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omg you guys, GLEE! i love ittttt. everyone is adorable. i'm of course already shipping the obvious canon pairings. XD

talk to me about it!

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adam cook, david's older brother, has passed away after battling brain cancer for over 10 years.

this morning, david ran a 5k in washington, d.c. called race for hope. the event is a fundraiser to aid in the search for a cure for brain tumors. david's team is nearly to $100,000 and i would love to see us hit that today.

please, if you can: - just click his name in the team list and choose "make a gift."

thank you. <3

when all you know seems so far away and everything is temporary, rest your head - i'm permanent.

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~ so i'm down in the keys visiting my mom. i missed it here. it's, like, 75 degrees right now and the sun is shining and there's a breeze off the ocean. sigh.

~ my poor bb booth is fucked on the march madness thingie. random fucking onslaught of people voting for house last night. boo! oh well. team spike! (somewhat relatedly, i've been sick of SPN for quite a while and i am really ready for dean to go down in this thing.)

~ AI last night was a whole bunch of whatever. i missed a lot of people, but in brief: allison is my bbgirl, i loved kris, gokey is pretty adorb, and that's about it. adam still makes me want to spork myself in the ear when he sings. STOP THAT. :/ speaking of self-sporkings, dialidol makes me want to spork myself in the eye

~ i think i'm going to see butch walker on saturday! scott has a ton of work to do this weekend so i might just go down there solo. i hate to leave again so soon after i get back (i get home tomorrow night) but...butch! ♥

~ i see dfc and lots of my beautiful friends NEXT WEEK!!!!! \o/

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quick poll: how do you pronounce "pwn"? does it rhyme with "cone"? (i say yes.) or is it "pawn"? or...some other way?

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two things!

01. you know what this is, bitches?!?

super mario bros 3 on my iphone, what up! \o/

02. i was just bitching to scott earlier about how i really wanted girl scout cookies but i haven't seen girl scouts anywhere...and then we went to the mall and found a table of them! we now have thin mints, samoas and tagalongs. \o/

bonus third thing: boooooooooones!!!!!!!!!!! that's all i've got but it's pretty much my reaction to everything on there. especially my lovah booth. <3

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this is not the best picture ever taken, i'm sure. however, it's gotta be top 5, easy.

skibby of my heart! <3

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so [ profile] affectingly wins tonight! she put me on the phone with NEAL FUCKING TIEMANN! i of course fell to pieces and talked a mile a minute and was an absolute geek, lololololol. i wasn't prepared for that! i asked him if it was cold there, for christ's sake. and he said it wasn't really and they'd just been talking about it, so i was like "well, it's cold in new york, i'm warning you" and he said he wished he was in new york and i had to tell him i live upstate so it's not that exciting.

so then he's like "oh, andy has family in upstate new york!" so i told him how i met andy's uncle dan in tulsa, and he told me i was too awesome to be a democrat and he kissed me (little-known fact, i have kissed a relative of andy skib), and how i was vaguely offended by the not being a democrat thing but i got over it? oh god, i am such a geek. /o\ and then neal said something about uncle dan liking the ladies or something, i think. so then i was trying to think of something to say, or some way to smoothly end the conversation before i got even more ridiculous, and then we talked over each other for a second and i said i'd better let him get back to his public, lol. incidentally, i had JUST walked outside when this happened and i was freezing my ass off and shivering so i was having to focus about half of my brain on not letting my teeth chatter while i was speaking. /o\

so we got off the phone and he told amber he thought i was excited, lolololol. and she was like "duh, you're her favorite!" and he was pleased. :P

so yeah. it was both mortifying and amazinggggg! \o/ and /o\ and some more \o/!

oh oh oh and amber actually called me and i missed it, so neal was in the process of leaving me a voicemail when i called back, so i ALSO have voicemail from neal on my phone and he says my naaaaaame.

*collapses in girly little puddle*

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i already twittered about this but i'm very excited so it gets an lj entry, too.

the actor playing alpha on dollhouse has been revealed.

i seem to recognize your face. )

i approve. :D

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question: when it comes to twitter and spoilers, whose problem is it? [and by "spoilers" i mean twittering about stuff on tv as it's happening, basically.] should people censor their tweets to avoid spoiling others, or is it the responsiblity of the unspoiled to protect themselves by turning off updates or whatever?

burning questions, bbs.

