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so dfc's stepsister has a twitter. and i'm a creeper, so i followed her. which, whatever, she has other fans following her, so i didn't think anything of it.

HOWEVER. apparently if you follow her, she follows you back. D: so, now she's going to see me talking all the time about how i want to bone her brother! D: D: D: AWKWARD. and idk what to do. i mean, sure, i could kick her off and block her, but...i can't do that to dfc's (step)sister! whatever. she's totally going to end up unfollowing me once she discovers how annoying/spammy/inappropriate i am. :/

went and spent a couple of days with [ profile] themightybee this weekend! she is awesome, as usual, and on saturday we went to an inside the actors' studio sort of shindig with the lovely angela kinsey. she is funny and adorable and charming and it was exciting. she ships dwangela pretty hard. hee. we also (that'd be sarah and i, not angela and i) ate at the melting pot (YUM) and lounged about and watched some freaks & geeks. good times. (we also were together when we learned about bea arthur's death. so fucking sad. she was a hell of a lady. ♥ RIP *clings to betty white forfuckingever*)

then tonight i saw believers never die 2! it was SO hot and humid in the venue, ugh. but cobras were fucking amazing, as usual, and then metro station was too embarrassing to be real (mostly trace, omg D:, he must be stopped, you guys) and then FALL OUT BOY HAPPENED TO MY FACE. i love them, band of my heart, favorite band ever, etc etc. and they fucking played "hum hallelujah"!!! i was just thinking today on my drive back from rhode island that i was sad that "hum hallelujah" hadn't made the setlist, because it's my favorite fall out boy song. and then tonight pete's all "we haven't played this on this tour, but we want to tonight, it means a lot to us [blah blah whatever]" and the first chords sounded and i lost my shit. <33333 sadly, tho, we didn't get "chicago is so two years ago." :( i would've taken that over "tiffany blews" tbh.

oh god, and "what a catch," askldfjlf;lsdkfj. predictably, i cried. <33333


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*sounds only dogs can hear*

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i was just listening to this and remembering how awesome it was. the smile at "love is gathering" makes me smile back every. single. time.


that is all. now i'm going to go watch a really dumb movie and ogle naked david boreanaz. good night, darlings! <3
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dfc sings 'living on a prayer,' looks fly while doing so.

i kind of adore him. i don't know if anyone knew.

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fandom has been wanky and i'm not into it, so i'm going to post a bunch of pics of dfc and the boyz from this weekend. none of them are by me. i stole them mostly from this flickr and [ profile] brookie0cookie. i sort of started at that flickr and then went and added brooke's pics, so hers are the ones at the end of each day. i probably could've just used hers because they're so pretty, but whatever, variety is good, right?

also, my journal automatically sizes the photos so they don't break my layout - most of them are bigger if you save them/open them in a new tab. i took off customized comment pages for now because these pics deserve to be big. XD


this seems as good a place to begin as any.

*throws beads at him*

hope you had a good time while you were here. )

[if you can't tell this is the former expatiates, well, idek]
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oh man, this is AWESOME. it's a bunch of clips from dfc's first week of tour and it's seriously amazingsauce. if you like him even a little you should totally watch this.

i'm probably dumb for posting this at 4 a.m. when nobody's going to see it, but oh well.


also, this picture:
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this video of "lie" is soooooo pretty. the lighting is technically faily, but i think it makes it that much more awesome, and it's super close, and plus the, y'know, SINGING is just all gorgeous and. whatever. it's late and i'm rambling, so basically: ♥_♥
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butch walker & pink on ellen being amazing. <333333333

some more <33333333333
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James Taylor's Web site spilled it first, but Sweet Baby James is, indeed, on the line-up for the 2009 edition of SunFest, taking over Flagler Drive April 29-May 3.

And he's not alone - acts announced today include reggae rockers 311 (the American version) and UB40 (the classic British version), Classic Albums Live, jam master G Love & Special Sauce, jazz legends Spyro Gyra, rockers Jack's Mannequin and, because the show seems to be represented here almost every year, 2008 "American Idol" David Cook.


david fucking cook AND jack's mannequin?!?! in south florida no less?!?! be still my fucking heart. a;fjhlkjghfklgh GOING TO THIS LIKE WHOA.
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i love these boys so much it's retarded.

yes, i took pictures of my tv. I AM JUST HXC LIKE THAT OR WHATEVER.

click these for full-size.

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i've posted this before, but [ profile] letloverule42 wanted it and i will happily use any excuse to post and/or go all ♥_♥ over this song. so.

something corporate // konstantine

ALL TIME FAVORITE SONG EVER OKAY? even if you think most of the music i post is lame, this bears pretty much no resemblance to any of it, and you should download it and listen to it. on headphones. close your eyes. this song kills me. i don't even know.

now i'll post the lyrics because...idk, just because.
i can't imagine all the people that you know
and the places that you go
when the lights are turned down low
and i don't understand all the things you've seen
but i'm slipping in between
you and your big dreams
it's always you
in my big dreams )
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we had barricade (err, velvet rope) for dfc! he was beautiful, the boys were beautiful, we got lots of eye contact and i suspect lara and i will be on tv a lot. i am also fairly certain that the hearts in my eyes will be perfectly visible to the viewers at home.


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omg, perfection. twice.

hunger strike. (dave beaming at andy, ahhhh, so fucking cute!)

permanent. (i LITERALLY cannot even.)

eta: another version that's lesser quality but a tighter shot on him (the focus issues get resolved) ♥♥♥♥, and bar-ba-sol with atrocious audio but lots of arms and hips and some lolz at the end.
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i wanna scream 'i love you' from the top of my lungs
but i'm afraid that someone else will hear me

fall out boyyyyyy you are my favorites.

folie à deux. <3
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david cook singing "have yourself a merry little christmas" in the first hour of the rockefeller center tree-lighting.

(click to go to the video)

no video of "happy xmas" yet but i will of course be on the lookout for optimum spamming of you guys! :D

mp3s by [ profile] circlesanthem:

have yourself a merry little christmas
happy xmas (war is over)

fyi: david cook? still my favorite. <3333333 (also: NEEEEAL!!!)
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i've been meaning to pimp this for, like, a week, and i keep forgetting! so, here i go. SUGGESTION: while you're buying david cook's album, you should also buy butch walker's new album! it's so good. he's clever and heartbreaking and utterly brilliant, and nowhere near as popular as he should be.

in november of last year, the house butch was renting in malibu burned down.
I lost everything I've ever owned. Every master of every song I've ever recorded, every piece of recording equipment, guitars, drums and things I've collected over the years, cars, motorcycles, every family memorial, heirloom, picture, and document we ever had. ... Gone. I feel like I finally know the difference between 'going back' and 'going home.'

watch it. love it. buy his album. ♥
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Bronx Mowgli Wentz, Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games.........

Im so happy to welcome, my main man, little Bronx Mowgli Wentz into this crazy world of ours. Congrats to Petey and Ash. I've been so stoked about this ever since i found out Ash had a bun in the oven. You know Uncle Travie had to make sure Bronx 's swagger was on a hundred, thousand, TRILLION from day one, SO, i took it upon myself to make sure I was the first one to get him his 1st pair of J's. I couldnt help my self so i got him a couple pairs of AF1's with matching Bib's. Wholly moley this little fucker is gonna be spoiled rotten if I have anything to do with it……Damn, I can't wait to make a little pal for him to play with ;)

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hits daily double predicts 300k this week for david cook.

i'm in the car listening to 'A Daily AntheM' and crying like an idiot.


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