Mar. 4th, 2009

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this is why it's good to have friends who like things like sports. 'cause earlier lara texted me all "oh hay dfc promo during the duke game!!!11one!" and i was all "omg!!" and she was all "oh here bb *caps video and puts it on youtube*" and then i was all "\o/!!!!"

it is awesomeeeeeeee.
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aw, this made me super-squishy. bo bice did an interview with newsday today (it's a really nice, long interview, if you're interested in him) in which he said:
David Cook, I'm rooting like crazy for that cat. Him and I shoot e-mails and text back and forth. If you haven't bought David Cook's album -- not like he needs my press or my help -- he's a great cat man. Now I'll tell you something, man, he's one of those people that I guarantee you standing here today, he won't change a single bit. He's just a modest, groovy cat, man. And I'm so proud of him.

I've actually met him twice and agree with you 100 percent. He is about as real as you can get.
Yup. You all keep an eye out for him, man. He's going to be the next one to sell 11 million. You just hide and watch.

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omg i know i keep saying this but BONES! ugh, i cannot deal with how cute it is and how much i want to climb david boreanaz and also how much i want brennan to climb him. BUT ME FIRST OMG. ♥_♥ WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO WATCH THIS?! D:

also: why is the new york times following me on twitter? O.o


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