Mar. 11th, 2009

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~ so i'm down in the keys visiting my mom. i missed it here. it's, like, 75 degrees right now and the sun is shining and there's a breeze off the ocean. sigh.

~ my poor bb booth is fucked on the march madness thingie. random fucking onslaught of people voting for house last night. boo! oh well. team spike! (somewhat relatedly, i've been sick of SPN for quite a while and i am really ready for dean to go down in this thing.)

~ AI last night was a whole bunch of whatever. i missed a lot of people, but in brief: allison is my bbgirl, i loved kris, gokey is pretty adorb, and that's about it. adam still makes me want to spork myself in the ear when he sings. STOP THAT. :/ speaking of self-sporkings, dialidol makes me want to spork myself in the eye

~ i think i'm going to see butch walker on saturday! scott has a ton of work to do this weekend so i might just go down there solo. i hate to leave again so soon after i get back (i get home tomorrow night) but...butch! ♥

~ i see dfc and lots of my beautiful friends NEXT WEEK!!!!! \o/

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last one, probably.

crabby old house took out my bb booth, so spike is my last hope. i mean, i love barney, but he won last year and he's like the official ~spokesperson for the whole thing so eh.

also, this spike video someone linked in the comments is hottttt.


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