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2009 shows
2.12 // ludo in albany, ny @ valentines 
2.14 // the 5 browns in schenectady, ny @ proctor's
3.01 // david cook in newburgh, ny @ mount st. mary college
3.14 // butch walker in new york city @ webster hall
3.20 // david cook in atlantic city, nj @the borgata
3.21 // david cook in atlantic city, nj @ the borgata
3.30 // david cook in new london, nh @ colby sawyer college [cancelled]
3.31 // the hold steady in albany, ny @ valentines [sold out, sob TICKET FOUND!]
4.26 // fall out boy ['believers never die' tour w/ cobra starship, etc] in troy, ny @ RPI
5.01 // david cook in gainesville, fl @ common grounds
5.02 // david cook in west palm beach, fl @ sunfest 2009
5.03 // jack's mannequin in west palm beach, fl @ sunfest 2009
5.09 // third eye blind in albany, ny @ tulip festival 2009 [lollll we were too late, total fail]
5.23 // david cook in northampton, ma @ pearl street
5.24 // david cook in new haven, CT @ toad's place
7.11 // billy joel & elton john in washington, d.c. @ nationals park
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i want to update and i find myself aimlessly clicking around the internet, looking for something interesting to post. i've come up with exactly nothing, tho, so i suppose you'll have to settle for just me.

bullet points, maybe?

  • the most important thing i have to say is that it looks like i'll be moving to new york fucking city in july! \o/ scott got an offer from a firm in the city and he's probably going to take it. he has another interview on monday with a different firm in long island, but unless they offer him way more money, he's planning on taking the job he's been offered. i am all sorts of stoked about this, both because i get to get out of albany and because new york cityyyyy! we're planning on going down and doing some apartment-hunting the weekend after next, which i'm sure will be horrible. maybe not, tho - we did a bit of looking around online and found a few places that looked promising, and while they were obviously more expensive than our place here, they weren't, like, life-ruiningly pricey. recession ftw, i suppose.

  • next weekend i get a faceful of dfc and the boyz as well as an opportunity to hold [ profile] ninasfeet and [ profile] brookie0cookie! and...who the hell else is coming? idk. but yes. northampton on saturday, new haven on sunday and then down to the city on monday for the taping of jimmy fallon. i'm gonna get NO fucking sleep; i can't wait.

  • very restless lately. real life is just so bland between random incidents of tour and other shenanigans.

  • for no real reason, i have set up two dreamwidth accounts. idk. i am souvenir and also semisweet over there, in case i add you and you're like wtf. i'm not sure what, if anything, i'm going to use them for, but there you go.

  • my icon makes me giggle.

  • relatedly: david cook, as per usual, is my favorite person ever.

  • lastly, still fangirling the hell out of miss florence here.
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    i just uploaded these for [ profile] musictoyourlips and figured i'd pass the links along in case anyone else was interested. which you should be. mwk = ♥.

    midwest kings (2003)
    judging a bullet (2005)
    incoherent with desire to move on [ep] (2006)
    luna despierta [ep] (2008)

    if you only download one, i'd rec luna despierta but it's all of the good. here's david covering "anodyne" from that ep.

    please, if you like these and you have any extra cash, buy them! they're all on itunes. :)
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    i'm obsessed with this song right now.

    here's a download: florence and the machine // dog days are over

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    feeling very remix-y tonight. what are some of your favorite remixes? feel free to upload them if you want extra awesome points. :D

    two to kick things off:

    air // kelly watch the stars (moog cookbook remix) (makes me want to drink a martini, and, have um, other stronger things and dannnnnnce)
    andrew bird // imitosis (four tet mix) (i just want to fall into this one ♥_♥)

    eta a couple more:

    fall out boy // dance, dance (patrick stump secret agent remix)
    mgmt // electric feel (justice remix)
    daft punk // technologic (rogerseventytwo remix)
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    this song just came up on shuffle and i've always loved the video super hard so i thought i'd post it.

    warm fuuuuuuuuuuzzies. ♥_♥
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    reposting from my facebook, because my facebook friends have been somewhat faily. a lot of them are weird artists, tho, sorry. i've been downloading a lot of random stuff lately.

