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no real reason here, other than that i've been mainlining buffy and angel and just generally thinking about tv lately.

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why, why, WHY can't i ever shut up? much less when i sort of epically disagree and am annoyed by both completely opposing views on an issue? /o\

on the plus side, i've finally started watching buffy. i've only watched the first three eps so far but...progress! \o/
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golden globe noms about which i am happy:
-heath ledger in TDK
-james franco in pineapple express(!)
-mad men and jon hamm
-the office and steve carell
-30 rock and tina & alec
-ugly betty and america ferrara
-true blood(!!!) and anna paquin
-neil patrick harris in himym

omissions about which i am not happy:
-anyone else from the office
-donald sutherland for dirty sexy money
-even tho i know it wouldn't ever happen because it's gossip girl, my bb leighton meester because she rules

speaking of gossip girl, i'd gotten WAY behind and i finally got caught up last night. chuck and blair just kill me all over. leighton gets prettier by the day. jenny is an idiot. lily's secret was about as surprising as clay aiken being gay (props to clay for his cute bf, btw). cyrus is total love. and when did i start loving nate so much?!?

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01. on my way home from starbucks/the store just now, i was driving on a little street near my house and i hit a red light. however, by the time i was actually sitting at the intersection, the sun was shining brightly RIGHT next to the light, and no matter how i tried to shade my eyes and hold up a hand, i seriously couldn't tell if the light was red or green. and there's not enough traffic to be all "oh, the cars coming that way are stopped", and it's a one-way street so i couldn't just wait for people coming toward me to go. so i just waited until i figured it was probably green, took a deep breath, and went for it. NOT FUN. D:

02. is kyle peek a father?!?! O.O

03. i have some thinky thoughts about, of all things, seinfeld. well, not so much the show itself, but like...okay. scott loves seinfeld. he thinks it's hilarious, and i realize he is not alone there. i don't necessarily find it un-funny, i guess. i mean, i usually see the jokes coming a mile away, but there are funny moments, and i get a kick out of the concept that it's a show about nothing, and their treatment of the minutiae of daily life can sometimes be quite clever.

however, i've never been able to really enjoy the show, because i find all the characters to be kind of douchebaggy. like, they're all eccentric and whatever, and that's fine, but they're all so inherently selfish and self-involved that it bothers me. and, i mean, i have a long history of loving the "bad" characters on tv shows, from logan echolls to alex karev to chuck bass (with plenty of other stops in-between) but they almost always have an underlying humanity that i think the seinfeld cast does not.

scott thinks i'm ridiculous, and that you don't have to be able to empathize with characters in order to enjoy a show, but i disagree, i think because i rarely watch (or read) things for the plot. 9 times out of 10, i watch the shows i watch for the characters, and i read the books i read for the prose. not to say i don't appreciate a good plot twist or a cliffhanger or just a well-crafted story, but that's rarely my main concern.

now, i know comedy is a different beast than stuff like gossip girl or whatever the hell else i watch, but i think most comedies have characters that are, well, likable, and with whom people can identify, whether it's jim halpert or liz lemon or ted mosby or whatever. scrubs was on the the other day, and scott said he thinks the characters on seinfeld are more likable than the characters on seinfeld. which, i disagree, but i can vaguely understand why he might say that. i mean, JD is not necessarily a great guy. he can be mean, and selfish, and generally kind of weak. but again, there's humanity there, i think. and dr. cox, for all his rage and bluster, has a good heart underneath. (mind you, i haven't actually watched scrubs in a couple of years, so i'm basing this off the first 3 or 4 seasons.)

all of that ^^^ to say, i suppose: what makes a character someone you can relate to/empathize with/enjoy? do you need characters like that to enjoy a TV show? do you agree with me that the characters on seinfeld are unlikable assholes, or have i got it all wrong?

04. david fucking cook having a gigglefit! everyone who cares probably saw this already but you can watch it again. ♥

ETA 05. also, this.

XD *icons*
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01. still neck-deep in dcook's album and never wanting to get out. majorly obsessed with the hidden track (i uploaded it at the end of my wright gala recap post if you're interested; i'd link but i can't from my iphone; also, does anyone else feel like it could totally be about kim or am i just projecting?) and "mr. sensitive." and "bar-ba-sol" still, as kelly would say, has my eggs screaming "daddy!" i think i'm going to post a track-by-track review later. be excited!

02. going down to the city tomorrow evening so i can wait outside virgin and my sick ass can catch pneumonia to get a wristband for dcook's show at the hard rock on tuesday night. squee!

03. go check out my last entry (again with the not being able to link, sorry) and give me a topic to talk about! there are still some letters left.

04. i forgot to watch SNL last night, but i saw the kissing family sketch on my flist earlier and just lol.

05. true blood tonight!! \o/

06. haven't really talked about it, but have definitely been fangirling/fascinated with rahm emanuel for a couple of weeks now and i'm pleased to see that several on my flist are right there with me. that dude is a BAMF and i barely believe he's real.

07. on a related note, i downloaded the first few eps of the west wing 'cause the real-life parallels made me curious and i'd never seen the show. i watched the pilot and i liked it (also the beginning of 1.02), but didn't LOVE it like i did studio 60. i assume it gets better? also, is it me or is mandy incredibly irritating?

08. next on my agenda is a chicken pizziola sub from subway! mmmmmmm.

