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just some icons i've made over the past week or two.

12 david cook
11 ryan star

it's the cost of getting out of here alive. )
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i just uploaded these for [ profile] musictoyourlips and figured i'd pass the links along in case anyone else was interested. which you should be. mwk = ♥.

midwest kings (2003)
judging a bullet (2005)
incoherent with desire to move on [ep] (2006)
luna despierta [ep] (2008)

if you only download one, i'd rec luna despierta but it's all of the good. here's david covering "anodyne" from that ep.

please, if you like these and you have any extra cash, buy them! they're all on itunes. :)
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29 icons. david, neal, andy, joey and a random guest appearance by ryan. no kyle, sorry - completely unintentional on my part. just a random assortment of icons i've made over the past few months and never posted. pics stolen wildly from everyone ever. definitely [ profile] bobsessive, some from [ profile] ninasfeet and probably some from [ profile] dizzysyd, idk. sorry if i ganked your shit. XD


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ALSO: please please please, if you can, consider donating to race for hope. just follow that link and then click "make a gift" below the thermometer. every little bit helps, you guys. thank you to those who've already donated. ♥

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*sounds only dogs can hear*

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fandom has been wanky and i'm not into it, so i'm going to post a bunch of pics of dfc and the boyz from this weekend. none of them are by me. i stole them mostly from this flickr and [ profile] brookie0cookie. i sort of started at that flickr and then went and added brooke's pics, so hers are the ones at the end of each day. i probably could've just used hers because they're so pretty, but whatever, variety is good, right?

also, my journal automatically sizes the photos so they don't break my layout - most of them are bigger if you save them/open them in a new tab. i took off customized comment pages for now because these pics deserve to be big. XD


this seems as good a place to begin as any.

*throws beads at him*

hope you had a good time while you were here. )

[if you can't tell this is the former expatiates, well, idek]
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*still the former expatiates*

soooooo. i want to do a real review/recap of my amazing weekend in atlantic city, but i'm tired and inarticulate, so let's FOBDFC trail it.

- i retrieved amber from the airport (+10)

- we didn't get lost on the way to AC/the borgata (+10)

- we were stuck waiting to check into the hotel for like six hours, because they needed to put the full amount + $125/day for incidentals on a card and i didn't have enough available balance, so we couldn't check in until kelly arrived (-10)

- spent entirely too long waiting for this to reappear onscreen so i could take a pic of it (-5), but also eeeee his face (+5)

-drank some yummy sangria (+5)

- took the jitney to the boardwalk and back, which was way more entertaining than it should've been (+20)

- brooke and kelly finally made it (+20)

- drinking, mad giggling and wacky hijinks ensued (+10)

- we didn't go to sleep (except for amber) until around 7 a.m. (-5)

- lurked around most of the day on friday, hoping to pawn off gifts on dfc and nft, which was tedious (-5)

- succeeded in giving gift to dfc (+10, would've been more but i didn't talk to him)

- wayyyyy later that night, also succeeded in giving gift to nft (+10, again points docked because i didn't talk to him)

[sidebar: me modeling neal's gift, yes, it is a beerhat which is also a cowboy hat]

[end sidebar]

- bought an improved ticket for the show; third row, neal's side (+20)

- it turned out to be alllllllll the way on the end (-10)

- i purchased my very own DCTS which is my new favorite possession, idek (+15)


- plus he opened with "the world i know" (+15)

- and he did "lie" (+15)

- and joey was hilaaaaarious (+10)

- drunky mcdrunks later on (+30)

- had a nice chat with johnny the roadie (+15)

- i met a number of nice people throughout the weekend (+15)

- there were also crazy bitches everywhere (-10)

- surprise!erin (+10)

- some dude attacked my boobs while we were taking a group pic (-10)

- he made up for it later (+20, and no, not sexually)

- went to bed around 7 a.m. again (-5)

- while trying not to stalk dfc, he stalked us (-/+10 so i guess that's breaking even)

- surprise!tirtzah (+10)

- tried all day to upgrade tickets from row z, waited outside the box office for HOURS, and got cockblocked by people who showed up 15 minutes before they released the tix (-100)