    Shuffle songs up on your playlist of choice. Write the first line(s) and have people guess the songs, for prizes and glory. Primarily glory. Really...only glory.

    [[we'll consider this official proof that there's stuff in my itunes besides fall out boy and david cook, heh]]

    01. 'cause i'm a mess and you know that i can't help it

    02. painless, so easy, you come fast and leave me

    03. i am unbreakable but it looks like i could sometime soon the spill canvas // saved

    04. laurel was a girl i knew, made of dirt and stone

    05. i have a story, a bitter anthem for everyone to hear something corporate // if you c jordan

    06. look at all that shines, baby's down on the world and she knows it inxs // elegantly wasted

    07. my eyes are so bleary, i guess i'm young but i feel so weary she & him // black hole

    08. if it can be broke then it can be fixed bloc party // pioneers

    09. i don't mind you comin' here, wastin' all my time the cars // just what i needed

    10. watchin' a stretch of road, miles of light explode my morning jacket // golden

    11. tell me where our time went and if it was time well-spent paramore // pressure

    12. blue morning, blue morning wrapped in strands of fist and bone counting crows // a murder of one

    13. they used to think it was so cute when she said "dyer maker"

    14. came in from a rainy thursday on the avenue duran duran // ordinary world

    15. wishes bounce me weightless fall out boy // west coast smoker

    16. sometimes in the morning i am petrified and can't move rilo kiley // a better son/daughter

    17. i'm coming out of my cage and i've been doing just fine the killers // mr. brightside

    18. it's going to take a little time, while you're waiting like a factory line vampire weekend // M79

    19. woke up cold one tuesday, i'm looking tired and feeling quite sick paolo nutini // new shoes

    20. this is the way you left me, i'm not pretending mika // happy ending
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    the hold steady // stuck between stations
    there are nights when i think that sal paradise was right.
    boys and girls in america have such a sad time together.
    sucking off each other at the demonstrations
    making sure their makeup’s straight
    crushing one another with colossal expectations.
    dependent, undisciplined and sleeping late.

    she was a really cool kisser and she wasn’t all that strict of a christian.
    she was a damn good dancer but she wasn’t all that great of a girlfriend.
    he likes the warm feeling but he’s tired of all the dehydration.
    most nights are crystal clear
    but tonight it’s like he’s stuck between stations
    on the radio.

    AMAZING. where the fuck have i been?
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    so i'm visiting [ profile] themightybee and she's working and i'm bored. therefore, some incredibly pointless eljaying.

    01. folie á deux continues to please me tremendously. no spoilers (altho i will forever maintain that music spoilers are not a real thing, sorry bbs), but just, LOVE. especially "the (shipped) gold standard" and "(coffee is for closers)". and "20 dollar nose bleed." and "west coast smoker." and "what a catch," still. and, y'know, all of it. &FOB;

    b) speaking of those dudes, a ticket for the show in the city next week has been procured, because people are fucking awesome and kind. ♥ i'm still not 100% positive that i'm going because it's a pain in the ass to get down there and back, but, i mean, FALL OUT BOY. no matter how unrelentingly i fangirl david cook, musically speaking, FOB is my fucking favorite thing ever. so. i'm pretty sure i'm going.

    third: allegedly there is going to be an 80s cover band playing here in a minute. i'm not sad about this. the keyboard player looks vaguely like ryland. sweet. EDIT: ahahaha omg they are hilariously awkward. two singers - she has pink dreads and dances like carlton banks; he has crazy new wave/emo skunk hair and total michael johns drama hands. and one fingerless glove. and a tambourine. epic. lolololol.

