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i want to update and i find myself aimlessly clicking around the internet, looking for something interesting to post. i've come up with exactly nothing, tho, so i suppose you'll have to settle for just me.

bullet points, maybe?

  • the most important thing i have to say is that it looks like i'll be moving to new york fucking city in july! \o/ scott got an offer from a firm in the city and he's probably going to take it. he has another interview on monday with a different firm in long island, but unless they offer him way more money, he's planning on taking the job he's been offered. i am all sorts of stoked about this, both because i get to get out of albany and because new york cityyyyy! we're planning on going down and doing some apartment-hunting the weekend after next, which i'm sure will be horrible. maybe not, tho - we did a bit of looking around online and found a few places that looked promising, and while they were obviously more expensive than our place here, they weren't, like, life-ruiningly pricey. recession ftw, i suppose.

  • next weekend i get a faceful of dfc and the boyz as well as an opportunity to hold [ profile] ninasfeet and [ profile] brookie0cookie! and...who the hell else is coming? idk. but yes. northampton on saturday, new haven on sunday and then down to the city on monday for the taping of jimmy fallon. i'm gonna get NO fucking sleep; i can't wait.

  • very restless lately. real life is just so bland between random incidents of tour and other shenanigans.

  • for no real reason, i have set up two dreamwidth accounts. idk. i am souvenir and also semisweet over there, in case i add you and you're like wtf. i'm not sure what, if anything, i'm going to use them for, but there you go.

  • my icon makes me giggle.

  • relatedly: david cook, as per usual, is my favorite person ever.

  • lastly, still fangirling the hell out of miss florence here.
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    bones is so cute, you guys! :)

    i saw half of carmen (the opera) tonight. scott wanted to go, so we went and i was sooooooo bored, omg. but luckily, after the first act scott told me he wasn't feeling it, so at intermission we cut out of there and got cheesecake instead. upgrade!

    both my mom and scott love my hair. this is vaguely miraculous.

    off to watch more bones! david boreanaz is ridiculously charming, ugh. and his wrist tats make me hot.
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    so last night, scott and i were doing a crossword puzzle online and one of the clues was something like "wences, for example." and we look at it for a sec and i go "i have no is a wence?" and he doesn't even look up, just says, totally deadpan, "the bass player from fall out boy."

    i lolled.

    he also quoted (slightly incorrectly but A+ for effort) something corporate to me the other day.

    there may be hope for him yet.

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    so, i managed to survive my day after all! thanks to everyone who commented on my post of angst and fail earlier. i'm much better now. ♥

    tonight was scott and my last night together until NYE, so we exchanged presents earlier. look what i got!

    sexay! \o/ he can be kind of hit-or-miss with gifts but i'm way psyched on this one. ♥

    but yeah, i'm heading down to florida tomorrow to see my mom (and aunt) for christmas. then on the 26th, my mom and i are going to vegas for a few days! \o/ there will be shopping, and probably some gambling, and we have tickets to cirque du soleil and to see penn & teller (i'm ridic excited for P&T, ngl). then my mom leaves and i will be spending one extra night in vegas with [ profile] livehead16 and, god-willing, the dude in my icon and his pals.

    speaking of the dude in my icon, he turned 26 today. so happy birthday to the doctor (who, it must be said, needs to do me, STAT).

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    yes we carve!

    or, yes i carve, and he stands there looking cute. whatevs.

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    so, 90210 was ok, i thought. i didn't super-hate anybody and the dialogue was decent. it was the most predictable thing ever, tho. every time we saw the [proverbial] gun, it went off just how you thought it would, you know? the cast is really pretty, tho - but am i seriously supposed to believe any of them are anywhere CLOSE to sixteen? it's like the chinese women's gymnastics team in reverse! (oh yeah, i did.)

    did the journalism guy seem like the future child of brendon and shane to anyone but me? O.o

    the best part: LUCILLE BLUTH!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/

    EDIT: also, omg, peep the GINORMOUS pork loin thing scott bought while i was out of town, because it was on sale.

    and he bought TWO OF THEM! WTAF?!

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    is lj acting wonky for anyone else? i clicked on my bookmark for it a little while ago and it took me to but all it showed me was a random icon. and then a few minutes later i had clicked on what was supposed to be my friends page but it took me to the friends page of some other random journal. weird.

    i went to the saratoga music festival yesterday with scott. conor oberst was amazinggggg and the total highlight of my day and i wanted his set to be 10x longer (&conor;), i was excited to learn that the swell season consists of glen hansard and marketa irglova (they were awesome; he was wicked charming, too - he said something about his holy trinity being bob dylan, leonard cohen and van morrison, big love from the crowd for that), i didn't know who steve earle was but i enjoyed him tremendously, and bob dylan was underwhelming. yeah, i said it. idk, admittedly neither of us are, like, dylan experts of any sort, but by the time he'd played for over an hour and neither of us recognized anything he played (well, "highway 61 revisited" kind of, but eh) and it was after 11 and we'd been there since 1? yeah, we totally left. oops. plus, he was kind of...not engaging? he never spoke the entire time we were there. idk! :/ *fails* also, this was without question the whitest crowd i've ever seen, wow.

