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what? you haven't joined yet?

get on it! <3
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all apologies to my adam lambert-loving friends, but you know what should be on the cover of entertainment weekly?


nnnnngh, taylor kitsch. NNNNNGGGHHHH I SAY.

from ontd. (article scans there, it's only a page but it's a good one.)
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my boyfriend got his hair did. so cuuute. ♥_♥

his arms give me special feelings. :D
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29 icons. david, neal, andy, joey and a random guest appearance by ryan. no kyle, sorry - completely unintentional on my part. just a random assortment of icons i've made over the past few months and never posted. pics stolen wildly from everyone ever. definitely [ profile] bobsessive, some from [ profile] ninasfeet and probably some from [ profile] dizzysyd, idk. sorry if i ganked your shit. XD


break your neck for some substance. )

ALSO: please please please, if you can, consider donating to race for hope. just follow that link and then click "make a gift" below the thermometer. every little bit helps, you guys. thank you to those who've already donated. ♥

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david fucking cook's new fucking video is up!!


(click his hot ass, then "artists," and you should be able to figure out the rest XD)
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generally idgaf about ace young, but he looks good and clearly dfc agrees, lmao. ♥

[click for GINORMOUS]

DFC ON IDOL TONIGHT! excitedddd! i miss his stupid face. (even tho i post pictures of it every 30 seconds, shh.)
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 omg, david f cook, please kiss girls, like, constantly.

behind the scenes of his new video


brb. *cough*
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fandom has been wanky and i'm not into it, so i'm going to post a bunch of pics of dfc and the boyz from this weekend. none of them are by me. i stole them mostly from this flickr and [ profile] brookie0cookie. i sort of started at that flickr and then went and added brooke's pics, so hers are the ones at the end of each day. i probably could've just used hers because they're so pretty, but whatever, variety is good, right?

also, my journal automatically sizes the photos so they don't break my layout - most of them are bigger if you save them/open them in a new tab. i took off customized comment pages for now because these pics deserve to be big. XD


this seems as good a place to begin as any.

*throws beads at him*

hope you had a good time while you were here. )

[if you can't tell this is the former expatiates, well, idek]
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you, get in me!

dfc approves of his own hotness.
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a continuation of my last entry: i wish you could actually see a little more of neal in these but still, aw. the second one kills me. ♥

a few more pretty shots i stole from facebook. )
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i don't really like PETA, but damn, jamie bamber, you are awfully attractive.

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so, the declaration tour is in full swing and that means PICSPAM. i took a ton of pictures from this flickr which always has AMAZING photos. most of the rest were stolen from facebook. a few from here.


it's a daily anthem; would you sing my song at the top of your lungs? )
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there is not enough yes yes yes in the world. ♥

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my boyfriend in kuwait!

his/my other boyfriend in kuwait!

recap from the dude in the photo above, whose wife is a fangirl. :D lots of epicness contained therein. THEY COVERED "HOT FOR TEACHER" OKAY?


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i love these boys so much it's retarded.

yes, i took pictures of my tv. I AM JUST HXC LIKE THAT OR WHATEVER.

click these for full-size.

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there is nothing here that is not 100% amazing. andrew cook santa! santa playing guitar! dave and neal blowing out candles! bar-ba-sol! lolz! sexy! david fucking cook! neal fucking tiemann! andy fuckin' skib! vast amounts of win!

moar video and hotass pics. )
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i don't actually give a fuck about x-men, really, but omg taylor kitsch is looking fierce and HOT in this shit.

i hear gambit is a pretty cool character. do you guys think he'll be in the movie a lot? i hope so, because RAWR. and, uh, is he a bad guy?
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holy fuck, pink's new video is hot. also nsfw, maybe.



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