- i didn't cry even tho i wanted to (+10)

- wound up sneaking into row J anyway (+50)


- my first time hearing "permanent" live and also neal with his bow for the guitar (+20)

- "hot for teacher" both nights (+20)

- also "man in the box" on saturday (+20)

- no "anodyne" (-10)

- afterparty at mixx was superfun (+20)

- but VIP was a total waste of money (-10)

- B bar after the afterparty was AWESOME, i was wasted in a fun happy way (+25)

- ran into rstar at some point and drunkenly quizzed him about stuff and he was supersweet (+20)

- bought a couple rounds of shots (+10)

- cute english boy bought me a shot (+10)

- sexually harassed @RyanStar on twitter (+10?/-10?)

- late-night fries with bleu cheese dressing (+10)

- had to leave brooke and kelly the next day (-20)

- and then amber this morning (-10)

- but it all HAPPENED (+50)

- and i get brooke and kelly and dfc and nft and skibby and peekaboo and jazzercise and rstar again IN ONE WEEK (+100)

TOTAL: 835+/-10 depending on if you think skanky twitters at rstar are good or bad.

i'm calling my weekend a win.

picspam later or tomorrow because there's so much pretttyyyyyyy and i wanna. in the meantime, people, where on earth is the dave/ryan?

look how cute they are!!! and please note that ryan is rocking DCTS, and look what dave had been wearing the previous day:

it writes itself, kids. someone make it happen for me! :D

i know i should probably cut this but i don't wanna. neener.
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this is why it's good to have friends who like things like sports. 'cause earlier lara texted me all "oh hay dfc promo during the duke game!!!11one!" and i was all "omg!!" and she was all "oh here bb *caps video and puts it on youtube*" and then i was all "\o/!!!!"

it is awesomeeeeeeee.
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a continuation of my last entry: i wish you could actually see a little more of neal in these but still, aw. the second one kills me. ♥

a few more pretty shots i stole from facebook. )
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eta an even better one, i think:

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i love you, neal. ♥_♥
I woke up early and can't get back to sleep as we drive through the snowed highways of New York. They say it's a big storm but I can't really tell from in here. The David Cook Declaration Tour is in full effect and, despite the current 11 to 3 sick ratio, everything's laying out smoothly. Thanks to all that have come out to the shows, stood out in the cold for shows, stood out in the heat for shows or committed any other courageous act to see me an' the boys play. We'll keep bringin' it if you keep coming.
In sadder news, it seems that I am forced, from all sides, to make rules about public comments on my page. 2. simple. rules. will now be instated.
1. anything about my family (this includes my dog. he has his own myspace not run by me.) will be denied.
2. anything overtly sexual. will be denied.
Also, concerning personal messages, I rarely have the time to respond to these. Moreover, I'm much more of a face-to-face kind of person so even if I do have time to write you back I usually don't because I'd rather be doing something in real life (i.e. writing, drinking, pillaging and overall piracy) and not internet related. Being on long enough to type this is already giving me a headache.

There are my terms.

It's good to be on the road. Oh...and my friend Andy's the one with red pants. Mine are maroon.


hahahaha, suck it, psychos! \o/
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man, dollhouse is getting awesome. i just watched last night's episode and i got chills at the end. and next week looks intense! exciteddddd. are you guys watching dollhouse? because you should be!

i painted my nails late last night and went to bed before the polish had fully hardened, so they're kind of, like, textured now. oops.

have i ever mentioned how much i hate aggressively tagged photos? i mean really, why even bother posting them? however, this video makes me gleeful. COME HERE, NEAL, I WILL GIVE YOU SEX HAIR. <3
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From the very beginning, we said I'm the front man...
and you're the guitarist with mystique.
That's the dynamic we agreed on.
Page, Plant, Mick, Keith--

hee. that always makes me think of them.
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hee! the chick who made that radtastic compilation vid of dfc's first week of tour posted another video with various clips of him talking and joking around on stage and i just giggled through the whole thing.

