6:30 a.m.. FAIL. :(

also i tried to jailbreak my iphone a little while ago and it won't work. i think i need to get a USB hub; some tutorial i was reading suggested that that would resolve my issue.

i'm sad that i'm done with buffy and angel. i started watching generation kill earlier and it seems interesting so far (i only saw the first little bit) but...not the same.

i am generally woeful, can you tell? /o\

OCC makes things better:
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does anyone have a copy of "my life would suck without you" minus the *music on demand* lady?

here's the copy i have (with *music on demand* lady) in case anyone wants it: kelly clarkson // my life would suck without you

ETA: [ profile] _kittenheels ftw! untagged: kelly clarkson // my life would suck without you

i'm not sure how i feel about it? idk. i like it and it's fun, i guess. it's just not really terribly kelly to sounds more like katy perry or something. it's ok, i'll just listen to it relentlessly until i love it. XD

also, you guys are killing me with your idol excitement. I JUST CAN'T WATCH IT. I CAAAAAN'T. i always get way too wrapped up - i always said AI was my abusive boyfriend and I HAVE TO BREAK THE CYCLE. /o\ i was fine about not watching it until everyone got excited and now i'm all a;lfjg;jkhgk. *watches buffy instead*
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omg, if you have even a vague interest in american idol or in things that are hilarious, you have have have to watch this. it's brilliant. "fun with real audio", AI7-style.
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+ i have seen david cook (and his friends) 4 times in the past week. newark x 2, atlantic city, and now long island. i would honestly see him in concert every night if i could. the only other people i can comfortably say that for are fall out boy, cobra starship and jack's mannequin.

+ with the exception of ramiele and kristy lee cook, i honestly enjoy everyone on tour. carly is probably my favorite after what's-his-name (she's so fierce, you guys, i adore her!), followed by archie, brooke (i absolutely love her setlist and her version of "yellow" is just lovely), michael, jason, syesha and chikezie in roughly that order.

- now i don't get to go to the show again until 8/20.

+ but that'll be in sunrise with my florida girls, and dar and i will hold david in our arms, and adrienne and i will eat sushi and upset jovi in the process. XD

+ and then i get to do it all over again in tampa with josie the next night. \o/

+ and then i leave for seattle and then a cruise to alaska with my mom, which is going to be rad rad rad. XD

+ bought my panic ticket for miami today! \o/

- i am deathly ill, omg. i have an absolutely wretched cold. :(

i already talked about him so this isn't OCC, exactly, but whatever. i love that *this* was his date to the teen choice awards, lol.
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liveblogging idol results, eep!

whatever happens - ilu, dcook. ilu like whoa. ♥

your american idol )
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liveblogging idol!!!

djkhsakjdh )


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ok, bbz. this is the part where my fangirly ways get even more pathetic than usual, ready?

tonight is the top 2 episode of american idol. david cook wants to win, he deserves to win, and i really, really want him to win. really. like. a lot.

so, i'm prepared to offer bribes. XD

if you do not normally vote (or don't normally vote for dcook) and you'll vote tonight for 30 minutes (it's free and completely easy, all you have to do is keep hitting "redial"), i will make you 3 icons of your choosing, write you a drabble of your choosing, or buy you two months of paid account time.

if you're willing to vote for longer than that, hour? you can either have any two of those things, or you can just pat me and say "it's ok, crazy girl." or whatever. i'm willing to negotiate.

BUT PLEASE VOTE, YOU GUYS. even if you never watch the show and you don't care at all who wins and you think i'm super-annoying. it anyway? for the greater good? ALSO! i have decided that i'm not going to watch AI after this season, because as y'all can tell, it consumes my life. and the best way to guarantee that i won't watch next year is for this season to end on a perfect note. my favorite NEVER wins, you guys. if he wins, it will be the best closure ever and maybe i can break this cycle of addiction.


voting is open from 9pm - 1am.
or text "vote" to 5701 (at&t only)

let's see this tomorrow night, ok?!?! only with manly tears, too! \o/

...this silver leaves me burning for gold
second place has never carried me home.

-"silver," david cook
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dammit, dcook, stop making me like archie. this is so, so cute. and hilarious.
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ok, i concede, this is an adorable top 2, what the fuck.

one moar, slightly less cute but without stupid watermark. )

not that the cuteness of davidsquared in any way negates the ultimate goal of DCFTMFW. just saying.

omg, bed now. i owe lots of comments/responses, which are totally happening tomorrow. errr, today, when it isn't 4:37 a.m.
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liveblogging idol. in the meantime, lol, what?

your final 2 are... )
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liveblogging idol, as per usual. XD

sing until your lungs give out. )

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liveblogging idol.

top 4 - 500 songs that shaped rock and roll. )

i'm really fucking worried that dcook is going to go home through no fault of his own, you guys. :( :( :( PLEASE VOTE FOR HIM.

866.436.5701 or 5705


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