    omg, i am leaving tomorrow to go to florida! i get a jovi! and a dar and an adrienne and a jen and stuff! and then i get to go to tampa and have a josie! and then i have a mom, lol, and we're off to seattle and then our cruise to alaska! \o/ \o/ \o/ i am not at all packed! D: D: D:


    ETA: bonus of the littlest cook, because he is SO CUTE.
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    so, scott is kind of obsessed with the people's court, and i set him up a tivo season pass for it because i'm nice. and today's episode is some dude suing his former landlady/roommate because she let his dogs out and they got away and one got run over. he'd bought the dog for his old, sick mother for xmas 2004, and when she was dying he promised he would take care of the dog for her.


    i cannot deal with this. *sticks fingers in ears* LA LA LA. :( :( :(
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    quick things:

    01. it's scott's birthday! he's 33. (OLD! hee. i kid. i just like teasing him.) even tho he'll never see this (he better not, otherwise GTFO of my journal, bitch! ♥) i felt i needed to acknowledge his birthday. despite all evidence to the contrary in this journal, he really is my favorite boy.

    02. because it's his birthday, i'm madly scrambling around to make like a nice girlfriend and get the house in order and whatnot. and here i am updating my journal. *facepalm x a billion*

    03. today i saw three different dudes who looked similar enough to david cook to make me go "!!!" for a second.

    04. speaking of him (you didn't think you were getting off THAT easily, did you?):

    djkffjkhk his lips. and eyes. and voice! (ok, i realize you can't hear him in a screencap. i'm not THAT far gone, bbz.)

    05. i have, inexplicably and much to my chagrin, had this song stuck in my head for the past two days. IDEK.

    fyi, the amount of remixes of that song that can be found on youtube is both mortifying, hilarious, and fucking awesome.

    06. is a special number these days. if you can guess why (it's kind of fucking random but not impossible to figure out, if you've been paying attention to my journal these days, hee) i will. um. be impressed! XD

    oh, and i haven't done this meme yet, but i want to, so - give me top 5s to post about!
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    i had other things to say but first and most importantly OMG THIS PUPPEH. *covets*

    also: \o/
    Your Rockstar Name Is...

    Vanilla Vicious

    [ profile] forcedmovement tagged me for this handwriting meme, which made me happy because tbh, i enjoy talking about me. XD

    1. name/username
    2. right handed or left handed
    3. favorite letters to write
    4. least favorite letters to write
    5. write "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"
    6. tag 5 people

    annnnnd, i have been named several times in this meme, which, PINK PUFFY HEART, YOU GUYS. i know it's just a silly eljay meme but it honestly makes me really happy. and ilu all back, however i will not being picking you because you guys DID IT ALREADY and the love needs to spread FURTHER, dammit! MOAR LOVE! XD XD XD which means i'm also trying to avoid people who i know've been picked. but REALLY I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS, OK?

    Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own.

    in alphabetical order because it's prettier. :)

    01. [ profile] anasuede - for a lot of little silly reasons.
    02. [ profile] andthatisthat - everyone loves a british boy and i am no exception.
    03. [ profile] chopsticknoodle - just made of lovely.
    04. [ profile] disadulation - because sarah/me is always my otp.
    05. [ profile] itskellyhere - always a random burst of sunshine.
    06. [ profile] livehead16 - keeps it real and keeps it rad.
    07. [ profile] raspsun - the only non-dillon panther who can make me care about football.
    08. [ profile] revolutionaries - reunited and it feels so good.
    09. [ profile] ry_black_attack - will never see this but makes my day by existing.
    10. [ profile] thegirliscrazy - i love anyone who talks more than i do.

    OMG YOU GUYS THAT WAS HARD. (TWSS.) if i didn't name you it's because i love you too much to even talk about it, OBVS, or because, like i said, i thought you got tagged already or you tagged me or just...i ran out of spaces, idk!

    also, when i get bored/can't sleep, sometimes i make stupid abstract crap in paint, and i had left it up and scott *~really liked it~* which, lol. so here, i will share my BEAUTIFUL ART with all of you.

    yeah. you're welcome. XD
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    THANK YOU to everyone for all the birthday love and well-wishes! i have the most amazing friends a girl could ask for. ♥ i am not overly enthusiastic about being 27, because i still feel like i'm about 18 most of the time and i expected to have it way more together by now, but if i have to be 27, i'm glad i have you guys to cheer me on. *pink puffy heart*

    also! happy birthday to my day sharers [ profile] maka2000 and [ profile] kueble! i wish you both joy and health and prosperity, today and every day. ♥

    now, who the hell made this happen?

    because as much as i would like to believe that blake was sitting around and went "oh hay, it's my girl tshorty's birthday and i should show her some love," i am assuming someone must've poked at him and asked him to do so. which, it totally made my day, so thank you. it was SO unexpected!

    scott was sworn into the new york bar a few hours ago. i have to say, this whole thing worked out well for me - when we started dating, he was a reporter for a little local newspaper, and now he's a lawyer! UPGRADE!

    now i'm going to go get starbucks! \o/
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    01. apparently my random love for "the kill" does not make me a douche. \o/
    02. go spam my myspace comments plz? i want to hit 1800 and improve my self-esteem. XD (and friend me on there if you haven't, obvs!)
    03. scott is so excited that i am taking our picture. only not. we are a little cute tho, y/n?


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