    IV - there was a segment about the puppy cam on the news earlier; apparently it's the most streamed thingie in the history of the internets. puppies ftw!

    cinco~ occ!

    lawlz. oh, dfc, never change. did you guys hear that he said something this morning about going to a titty bar (my words) the other night and that a bunch of fangirls on message boards were quite aghast? puritans for cook! \o/ O.o

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    i wanna scream 'i love you' from the top of my lungs
    but i'm afraid that someone else will hear me

    fall out boyyyyyy you are my favorites.

    folie à deux. <3
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    he needs to just live his entire life on best week ever.

    also FOLIE A DEUX!!! about to listen. \o/

    eta: omg, "the (shipped) gold standard" = ♥
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    wtf, livejournal. why can i not read the comments on my journal? O.o

    i got to watch live in chicago earlier! just three comments, really. okay, four. five things.

    01. i forgot how fucking hilarious ryan's "british accent" was. i think he's mostly dropped it now, right? but holy fuck, it was in full effect on the dvd and i was dyyyyyying.

    02. i've seen the disco, what, four times now? and i'd never noticed that jon and brendon switch instruments on "mad as rabbits." i approve!

    03. they are all really fucking adorable. and zack continues to be fucking awesome, and i'm going to start tagging "i love zack hall" everywhere i go.

    04. i know people are always like "LOL PANIC AT THE DISCO." actually, i think lots of ~us~ *hand gestures to include myself and assorted other disco fans* are often like "LOL PANIC AT THE DISCO." but you know what, guys? they're a pretty rad band. like...they're good. this is not exactly news, but sometimes i like to reiterate.

    05. "northern downpour" will never not turn me into a puddle of fangirl love. ♥_♥ i won't even tell you guys how many times i listened to that song before i noticed the kerouac reference, lol.
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    apparently i am skib-spamming tonight, idk.

    anyway, this video is gorgeous. even if you don't know/care about andy (gasp!) if you like guy-with-guitar stuff at all, you should definitely watch.

    covering 'everlong'. )
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    doing that "be pete wentz" meme, wherein i put itunes on shuffle and the first lines of twenty songs = a poem, and the first line of the twenty-first song is its title.

    the first star i see may not be a star

    i show no scars from where i've been
    well this is our last goodbye
    i want blood, i want blood from you
    and it was the final straw

    drinkin' wine and thinkin' bliss is on the other side of this
    there was a love affair in this building
    here in this crowd i'm feelin' all alone
    i wanna hear some music now that they're driving us all underground

    late dawns and early sunsets
    i sit and think about the day that you're gonna die
    glamorous indie rock and roll is what i want

    admitted at 22, just to get over you
    red eyes and tears, no more for you, my love, i fear
    september never stays this cold where i come from

    yeah there's a method to my madness if i only i could find it
    oh boy, if you ever have to let me down
    wake up, think fast
    i been sleeping with ghosts

    the girl can move and she did
    well, i guess you left me with some feathers in my hand.


    idk, i kind of like it. also, i love this song. if i could get online on my computer and not just my phone, i'd totally post it for you guys.


    my ovaries. *sobs* he is RUINING MY LIFE. <3333

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    i've been meaning to pimp this for, like, a week, and i keep forgetting! so, here i go. SUGGESTION: while you're buying david cook's album, you should also buy butch walker's new album! it's so good. he's clever and heartbreaking and utterly brilliant, and nowhere near as popular as he should be.

    in november of last year, the house butch was renting in malibu burned down.
    I lost everything I've ever owned. Every master of every song I've ever recorded, every piece of recording equipment, guitars, drums and things I've collected over the years, cars, motorcycles, every family memorial, heirloom, picture, and document we ever had. ... Gone. I feel like I finally know the difference between 'going back' and 'going home.'

    watch it. love it. buy his album. ♥
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    just throwing this out there: if you are at all interested in buying david cook's album, pls to be doing so today so it counts for his first-week sales. i really, really want him to beat nickelback, lol.

    as i said before: if you don't have cash for it right now, shoot me an email and i'll gift it to you on itunes. vixen.ontheedge at gmail. :)

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    i'm leaving some empty space here solely because otherwise my icon fucks up the formatting. how annoying am i? :P sorry bbs.

    david cook aol sessions
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    01. still neck-deep in dcook's album and never wanting to get out. majorly obsessed with the hidden track (i uploaded it at the end of my wright gala recap post if you're interested; i'd link but i can't from my iphone; also, does anyone else feel like it could totally be about kim or am i just projecting?) and "mr. sensitive." and "bar-ba-sol" still, as kelly would say, has my eggs screaming "daddy!" i think i'm going to post a track-by-track review later. be excited!

