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there is not enough yes yes yes in the world. ♥

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today wins.

also wtf, how does alex deleon have such adorable twitters all the time?
I am speechless. We have come so far. I am honestly choked up. I am more proud than I could ever put into words. Thank you Obama. -AD
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no cut, because this made me happy. ♥ (yes, i am a sap.)

from 52 to 48 | 48 to 52 with love

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01. still neck-deep in dcook's album and never wanting to get out. majorly obsessed with the hidden track (i uploaded it at the end of my wright gala recap post if you're interested; i'd link but i can't from my iphone; also, does anyone else feel like it could totally be about kim or am i just projecting?) and "mr. sensitive." and "bar-ba-sol" still, as kelly would say, has my eggs screaming "daddy!" i think i'm going to post a track-by-track review later. be excited!

02. going down to the city tomorrow evening so i can wait outside virgin and my sick ass can catch pneumonia to get a wristband for dcook's show at the hard rock on tuesday night. squee!

03. go check out my last entry (again with the not being able to link, sorry) and give me a topic to talk about! there are still some letters left.

04. i forgot to watch SNL last night, but i saw the kissing family sketch on my flist earlier and just lol.

05. true blood tonight!! \o/

06. haven't really talked about it, but have definitely been fangirling/fascinated with rahm emanuel for a couple of weeks now and i'm pleased to see that several on my flist are right there with me. that dude is a BAMF and i barely believe he's real.

07. on a related note, i downloaded the first few eps of the west wing 'cause the real-life parallels made me curious and i'd never seen the show. i watched the pilot and i liked it (also the beginning of 1.02), but didn't LOVE it like i did studio 60. i assume it gets better? also, is it me or is mandy incredibly irritating?

08. next on my agenda is a chicken pizziola sub from subway! mmmmmmm.

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i want to write an entry about prop 8. and about amendment 2. and about the other bullshit anti-equality bans that were passed in arizona and arkansas.

but i can't do it. i'm too sad about it. all it would amount to is a bunch of me being naive, i guess, and just not understanding it.

prop 8 hurts the worst, i think, because it's not just refusing to grant a right (which frankly, shouldn't even be up for discussion, as far as i'm concerned, and why the public at large gets a say in this is fucking beyond me), but it's taking away a right that was given. a right to love, and family, and equality. a right that was celebrated, and cherished, and exercised. and that people stood there and said no, let's take it away? just. i honestly have no words. i told you i can't write an entry about it.

i've been in a heterosexual relationship for five years. we've never even talked about getting married, much to my mother's dismay. i'm not saying that we never will. if he asked, i'd say yes, i think. but the fact that he and i could easily go "eh, fuck it, let's get married" while other couples across the country want so desperately to make that commitment, to stand up together and say "yes, you and i, forever," are forbidden to do so? it blows my mind. and it breaks my heart.

i'm so happy that we elected barack obama as president. honestly, i don't care that he's black one way or the other, and the reasons i wanted him to be elected had everything to do with the man himself and nothing at all to do with the color of his skin. however, i absolutely, fully appreciate that this is a watershed moment for our country, and i'm thrilled, make no mistake. progress is a beautiful thing; we had friends over last night who got married in september, and after the election was called, she said "our kids will grow up with a black president." and we all beamed because it means something so much bigger than that about the america, and about the world, in which their children will grow up.

and it's amazing, and it's progress, and it's a wonderful beginning.

but i want their kids to grow up with equality for all, black, white, asian, hispanic, blue state, red state, christian, muslim, jew, gay, straight...all americans. all of them. anything less is unacceptable. and i know we'll get there; while i hope it's sooner than later, i truly believe it'll happen eventually. to quote our next president, "yes, we can." and we will.

to all of my friends who are hurting today, gay, straight, or otherwise: i love you. ♥
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california, on the other hand, can suck a big gay cock.
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i remember watching barack obama speak in 2004 from the democratic national convention. i'd never heard of him and knew almost nothing about him, but i remember turning to scott, and telling him, "this guy is going to be president someday." scott was skeptical, but i was sure.

i am so, so honored to have been able to vote for this man, to sit with friends on this historic night and scream and clap and cry because barack obama was elected the 44th president of the united states of america. his speech tonight was perfect and moving and left me in happy, hopeful tears.

my heart is so full right now.

i love you all. ♥

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i just can't stop posting today. i think i'm trying to spam away my anxiety about tonight. i feel good, i really do, but still...gah!! GIVE ME MY BEAUTIFUL NEW PRESIDENT, AMERICA.

so in the meantime, i'm going to watch true blood and look at david cook. (click for more)

*happy sigh*

ETA: omg, pete wentz as a bb being held by joe biden! \o/
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one more for your election playlists. ;)

pennywise // fuck authority
you know
you've got a right to take control
you gotta take offense against the status quo
no way we're gonna stand for it today
fight for your rights
it's time we had our say!

i say fuck authority
silent majority
raised by the system
now its time to rise against them
we're sick of your treason
sick of your lies
fuck no, we won't listen
we're gonna open your eyes!

|m| >.< |m|

ps: relevant OCC!

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last spam for a little while, but there was no way this one wasn't getting posted.

"hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all." -emily dickinson

"once you choose hope, anything's possible." -christopher reeve

"hope is the dream of a soul awake." -french proverb
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yes, we can.

let's go be the ones we've been waiting for.

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god, this pleases me tremendously.

jack's mannequin covering mgmt's "kids."

do you need me to remind you to vote? because: VOTE.

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yes we carve!

or, yes i carve, and he stands there looking cute. whatevs.

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this is just beautiful.

ilu, charles. ♥

6 more days.
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i can't even. i cried. shocking, i know.

my obama-biden car magnet came yesterday! to say i was excited would be a bit of an understatement.
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just in case you haven't seen it:, home of the barack o' lantern.

i am TOTES making one.

also, GIP, obvs. :D

also, also: here is a picture of barack obama dressed as a pirate.

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absolutely lovely. ♥

i know i'm basically preaching to the choir here, but for the love of christ, californians, vote NO on proposition 8.
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i thought this was lovely.
For me the most moving moment came when the family in front of me, comprising probably 4 generations of voters (including an 18 year old girl voting for her first time and a 90-something hunched-over grandmother), got their turn to vote. When the old woman left the voting booth she made it about halfway to the door before collapsing in a nearby chair, where she began weeping uncontrollably. When we rushed over to help we realized that she wasn't in trouble at all but she had not truly believed, until she left the booth, that she would ever live long enough to cast a vote for an African-American for president. Anyone who doesn't think that African-American turnout will absolutely SHATTER every existing record is in for a very rude surprise.
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source [they're assholes there and have hated dcook forever, but fuck 'em]

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sorry i'm so spammy today, kids, but does anyone have a link to those rally photos of obama and joey in the rain? or at least know where that was? i want to redo my layout and i'm having a bitch of a time finding those photos.

thx bbs! <3


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