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fandom has been wanky and i'm not into it, so i'm going to post a bunch of pics of dfc and the boyz from this weekend. none of them are by me. i stole them mostly from this flickr and [ profile] brookie0cookie. i sort of started at that flickr and then went and added brooke's pics, so hers are the ones at the end of each day. i probably could've just used hers because they're so pretty, but whatever, variety is good, right?

also, my journal automatically sizes the photos so they don't break my layout - most of them are bigger if you save them/open them in a new tab. i took off customized comment pages for now because these pics deserve to be big. XD


this seems as good a place to begin as any.

*throws beads at him*

hope you had a good time while you were here. )

[if you can't tell this is the former expatiates, well, idek]
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so, the declaration tour is in full swing and that means PICSPAM. i took a ton of pictures from this flickr which always has AMAZING photos. most of the rest were stolen from facebook. a few from here.


it's a daily anthem; would you sing my song at the top of your lungs? )
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ugh, i'm sick. :( but fuck it, let's look at pictures of david cook and his band.

with just a kiss on the neck. )

obscenely gorgeous gala photos from here (there are tons more photos, believe it or not.)
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random latenight cookspam! :D pics shamelessly ganked from some DC fan myspace which i just closed and don't feel like finding the link for again, oops. also, maybe people already saw all of these, idk. but whatever, they're pretty and/or hilarious, look again!

this is the time of my life. )
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so! [profile] aleapofaith wanted david cook spam, and by god, she's getting it.

uh. there are a lot of pictures in here. if you click the cut, it might break your computer. or all of livejournal. or, idk, the entire internet. so click, get a snack, walk the dog, see some fireworks, and then come back and check this shit out.

photos stolen from everyone ever, including simon fuller and myspace and probably your mom.

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so, this is a day late (and just barely making it, at that), but it's done! my blake birthday spam is done!

yes, i realize that i never even make birthday posts for my very best friends, and i have never met this boy. i'm not really sure what that says about me, but i doubt it's anything good.

nonetheless! in honor of his 26th birthday, i give you 26 reasons to love blake colin lewis.

this is not dial-up friendly. :) [/understatement]

only 26, you say? )
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i promised a butch spam (and [ profile] morallygray said i needed to post it, and she is the boss of me), so here i go.

bandslash people, you should check this out because he is of course totally connected to the FBR peeps, having produced santi and guested on infinity on high and for just being generally the best ever. he is like...the awesome uncle of the scene or something.

singer/songwriter-loving people, you should check this out because butch is one, and he's fucking amazing.

music-enjoying people in general, you should check this out, because butch is made of win. WIN.

i see him look at you and speak with such eloquence )

i probably forgot some stuff i meant to include, so there may be a follow-up post if anyone's interested. WHICH YOU ALL SHOULD BE OK?
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so. yeah. i've recently developed an overwhelming love of bandslash. here's a little something to show you why. not dial-up safe, but definitely worth clicking if you like boys. or boys who look like girls. or, y'know, if you like monkeys or puppies or laughter or oxygen. or...whatever, just click the cut?

he tastes like you only sweeter. )

pics totally, shamelessly stolen from everyone ever, most notably [ profile] citibyrd, [ profile] seanarenay and [ profile] bluestargirl6.

also, i'm going to see FOB next month with [ profile] sheedy and [ profile] daydreamjovi!!! \o/
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ok, so heroes was so awesome that i decided to do a mini-picspam. i tried not to put anything super-spoilery, and more teaser-y, but obviously enter at your own risk.

also, these may or may not be out of order chronologically. who knows? (although if you're really desperate you can look at the picture names.)

i could use a hero right now. )

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i am not yet capable of talking about the finale of the o.c. in any meaningful way, other than that it was really just fantastic. i was left feeling sort of hollow after it ended, which i thought was because of something missing in the ep - since then i realized that it's just because it's over. and man, that sucks.

anyway, a quick picspam (from the finale) of my favorite otp. this funny little pairing that snuck up on me out of nowhere and stole my heart. the brooding kid from chino and the effervescent valedictorian who defied the odds and made me truly love this show again.

townwood, i'll miss you most of all.

ryan atwood, mon ami. sounds terrif. )
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so, this will have super-minimal commentary, because i'm visiting [ profile] sheedy and i don't want to sit around for ages adding my "funny" remarks, lol. so just enjoy the pretty. :D

the o.c. 4x15 - the night moves

locked and loaded, just the way mama likes it. )
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ok, i am mildly calmer now.

so, if i may, a brief foray into the penultimate episode of the o.c.

the o.c. 4x15 - the night moves )
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i meant to do this a couple of weeks ago, but i'm slow.


a quick picspam of max, my adorable new battlestar galactica-lovin', exam-sellin', chuck klosterman-readin' honey on veronica mars.

(picspamming is way quicker when you don't have to make your own caps, y'all. wow.)

mad about max: by [ profile] expatiates

last names, at that point, seemed trivial. )

this is my first VM spam in quite a while, and it's of a recurring character. sad. but awesome, because max rules. ♥
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so, this episode was probably my favorite ever, due to all the adorableness. of which there was a LOT. so, i wound up with an insane amount of caps. but i didn't post them all (believe it or not), because it would've broken the internet. so if you want to peruse them, they're here.

this is obviously still SO NOT FOR DIAL-UP.

EDIT: i split this into two parts. :D

the o.c. 4x14 - the shake-up

i think you need a bigger sip. )
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siiiiiigh. WHY does the o.c. have to be ending?

have a picspamlet. no commentary, just a pair of pretty people. and SPOILERS, duh.

love. )
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so! o.c. picspam. included is a mini-spam of last week, since being out of town + getting a new computer resulted in my not doing one for 4x12.

the o.c. 4x13 - the case of the franks

what if i said i had newfound faith? )
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i had to do a (very) mini picspam, because i am flaily.

spoilers for the o.c. )
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dear petrelli brothers,

you guys WIN.

dean 'n sam

oh noes, it's some spoilery screencaps! )
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1. [ profile] expatiates still = the former piratesdaughter.
2. i have lost all self-control. if you have dial-up, don't even think of clicking, f'real.
3. i have also apparently just noticed how hot ben mckenzie is, so this is ryan-heavy.
4. it's not funny. it is woeful, lol. be warned.

the o.c. 4x11 - the dream lover

a sonnet, i don't know how to write. )


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