Feb. 26th, 2009

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unpopular and vaguely depressing opinion: i can't stand adam lambert. i expected to love him and he has all the ingredients that should make me love him, and instead he makes me want to die. idk.


my not-watching AI hasn't been so hot, but i realized tonight that i really just don't care this year. i sort of love nate marshall who's on next week, but i think i'm the only one so he'll be gone quickly. danny gokey is darling but i'm tired of hearing about his wife already and his taste in songs seems wretched. adam, well, i already explained how i feel about him. honestly, the only thing that could make me actually care about any of these dudes would be if they turned into david cook. *shrug* actually, the only person i've been at all psyched about, oddly enough, is allison iraheta. i loved her voice and she's adorable, even if she was incredibly stoned nervous in her interview with ryan. and her favorite artist is p!nk, and she fangirls jack white and franz ferdinand and stuff. and i totally want to dye my hair like hers, ngl. here's a video from tonight.

in unrelated news, the other day scott heard about a yoga class at the ymca on wednesdays at 6:30, and we decided we would go together. and i won't lie, i totally looked forward to it all day, and i made sure we had dinner early and all. so we go to the Y and fill out paperwork or whatever and then ask where the yoga class is being held...and it turned out that it's on wednesdays at 6:30 a.m.. FAIL. :(

also i tried to jailbreak my iphone a little while ago and it won't work. i think i need to get a USB hub; some tutorial i was reading suggested that that would resolve my issue.

i'm sad that i'm done with buffy and angel. i started watching generation kill earlier and it seems interesting so far (i only saw the first little bit) but...not the same.

i am generally woeful, can you tell? /o\

OCC makes things better:
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hee! the chick who made that radtastic compilation vid of dfc's first week of tour posted another video with various clips of him talking and joking around on stage and i just giggled through the whole thing.

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From the very beginning, we said I'm the front man...
and you're the guitarist with mystique.
That's the dynamic we agreed on.
Page, Plant, Mick, Keith--

hee. that always makes me think of them.
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my iphone is officially jailbroken! loooooooook.

also, i downloaded qik so now i can stream live video from my phone to the interwebs. i may give it a shot from the dfc show on sunday. my seats are kind of far back so idk if it'll be worth much but i figured it might be cool if it works.

omg, off to install more things. XD

[oh, and if anyone's wondering, i used quickpwn to do the jailbreak and it was very easy. my only issue was that for some reason on mac osx or higher, you have to run it through a usb hub, so i had to get one. which was mildly inconvenient but totally worth the trouble.]
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someone on facebook, re: adam lambert:
I totally got the MyChemRo comparison.

a. no
b. please don't ever call them that O.o


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