    02. going down to the city tomorrow evening so i can wait outside virgin and my sick ass can catch pneumonia to get a wristband for dcook's show at the hard rock on tuesday night. squee!

    03. go check out my last entry (again with the not being able to link, sorry) and give me a topic to talk about! there are still some letters left.

    04. i forgot to watch SNL last night, but i saw the kissing family sketch on my flist earlier and just lol.

    05. true blood tonight!! \o/

    06. haven't really talked about it, but have definitely been fangirling/fascinated with rahm emanuel for a couple of weeks now and i'm pleased to see that several on my flist are right there with me. that dude is a BAMF and i barely believe he's real.

    07. on a related note, i downloaded the first few eps of the west wing 'cause the real-life parallels made me curious and i'd never seen the show. i watched the pilot and i liked it (also the beginning of 1.02), but didn't LOVE it like i did studio 60. i assume it gets better? also, is it me or is mandy incredibly irritating?

    08. next on my agenda is a chicken pizziola sub from subway! mmmmmmm.

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    ok, so, wright gala recap! \o/ [i typed most of this up and THEN went and found videos, so if i quote things he said and then you watch and you're like "uh, that wasn't what he said" plz forgive me, i was working from hazy overstimulated memory. ALSO most of the videos have hi-res versions available, so i recommend going and watching them in hi-res on youtube, because dude was looking all sorts of fine last night.]

    this is really long (twss!), i realize, but humor me and read it anyway? :D

    life on the moon couldn't be any stranger. )

    i'm still on a high. i'm so, so happy i was there, you guys, i cannot even.

    ALSO HEY GO CHECK OUT THE STREAM OF HIS ALBUM BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING AMAZING! i love pretty much everything. i could do without "i did it for you" (not because i dislike it, it just isn't doing anything for me), but otherwise? LOVE. early favorites are "life on the moon", "mr. sensitive", "bar-ba-sol" which continues to make my clothes fall off, and "permanent" which breaks my fucking heart. OH! and there's a hidden track at the end of "a daily anthem" which is AWESOME AS FUCK, make sure you leave it on. it's like 12 mins in.


    [ETA] here's a rip of the hidden track, because i can't stop listening to it right now: david cook // kiss on the neck alsdkifdkjfh
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    i'm sitting at the orlando airport on a layover and my entire flist is doing the "top 10 all-time albums" writer's block thing, so i figured i'd take a stab at it, too.

    in no particular order, other than as they occur to me:

    01. counting crows, august and everything after. 15 years later, it still blows me away.

    02 and 03. pearl jam's ten and nirvana's unplugged in new york. listed together because i bought them at the same time, because i was in middle school and my crush loved pearl jam and nirvana. those albums changed my life.

    04. violent femmes, violent femmes. love. just love.

    05. david cook, analog heart. me, biased? idc, i love him and i love this album.

    06. fall out boy, infinity on high. this album was the first FOB album i bought. another one that changed my life.

    07. panic at the disco, a fever you can't sweat out. i adore pretty. odd. as well, but this album surprises me every time. they were BABIES you guys!

    08. jack's mannequin, everything in transit. nothing makes me feel as alive as this album.

    09. rent original broadway cast recording. measure your life in love.

    10. butch walker, letters. i like everything he's done, but this album is my favorite. <3

    a handful of honorable mentions for ludo's self-titled album, MCR's the black parade, FOB's from under the cork tree (which i probably love more than IOH, but it doesn't have the same meaning to me) and MWK's luna despierta EP.

    i feel like i forgot a lot. :/

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