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so, boots #1 won by a landslide and they arrived today!

hi, my legs are pale. D: anyway, new boots, yay! they're actually quite comfy and i kind of want to wear them now, but it's like 70 degrees out, lol.

i'm going tomorrow to get my hair cut and i think i'm going to dye it red. here's hoping i don't hate it, since i'm leaving for tulsa on friday. :D :D :D

still can't stop listening to ludo. don't sleep on this one, bbs.

also, everyone in the world should have this song, so if you don't, take it: violent femmes - add it up. i've been on a total femmes kick lately. and i was amused (and slightly ashamed) to only recently discover that their self-titled album (with "blister in the sun" and this and assorted other stuff you've probably at least heard) came out in 1982. i remember first learning of their existence through my so-called life and i went and bought the album and i guess i just assumed it was new.

more tv needs to start, so i can stop obsessing over gossip girl. because i really am. although, as someone said (i think in my comments? or in someone's comments? idk), rufus humphrey is no sandy cohen. and i miss me my sandy cohen something fierce. i miss the oc in general, actually. as much as i enjoy gossip girl, and as much as no marissa cooper is a total win for GG, it just doesn't have the heart that the oc (usually) did. that's been my one complaint about GG from the beginning and it's still there.

speaking of trashy teen soaps, how was 90210 last night? better/worse than the first ep? worth watching? i tivo'd fringe (which, as i said at 4am, was awesome) so i missed 90210.

i'm in a blah mood and idk why. i think because i have responsible-type things to do and i can't bring myself to actually get anything done, so i am filled with self-loathing (ok, self-mild-dislike, whatever) and that makes me REALLY not get anything done, and so on and so forth. oh well.

this helps. OCC! :D
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fall tv schedule 'cause all the cool kids are doing it.

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dear academy of television arts & sciences:

seriously, where the FUCK is the love for battlestar galactica and friday night lights? not that i should be in any way surprised at this point, but it still pisses me off. FAIL, EMMYS, FAIL.

no love,

ps: yeah, nominating steve and rainn and tina and alec and amy poehler and will arnett and neil patrick harris earns you some goodwill. but i'm still pissed.
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so, scott is kind of obsessed with the people's court, and i set him up a tivo season pass for it because i'm nice. and today's episode is some dude suing his former landlady/roommate because she let his dogs out and they got away and one got run over. he'd bought the dog for his old, sick mother for xmas 2004, and when she was dying he promised he would take care of the dog for her.


i cannot deal with this. *sticks fingers in ears* LA LA LA. :( :( :(
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hai flist! in case anyone was concerned by (or noticed) my lack of updates - i am, in fact, alive. i'm in rhode island in [ profile] themightybee's bed (rawr! except she's on the couch, but whatevs, it sounded scandalous for a second) and updating via iphone, and i'm way tired but i'm awake, so here's an inelegant rundown of the past few days.

- attended taping of the colbert report on monday. didn't get to meet the man himself, but did get to meet [ profile] sideshowkat which was more than sufficient! \o/ XD

- the warm-up comic at TCR told some dude in the audience that he needed to be in a band because he was wearing tapered jeans and had tattoos and "david cook hair." i hit sarah at the mention of DC's name. idek - it's pavlovian or something.

- got banned from twop. AGAIN. ho-hum.

- saw kathy lee gifford near 30 rock. idk.

- saw get smart. LOVE! and not only because i want to marry steve carell.

- had pinkberry! mmmm.

- took the NBC studio tour. sadly, kenneth was not our tour guide. :P

- watched wonder boys with sarah. the book was better but i dug the movie as well. that night sarah dreamt about james leer's

- george carlin. :(

- i can't think of anything else too noteworthy at the moment, but i didn't want to end on a sad bullet point.

- oh! we watched the first two eps of this season's my life on the d-list and i have suddenly developed a fondness for anderson andy cooper. i blame sarah and kgrif (and probably [ profile] likespring, heh) equally for this.

- oh, and i saw L&O: SVU for the first time tonight. that show is fucked up, y'all, jfc. necrophilia and kiddie porn right in a row is wayyyyy too much for me. ack! :O
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i'm not nearly as big of a joss whedon fan as some on my flist (i absolutely love firefly, but i never watched buffy or angel), but i have to say, dollhouse looks pretty rad. and eliza dushku is hot. and tahmoh penikett! zomg. ♥
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well it took me one hot second to buy this. gabe's bulletin, tho, you guys! how could i say no?!

keep me close to your hearts? )

ugh, i love him A LOT.

oh and HAY guess what i bought the other day for sarah and i?!?!?

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ who else is going?

i feel like i had other stuff to talk about, but i can't remember. :(

oh! one thing was that i watched like 10 minutes of how i met your mother tonight (i've never watched it, but i was bored and wanted to lol at britney) and hey, it's actually kind of awesome! why don't you guys ever mention that???? ;)

i'm KIDDING bbs! i know you love it.
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hee, i was trying to explain this to [ profile] livehead16 last night (because tomorrow's theme on AI is "songs from the year you were born" and david archuleta was born in 1990[!] which was when this song came out, apparently) and i just couldn't do it justice.
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boooooooored so i stole this from [ profile] umeedmerchant.

[01] -- Go to and look up your 10 15 favorite TV shows.
[02] -- Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
[04] -- Have your friends guess the show names.

less books, more tv. )
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so, is anyone surprised that patrick is a better actor than pete?

hee. ♥

EDIT: ok, and now that it's over, can i just say that there was not nearly enough stump and WAY TOO MUCH of everything else? oyyyyy.

but omg, PATRICK STUMP, ladies & gentlemen.


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