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the casting for jovi & my epic bandom buffy & angel AU that neither of us has any intention of writing.

i might have forgotten some or messed some up, but i think this is where we left off.

chosen. )
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my friend just texted me this and i am lolling.
some girl in the front row had a shirt on that said THE Mrs Cook so he said i'll be spurning the advances of the young lady who said the night before she was the Mrs David Cook, so someone yells out I'll marry you any day of the week, he goes 'well you're all gonna have to fight Neal, he's kinda into me'

hee! BOYS. ♥

also, i have been ogling tour pictures like a motherfucker; there will be picspam later, oh yes. XD

ETA: aha, video of that text story! it's right at the beginning. i wish you could see neal!
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i love these boys so much it's retarded.

yes, i took pictures of my tv. I AM JUST HXC LIKE THAT OR WHATEVER.

click these for full-size.

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i just watched milk and sobbed like a baby.

what an absolutely wonderful, sweet, funny, inspiring and heartbreaking story.

my heart. ;___;
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I'm as straight as an arrow, but an ideal three man orgy would be me, Robert Downey, Jr., & David Cook. Also, I'm drunk.
-some dude on twitter

thanks for the comments on my last entry. my only lj access is my phone right now so i can't really reply at any length until i get home, but ilu guys. ♥

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in which david cook likes ani difranco, does not like prop 8.
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this has already been posted on my flist 90000 times, which means it's probably been on yours 90000 times, too. but i'm posting it anyway.

ilu, keith.

ALSO: can you pleeeeeeease go fill out this survey for a friend of mine? it only takes a minute and it'd be super awesome of you. ♥
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i want to write an entry about prop 8. and about amendment 2. and about the other bullshit anti-equality bans that were passed in arizona and arkansas.

but i can't do it. i'm too sad about it. all it would amount to is a bunch of me being naive, i guess, and just not understanding it.

prop 8 hurts the worst, i think, because it's not just refusing to grant a right (which frankly, shouldn't even be up for discussion, as far as i'm concerned, and why the public at large gets a say in this is fucking beyond me), but it's taking away a right that was given. a right to love, and family, and equality. a right that was celebrated, and cherished, and exercised. and that people stood there and said no, let's take it away? just. i honestly have no words. i told you i can't write an entry about it.

i've been in a heterosexual relationship for five years. we've never even talked about getting married, much to my mother's dismay. i'm not saying that we never will. if he asked, i'd say yes, i think. but the fact that he and i could easily go "eh, fuck it, let's get married" while other couples across the country want so desperately to make that commitment, to stand up together and say "yes, you and i, forever," are forbidden to do so? it blows my mind. and it breaks my heart.

i'm so happy that we elected barack obama as president. honestly, i don't care that he's black one way or the other, and the reasons i wanted him to be elected had everything to do with the man himself and nothing at all to do with the color of his skin. however, i absolutely, fully appreciate that this is a watershed moment for our country, and i'm thrilled, make no mistake. progress is a beautiful thing; we had friends over last night who got married in september, and after the election was called, she said "our kids will grow up with a black president." and we all beamed because it means something so much bigger than that about the america, and about the world, in which their children will grow up.

and it's amazing, and it's progress, and it's a wonderful beginning.

but i want their kids to grow up with equality for all, black, white, asian, hispanic, blue state, red state, christian, muslim, jew, gay, straight...all americans. all of them. anything less is unacceptable. and i know we'll get there; while i hope it's sooner than later, i truly believe it'll happen eventually. to quote our next president, "yes, we can." and we will.

to all of my friends who are hurting today, gay, straight, or otherwise: i love you. ♥
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absolutely lovely. ♥

i know i'm basically preaching to the choir here, but for the love of christ, californians, vote NO on proposition 8.
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if you're not watching true blood (which, wtf, you should be), you should at least watch this video and experience the glory of lafayette, who is both super shiny gay and also pretty much the biggest badass in bon temps. hot stuff bbs! this is NSFW, language-wise.
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a txt cnvrstn.
me: except now i already want to write a sequel with moar naked boys oh noes
bina: naked boys ftw!
me: well this is true! i mean, two cocks are great, but then why not four, amirite?
bina: oh man im having a hard enough time writing this threesome! thats already a lot of body parts to keep track of!
me: ahahahaha ikr? well i'm sort of thinking it'll be a threesome with one watching so there may be hope. or it might end up like the iwo jima statue, idk!
bina: LOL OH BB IWO JIMA /o\
me: lololol worst porn reference EVAR???

what is my liiiiiiife?

<3333333333 ilmybina.


hey kid. i like your face. ♥
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yay for connecticut!!! *gets gay married* <333 3 down, 47 to go. \o/
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fall out boy will always be my favorites. ♥_♥

Fall Out Boy mans up with $50k for No on 8

(if you don't know - proposition 8 would take away the right of gay couples to marry in california.)
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and you, sarah palin, are not a choice that i have made. :x
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02. it's like they want people to write gay porn about them

[TOTALLY RELEVANT SIDEBAR, COURTESY OF GABE SAPORTA VIA BINA - I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT, THEY ARE ACTUALLY, LIKE, ART PATRONS OR SOMETHING NICE LIKE THAT. AND IDK WHY THIS IS CAPSLOCKED BUT I'M COMMITTED NOW I GUESS. ANYWAY: "I'm a fan of anything that can encourage people to be creative," he says. "I'm only able to do what I do now because I was inspired by the bands I grew up listening to. Whatever makes kids think and imagine and create and write is awesome... and if they want to write stories about me sucking my friend's dick, that's cool."



eta: aw, signing autographs while lying on the floor? really bb?

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i am home. whatever.

david cook and michael johns did drunken karaoke tonight.

brb dying of lulz
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omg, i cannot stop staring at this picture [ profile] blindmadness took earlier. it is half ridiculous, half hilarious, half totally hot and fully incomprehensible.

(click for practically life-sized)
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i can has new otp? i really do not care about sports, but david wright is such a hotass and one of the only athletes in which i have even a vague interest. (also, he and dcook have the exact same birthday. ooooooh.)

DC: "david actually reached out to me towards the end of the [idol] season, really wanted to try to help out to get my older brother out to the finale and stuff, really reached out and he was cool, and then reached out very recently to invite me out today."

DW: "as far as celebrities go, i think he's right at the top of the list as far as coming out here and putting on a good show."

dcook approves.



also also, omg, blake + his puppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


great entry, or the greatest entry?

(i seem to have recovered from last night's emo, obvs. thanks, bbs. ♥
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i don't watch this show, or any soaps, but this pisses me right the fuck off. i'm calling, like, A LOT.

The American Family Association has just launched a letter and call-in campaign to have the Luke/Noah storyline removed from the day time soap opera As the World Turns.

Procter & Gamble has set up a 1-800 number to poll responses.

The number is 1-800-331-3774.

Press 1 for English/2 for Spanish [if you don't get this, don't worry, I didn't either].

Press 2 to get to the AtWT poll.

Then press 1 to tell them you want the storyline to continue.

with the amount of ridiculous scandalous bullshit that soap operas have as a complete matter of course, the fact that the american family association chooses only to get upset about a gay storyline is repulsive. HATE. i encourage everyone to call the number and to repost this information.

here, as a reward have a random really really hot boykiss.
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AI top 11 behind-the-scenes video!

jcas being stoned and adorable! syesha being weird! ramiele being gross! brooke being brooke!

and most importantly, dcook and michael being kind of gay!


oh, speaking of david and michael being kind of gay, someone wrote a dc/mj first kiss drabble for the idol kink meme!

off to watch the disco on kimmel! i may edit in a little squee. :D


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