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also, when looking through my old journal entries for an appropriate cap to post, i found an entry from january of 2007 in which i was squealing about barack obama forming a presidential exploratory committee. :D
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my nose is stuffy and an entry by [ profile] blushingblaze made me feel like doing this, so i give you my five favorite tv kisses. XD all of which, incidentally, wound up being first kisses. well, one isn't technically a first kiss, there was a previous peck, but it's the first kiss with intent.

#5, in which i do not necessarily ship them but i love the scene. )

#4, in which i've gone off this show but loved them at the time. )

#3, in which we meet my first ever real OMG OTP! )

#2, in which we have the flail heard 'round the world. )

#1, in which we have my favorite tv couple EVER. )

i probably forgot some, but those were the ones that sprang to mind and i feel ok about my list. :D
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oh man, i just went to jason schwartzman's music myspace, because [ profile] ginger8 was talking about it, and now i'm listening to "west coast" and CRYING. like a GIRL. god.

i miss the oc. no...i miss ryan and taylor. SO MUCH OMG.


oh and people on my flist can still leave me voicemails! i've got the ringer off, so call whenever. :D
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hey, anyone remember this? i do.

on november 15, 2006, 5:52 p.m., i wrote:
so i'm thinking about watching the o.c. tomorrow night and downloading supernatural. :O

i blame this (SPOILERIFFIC OMG) screencap from the episode (of the o.c., to be clear):


(i'm going to stop moping about this soon.)
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i am not yet capable of talking about the finale of the o.c. in any meaningful way, other than that it was really just fantastic. i was left feeling sort of hollow after it ended, which i thought was because of something missing in the ep - since then i realized that it's just because it's over. and man, that sucks.

anyway, a quick picspam (from the finale) of my favorite otp. this funny little pairing that snuck up on me out of nowhere and stole my heart. the brooding kid from chino and the effervescent valedictorian who defied the odds and made me truly love this show again.

townwood, i'll miss you most of all.

ryan atwood, mon ami. sounds terrif. )
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so, this will have super-minimal commentary, because i'm visiting [ profile] sheedy and i don't want to sit around for ages adding my "funny" remarks, lol. so just enjoy the pretty. :D

the o.c. 4x15 - the night moves

locked and loaded, just the way mama likes it. )
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ok, i am mildly calmer now.

so, if i may, a brief foray into the penultimate episode of the o.c.

the o.c. 4x15 - the night moves )
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homg, you guys, [ profile] chopsticknoodle has done something AMAZING, which is write a fic that manages to incorporate pretty much all of my favorite people.


also, autumn reeser is there.

and ryan hansen.

and other people.

made of win, you guys. MADE OF WIN. I AM CAPSLOCKING.

The first time Jason sees him, he doesn’t like him.

He doesn’t like him at all.


also, i made a townwood vid! it's to "breathe me," which i KNOW is way overused, but i don't care, so neener. it's pretty, and they're pretty, and that is all. i just felt like making schmoopy townwood. so i did! :D

here's the song if you need/want it.

i just couldn't get into heroes tonight for some reason. and i didn't watch studio 60 yet 'cause i was vidding. oops! :O

ok, bed now.
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so, this episode was probably my favorite ever, due to all the adorableness. of which there was a LOT. so, i wound up with an insane amount of caps. but i didn't post them all (believe it or not), because it would've broken the internet. so if you want to peruse them, they're here.

this is obviously still SO NOT FOR DIAL-UP.

EDIT: i split this into two parts. :D

the o.c. 4x14 - the shake-up

i think you need a bigger sip. )
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siiiiiigh. WHY does the o.c. have to be ending?

have a picspamlet. no commentary, just a pair of pretty people. and SPOILERS, duh.

love. )
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the o.c. 4x14 - the shake-up )

and the office just gets a great big OMG for now. DUDE.
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so! o.c. picspam. included is a mini-spam of last week, since being out of town + getting a new computer resulted in my not doing one for 4x12.

the o.c. 4x13 - the case of the franks

what if i said i had newfound faith? )
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i had to do a (very) mini picspam, because i am flaily.

spoilers for the o.c. )
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1. [ profile] expatiates still = the former piratesdaughter.
2. i have lost all self-control. if you have dial-up, don't even think of clicking, f'real.
3. i have also apparently just noticed how hot ben mckenzie is, so this is ryan-heavy.
4. it's not funny. it is woeful, lol. be warned.

the o.c. 4x11 - the dream lover

a sonnet, i don't know how to write. )
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i finished my townwood vid! there are two times when a single frame from earlier in the video reappears during a transition. i have gone over it and over it and over it in WMM, and it doesn't appear. so i clip that bit anyway, just to be safe. and then i export, and the frame is still there. so if you notice it, it's some kind of computer glitch and not because i suck.


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i made, like, a million o.c. icons (ryan, taylor, townwood). they're pretty simple -- i was just playing around with cropping and coloring.

MORE HERE @ [ profile] lickablepixels
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are you ever suddenly totally appalled by the amount of time you waste on ridiculous fandom stuff? realize that you've spent hours capping and lightening and coding some silly picspam about a show that's totally cancelled, and you realize that you are an ass who should be doing something meaningful with her time?

no? me neither! hee.

anyway, without further ado (and still not dial-up friendly):

the o.c. 4x09 - the my two dads

everything else has been all french husbands and slutty aliens. )
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i have to start figuring out how to limit my capping. WHY MUST THESE TWO BE SO PRETTY?!?!

um, if you have dial-up, just leave. it's not because i don't love you; it's because i do.

the o.c. 4x07 - the chrismukk-huh?

that's my job, bitch! )


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