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so dfc's stepsister has a twitter. and i'm a creeper, so i followed her. which, whatever, she has other fans following her, so i didn't think anything of it.

HOWEVER. apparently if you follow her, she follows you back. D: so, now she's going to see me talking all the time about how i want to bone her brother! D: D: D: AWKWARD. and idk what to do. i mean, sure, i could kick her off and block her, but...i can't do that to dfc's (step)sister! whatever. she's totally going to end up unfollowing me once she discovers how annoying/spammy/inappropriate i am. :/

went and spent a couple of days with [ profile] themightybee this weekend! she is awesome, as usual, and on saturday we went to an inside the actors' studio sort of shindig with the lovely angela kinsey. she is funny and adorable and charming and it was exciting. she ships dwangela pretty hard. hee. we also (that'd be sarah and i, not angela and i) ate at the melting pot (YUM) and lounged about and watched some freaks & geeks. good times. (we also were together when we learned about bea arthur's death. so fucking sad. she was a hell of a lady. ♥ RIP *clings to betty white forfuckingever*)

then tonight i saw believers never die 2! it was SO hot and humid in the venue, ugh. but cobras were fucking amazing, as usual, and then metro station was too embarrassing to be real (mostly trace, omg D:, he must be stopped, you guys) and then FALL OUT BOY HAPPENED TO MY FACE. i love them, band of my heart, favorite band ever, etc etc. and they fucking played "hum hallelujah"!!! i was just thinking today on my drive back from rhode island that i was sad that "hum hallelujah" hadn't made the setlist, because it's my favorite fall out boy song. and then tonight pete's all "we haven't played this on this tour, but we want to tonight, it means a lot to us [blah blah whatever]" and the first chords sounded and i lost my shit. <33333 sadly, tho, we didn't get "chicago is so two years ago." :( i would've taken that over "tiffany blews" tbh.

oh god, and "what a catch," askldfjlf;lsdkfj. predictably, i cried. <33333


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fuck, tonight's dollhouse was awesome.

i guess i completely fail at feminism/being a chick, because i always see people who "find the show offensive as a woman" or some such thing, but it's never been an issue for me at all. idk. all i know is that i loved tonight's ep.

quick spoiler. )

i really, really love dollhouse and i hope it survives. if you quit after the first few eps, i think you should consider trying it again. the last 4 or 5 episodes have been pretty fucking great, in my humble opinion.

also: i rewatched southland last night when it aired and once again really dug it. (it's repeating saturday night, if you missed it.) parks and recreation was just ok, but i'm optimistic. the office eps last night were some of the best in months, imo, and i honestly hope the michael scott paper company keeps going for a while. 30 rock is always awesome. bones was adorable as usual and i love it whenever angela's dad shows up.

anddddd...that is all. :)
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first: congrats, steelers fans!

second: a couple of office thoughts. )

well, that got kind of long-winded. oops.

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two more drabbles from this meme. some dave/andy/neal and some dfcook & jim halpert. :D i was hoping to do more tonight but i ran out of motivation, oops.

wanna scream 'i love you' from the top of my lungs. )
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ugly betty 3x01 - the manhattan project. )

the office 5x01 - weight loss. )

also, while i'm here, i finally watched this week's gossip girl late last night, and blair is, as usual, my very most favoritest favorite. other than that, this sums up my feelings on the episode almost perfectly, in hilarious graph form. (srsly, GG fans, click that)

oh, and did i remark on the season premiere of HIMYM? i don't think i did! i loved it, duh. well, the barney stuff, anyway, not so much the ted stuff.[/deliberately vague so i don't spoil anyone]

now i'm watching fringe that i have on the tivo, and then i'm watching the pre-air chuck premiere so i have one less bit of television to deal with next clusterfuck monday.

mild tmi maybe, idk: i have had the most awful pms ever for, like, 2 days now. i am alternately annoyed at the world and devastatingly emo. FAIL, HORMONES, FAIL.

eta: i have red velvet cake mix! there are CUPCAKES in my future, you guys. cupcakes will improve my day by a substantial margin. \o/
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in case i needed even MORE cause to love jenna fischer - from her latest blog about the strike (she posted one yesterday as well):
Finally...I LOVE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! I'm not sure I can say it enough. And boy...Riggins. Riggins! The tortured soul! The bedroom eyes! Jesus! Let's end the strike for Riggins!

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if anyone's still not clear on why the WGA strike is happening, this video of writers from the office out on the picket line is informative and amusing. i love them. ♥

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attention! breaking news! cobra starship = cutest band ever!

watch this. it'll make you happy. srsly. for the full experience, you really need to do the dance along with them on the chorus, fyi.

and i didn't post about it last night, but i LOVED the office. not really spoilers, but just in case... )
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gah, i hate not being able to embed myspace videossssssssss. :(

BUT ANYWAY. i'm probably the last person in the world to see this, but THIS VIDEO has a fall out boy interview that includes pete and patrick imitating andy bernard. ♥♥♥♥

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stolen like WHOA from my bff [ profile] disadulation (and originally from perez hilton, ew) but, um, TOO MUCH WIN TO NOT BE POSTED OK?

best fandom collision ever, i do believe.

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my nose is stuffy and an entry by [ profile] blushingblaze made me feel like doing this, so i give you my five favorite tv kisses. XD all of which, incidentally, wound up being first kisses. well, one isn't technically a first kiss, there was a previous peck, but it's the first kiss with intent.

#5, in which i do not necessarily ship them but i love the scene. )

#4, in which i've gone off this show but loved them at the time. )

#3, in which we meet my first ever real OMG OTP! )

#2, in which we have the flail heard 'round the world. )

#1, in which we have my favorite tv couple EVER. )

i probably forgot some, but those were the ones that sprang to mind and i feel ok about my list. :D
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join our dunder mifflin branch!

regional manager - [ profile] disadulation
assistant to the regional manager - [ profile] expatiates
d-m branch - woonsocket, ri
hiring code - m3afa8qcvr

our secret assistant to the regional manager mentioned something about "shib bucks". hmmmmm.
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a few quick thoughts on the emmy nominations:

  • i am ecstatic over jenna fischer's nom. ♥ (and aw, she blogged.)
  • also completely thrilled for rainn wilson.
  • unsurprised but always happy for steve.
  • yay for the office in general!
  • really disappointed that dexter got no love in the major categories. (also BSG but that's par for the course.)
  • i love masi oka as much as the next girl, but i'm still not sure why he gets nominated for acting awards; i just don't see it.
  • SO OVER grey's anatomy, although i'm totally happy for the nominated actors. and glad for no ellen pompeo, lol.
  • i looooove boston legal, but it really isn't a drama. it and desperate housewives should switch.
  • furious and honestly kind of heartbroken over FNL snubs. really, i can't even talk about it right now. utterly disappointed.

    more later, maybe.
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    i have to go to bed (i'm in a hotel in long island, alone, awake at 4:18 a.m., that is not cool), but i just have to post this from the office season finale.

    jenna fischer, marry me, ok? and get better, plz! ∞ ♥
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    that is ALL.
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    oh man, i stole this from [ profile] morallygray because it's the best thing ever.

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    because apparently my goal in life today is to pimp friending memes:


    go do it! it has cute questions, because [ profile] sheedy is made of awesome.
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    the o.c. 4x14 - the shake-up )

    and the office just gets a great big OMG for now. DUDE.


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