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yes, i realize they are not fictional, but come on! hot. to. death.

in actual fiction: i always wanted ryan/summer on the oc. just a little. i wouldn't object to some serena/blair, either, that'd be pretty. i also really wanted dan/blair back in the day.
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also, when looking through my old journal entries for an appropriate cap to post, i found an entry from january of 2007 in which i was squealing about barack obama forming a presidential exploratory committee. :D
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so, boots #1 won by a landslide and they arrived today!

hi, my legs are pale. D: anyway, new boots, yay! they're actually quite comfy and i kind of want to wear them now, but it's like 70 degrees out, lol.

i'm going tomorrow to get my hair cut and i think i'm going to dye it red. here's hoping i don't hate it, since i'm leaving for tulsa on friday. :D :D :D

still can't stop listening to ludo. don't sleep on this one, bbs.

also, everyone in the world should have this song, so if you don't, take it: violent femmes - add it up. i've been on a total femmes kick lately. and i was amused (and slightly ashamed) to only recently discover that their self-titled album (with "blister in the sun" and this and assorted other stuff you've probably at least heard) came out in 1982. i remember first learning of their existence through my so-called life and i went and bought the album and i guess i just assumed it was new.

more tv needs to start, so i can stop obsessing over gossip girl. because i really am. although, as someone said (i think in my comments? or in someone's comments? idk), rufus humphrey is no sandy cohen. and i miss me my sandy cohen something fierce. i miss the oc in general, actually. as much as i enjoy gossip girl, and as much as no marissa cooper is a total win for GG, it just doesn't have the heart that the oc (usually) did. that's been my one complaint about GG from the beginning and it's still there.

speaking of trashy teen soaps, how was 90210 last night? better/worse than the first ep? worth watching? i tivo'd fringe (which, as i said at 4am, was awesome) so i missed 90210.

i'm in a blah mood and idk why. i think because i have responsible-type things to do and i can't bring myself to actually get anything done, so i am filled with self-loathing (ok, self-mild-dislike, whatever) and that makes me REALLY not get anything done, and so on and so forth. oh well.

this helps. OCC! :D
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hey, anyone remember this? i do.

on november 15, 2006, 5:52 p.m., i wrote:
so i'm thinking about watching the o.c. tomorrow night and downloading supernatural. :O

i blame this (SPOILERIFFIC OMG) screencap from the episode (of the o.c., to be clear):


(i'm going to stop moping about this soon.)
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four fine irish men )

snagged from [ profile] _justher_.


also i'm still emo over the o.c., in case anyone's keeping track.
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i am not yet capable of talking about the finale of the o.c. in any meaningful way, other than that it was really just fantastic. i was left feeling sort of hollow after it ended, which i thought was because of something missing in the ep - since then i realized that it's just because it's over. and man, that sucks.

anyway, a quick picspam (from the finale) of my favorite otp. this funny little pairing that snuck up on me out of nowhere and stole my heart. the brooding kid from chino and the effervescent valedictorian who defied the odds and made me truly love this show again.

townwood, i'll miss you most of all.

ryan atwood, mon ami. sounds terrif. )
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so, apparently it's true that the supposed "last" o.c. song i posted previously isn't the last song, this one is.

spoiler. )

as a song, i prefer the other one, but i do like this for the ending. i'm hoping (and assuming) that the other song IS in there, just earlier in the episode. which i could definitely see as a possibility.

also, i have a sniffly nose. apparently cold weather and i are not bff.
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so, this will have super-minimal commentary, because i'm visiting [ profile] sheedy and i don't want to sit around for ages adding my "funny" remarks, lol. so just enjoy the pretty. :D

the o.c. 4x15 - the night moves

locked and loaded, just the way mama likes it. )
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ok, i am mildly calmer now.

so, if i may, a brief foray into the penultimate episode of the o.c.

the o.c. 4x15 - the night moves )
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homg, you guys, [ profile] chopsticknoodle has done something AMAZING, which is write a fic that manages to incorporate pretty much all of my favorite people.


also, autumn reeser is there.

and ryan hansen.

and other people.

made of win, you guys. MADE OF WIN. I AM CAPSLOCKING.

The first time Jason sees him, he doesn’t like him.

He doesn’t like him at all.


also, i made a townwood vid! it's to "breathe me," which i KNOW is way overused, but i don't care, so neener. it's pretty, and they're pretty, and that is all. i just felt like making schmoopy townwood. so i did! :D

here's the song if you need/want it.

i just couldn't get into heroes tonight for some reason. and i didn't watch studio 60 yet 'cause i was vidding. oops! :O

ok, bed now.
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so, this episode was probably my favorite ever, due to all the adorableness. of which there was a LOT. so, i wound up with an insane amount of caps. but i didn't post them all (believe it or not), because it would've broken the internet. so if you want to peruse them, they're here.

this is obviously still SO NOT FOR DIAL-UP.

EDIT: i split this into two parts. :D

the o.c. 4x14 - the shake-up

i think you need a bigger sip. )
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siiiiiigh. WHY does the o.c. have to be ending?

have a picspamlet. no commentary, just a pair of pretty people. and SPOILERS, duh.

love. )
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the o.c. 4x14 - the shake-up )

and the office just gets a great big OMG for now. DUDE.
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supposedly this is going to be the last song ever played on the o.c., i'd imagine over some kind of closing montage.

music spoiler, obviously )

*cries forever*
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so! o.c. picspam. included is a mini-spam of last week, since being out of town + getting a new computer resulted in my not doing one for 4x12.

the o.c. 4x13 - the case of the franks

what if i said i had newfound faith? )
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here's the song from the end of the o.c. last night. ♥

EDIT: and the one from the beginning.

EDIT2: dude, the stills song has been downloaded 32 times and no one says anything? ([ profile] hopesandfears excluded, obvs.) would it kill people to say, "yo, thank you"? :(
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i had to do a (very) mini picspam, because i am flaily.

spoilers for the o.c. )
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1. [ profile] expatiates still = the former piratesdaughter.
2. i have lost all self-control. if you have dial-up, don't even think of clicking, f'real.
3. i have also apparently just noticed how hot ben mckenzie is, so this is ryan-heavy.
4. it's not funny. it is woeful, lol. be warned.

the o.c. 4x11 - the dream lover

a sonnet, i don't know how to write. )
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i finished my townwood vid! there are two times when a single frame from earlier in the video reappears during a transition. i have gone over it and over it and over it in WMM, and it doesn't appear. so i clip that bit anyway, just to be safe. and then i export, and the frame is still there. so if you notice it, it's some kind of computer glitch and not because i suck.



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