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so [ profile] affectingly wins tonight! she put me on the phone with NEAL FUCKING TIEMANN! i of course fell to pieces and talked a mile a minute and was an absolute geek, lololololol. i wasn't prepared for that! i asked him if it was cold there, for christ's sake. and he said it wasn't really and they'd just been talking about it, so i was like "well, it's cold in new york, i'm warning you" and he said he wished he was in new york and i had to tell him i live upstate so it's not that exciting.

so then he's like "oh, andy has family in upstate new york!" so i told him how i met andy's uncle dan in tulsa, and he told me i was too awesome to be a democrat and he kissed me (little-known fact, i have kissed a relative of andy skib), and how i was vaguely offended by the not being a democrat thing but i got over it? oh god, i am such a geek. /o\ and then neal said something about uncle dan liking the ladies or something, i think. so then i was trying to think of something to say, or some way to smoothly end the conversation before i got even more ridiculous, and then we talked over each other for a second and i said i'd better let him get back to his public, lol. incidentally, i had JUST walked outside when this happened and i was freezing my ass off and shivering so i was having to focus about half of my brain on not letting my teeth chatter while i was speaking. /o\

so we got off the phone and he told amber he thought i was excited, lolololol. and she was like "duh, you're her favorite!" and he was pleased. :P

so yeah. it was both mortifying and amazinggggg! \o/ and /o\ and some more \o/!

oh oh oh and amber actually called me and i missed it, so neal was in the process of leaving me a voicemail when i called back, so i ALSO have voicemail from neal on my phone and he says my naaaaaame.

*collapses in girly little puddle*

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so, the declaration tour is in full swing and that means PICSPAM. i took a ton of pictures from this flickr which always has AMAZING photos. most of the rest were stolen from facebook. a few from here.


it's a daily anthem; would you sing my song at the top of your lungs? )
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my friend just texted me this and i am lolling.
some girl in the front row had a shirt on that said THE Mrs Cook so he said i'll be spurning the advances of the young lady who said the night before she was the Mrs David Cook, so someone yells out I'll marry you any day of the week, he goes 'well you're all gonna have to fight Neal, he's kinda into me'

hee! BOYS. ♥

also, i have been ogling tour pictures like a motherfucker; there will be picspam later, oh yes. XD

ETA: aha, video of that text story! it's right at the beginning. i wish you could see neal!
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oh hai bbs hai! in case anyone doesn't have twitter/doesn't follow my twitter and was concerned about my, y'know, being alive *waves to lara*, i'm fine! XD i spent a few days with my lovely bff during which we made couscous and cupcakes and bought new underwear and watched rent and hedwig and my so-called life. win all around, i would say.

i have two episodes left of buffy and it's breaking my heart, tbh. also, i tried to resist because i lovelovelove buffy/angel and also i'm stubborn, but spike and buffy kind of kill me all over. the two of them in that house in "touched"? my HEART!

saw idol last night. yawn. i hated almost everyone, and even danny (who i think is absolutely adorable) underwhelmed me and was waaaaaaay overpimped, imo. and wow, what a lot of sucktastic song choices. i miss dfc on my tv every week.

speaking of mr. cook, i have to mock something on his official board for a minute. join me, won't you?

really? )

pop quiz: why do i find this picture hilarious?

more laterrrrrr.

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WATCH DOLLHOUSE TONIGHT! it's going to be good and i'm excited and i want you bitches to talk to me about it. it's on at 9 p.m. on fox.

DFC TOUR STARTS TONIGHT! i am epically excited even tho i'm not seeing it until march 20. people are already starting to post pics and things from meeting the boys earlier in the day.

omgneal. *grabby hands*

ALSO: i saw ludo last night and it was awesome! the venue was teeny and andrew's mic kept shocking him, but they were rad and hilarious and i fucking loooove them. even scott had fun! i REALLY recommend seeing them if you get a chance. they're taking a break from touring after this, so check out their dates and get your ass to a show! ♥_♥
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oh god, pardon my late-night spamming, but surprise!acoustic!dfc + drunkass!21stbirthday!kyle = amazingness.

2:20ish makes me giggle SO MUCH.


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