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happy valentine's day, darlings! ♥

i'm wishing you love, today and always.


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people who have twitter: how do you use it?do you only add friends and/or celebs, or do you add random people you find interesting? if so, where do you find them? do you mostly update by phone or on the computer? do you get most tweets sent to your phone, or only a select few? or none?

just curious. the people i follow are all either friends or celebrities. (but random people keep following me and i have no idea why.) and i get texts from the majority of the people i follow. and i hardly ever actually look at, so when people i'm not following randomly reply to me i rarely see it. and i know other people follow news feeds and stuff, but i don't bother because i feel like my phone would be blowing up all the time and as i said, i rarely go to the twitter site so it just wouldn't be worth it.

what about you? how do you twitter?

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dear grocery bagger dude:

i realize your job is probably not terribly exciting, and that the art of bagging groceries is most likely not terribly important to you. but this is your job. would it kill you to put even a little effort in? would it really have been that terrible to divide my purchases into three bags of manageable weight instead of the two heaviest little grocery bags ever? did i really need to spend the walk from my car to my house completely convinced that the straining bags in my hands were about to tear, splattering my soon-to-be dinner all over the sidewalk?

a little more pride in your work, please, bro. >:[

no love,
i have to take a shower and i really don't feel like it. maybe i can just douse myself in cheap perfume.[/gratuitous fob quote & also /crabby update]

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i approve of your t-shirt, dfc!

i ♥ that song.

[reminder to self: post the awesome jack's mannequin cover of it later!]

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i added amber benson on twitter yesterday and she sent me a direct message thanking me for following her and i flailed a little, ngl. i'm sure she sends them to everyone and it was not a declaration of love/bffdom, but still! ♥_♥

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i twittered this the other day, but it bears repeating: there really really really should be a spike/buffy vid to ludo's "love me dead." tell me that would not be amazingsauce.

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so i finished S6 of buffy (and S3 of angel) and now i have a question. IMDb tells me i should watch buffy thru "lies my parents told me" [7.17] then angel thru "orpheus" [4.15], then back to buffy thru "touched" [7.20], then the rest of angel, and then the rest of buffy.

does that make sense or should i just keep alternating back and forth?

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first: congrats, steelers fans!

second: a couple of office thoughts. )

well, that got kind of long-winded. oops.

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ok, so i bought a pair of uggs today, and the girl at the store told me you're not supposed to wear socks with them. i am dubious about this.

uh. thoughts?

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weeeeee, i have fifth row for dfc & friends at sunfest!!!! \o/ (and jack's mannequin is playing the same day which is A+++, i was worried it'd be different days.)

[ profile] ninasfeet wins the internets today! ♥

*happy dance*

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yesterday morning: i was in a hurry, so instead of going to starbucks for my coffee, i decided to drive thru dunkin donuts, which is much closer. i pulled into the drive-thru and there was a sign that it was closed, so i went inside and ordered an iced mocha swirl latte, at which point i was informed that they were totally out of milk and therefore unable to fill my order. wtf? that'll teach me to abandon my 'bucks. D:

yesterday afternoon: i finally saw the wrestler and it was wonderful. mickey rourke broke my heart. and damn, marisa tomei looks good. O.O highly highly recommended.

last night: i got thru 5.18 of buffy ('the body' and 'forever' both had me sobbing! ;___;) and 2.17 of angel (when he buys cordy the new clothes, omg, hilaaaaarious). also lindsey is really hot. jsyk. love both shows to bits. ♥_♥

this morning: i watched this week's FNL. she brought him a cheeseburger!!! oh my HEART.

today: i got my first (that i can recall) 'wrong number' text from some poor girl who was trying to ask a classmate about their exam tomorrow. i told her she had the wrong number but wished her luck on her test. :)

now: i am about to write a couple of reviews for work and then moar tv!! \o/

...and that's what's going on with me. :D

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