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so dfc's stepsister has a twitter. and i'm a creeper, so i followed her. which, whatever, she has other fans following her, so i didn't think anything of it.

HOWEVER. apparently if you follow her, she follows you back. D: so, now she's going to see me talking all the time about how i want to bone her brother! D: D: D: AWKWARD. and idk what to do. i mean, sure, i could kick her off and block her, but...i can't do that to dfc's (step)sister! whatever. she's totally going to end up unfollowing me once she discovers how annoying/spammy/inappropriate i am. :/

went and spent a couple of days with [ profile] themightybee this weekend! she is awesome, as usual, and on saturday we went to an inside the actors' studio sort of shindig with the lovely angela kinsey. she is funny and adorable and charming and it was exciting. she ships dwangela pretty hard. hee. we also (that'd be sarah and i, not angela and i) ate at the melting pot (YUM) and lounged about and watched some freaks & geeks. good times. (we also were together when we learned about bea arthur's death. so fucking sad. she was a hell of a lady. ♥ RIP *clings to betty white forfuckingever*)

then tonight i saw believers never die 2! it was SO hot and humid in the venue, ugh. but cobras were fucking amazing, as usual, and then metro station was too embarrassing to be real (mostly trace, omg D:, he must be stopped, you guys) and then FALL OUT BOY HAPPENED TO MY FACE. i love them, band of my heart, favorite band ever, etc etc. and they fucking played "hum hallelujah"!!! i was just thinking today on my drive back from rhode island that i was sad that "hum hallelujah" hadn't made the setlist, because it's my favorite fall out boy song. and then tonight pete's all "we haven't played this on this tour, but we want to tonight, it means a lot to us [blah blah whatever]" and the first chords sounded and i lost my shit. <33333 sadly, tho, we didn't get "chicago is so two years ago." :( i would've taken that over "tiffany blews" tbh.

oh god, and "what a catch," askldfjlf;lsdkfj. predictably, i cried. <33333


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the casting for jovi & my epic bandom buffy & angel AU that neither of us has any intention of writing.

i might have forgotten some or messed some up, but i think this is where we left off.

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apparently last night was all about me/guitarists. :P

*way too excited*
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interview meme thing! i was interviewed by [ profile] courts. ♥ i'm supposed to offer to interview people who comment on this post, but i'm flaky and i won't end up doing it so i'm not offering. :P

1. If you could only listen to one band/artist for the rest of your life who would you choose?
my instinctive response is to say fall out boy. and it's really hard to NOT say fall out boy, but i couldn't live without 'konstantine' by something corporate. so i'll say andrew mcmahon, gives me something corporate AND jack's mannequin. which is kind of cheating, but OH WELL. XD nah, fuck it. i can't do it. FALL OUT BOY, FINAL ANSWER.

2. What is your ultimate vacation destination?
i've actually been lucky enough to actually visit most of the places i've wanted to see. of places i haven't been yet, for some reason i'm dying to go to tokyo. the place i most want to go back to is paris. i fucking LOVED paris. it was so gorgeous and i just felt very comfortable there immediately. and ironically, as much as you hear about the french not liking americans or maybe not being that friendly, people were so nice to me in paris. nicer than in italy, even. or london. if it wouldn't break my mother's heart (uh, and if i spoke french), i would go live in paris in a heartbeat.

3. You just won the lottery. What's the VERY FIRST thing you are going to buy?
mmmm, materialism. i would like to say the VERY FIRST thing would be tickets to some david fucking cook concerts, but since tour dates still haven't been announced, i'd have to buy something else first. i suspect i would go to nordstrom or macy's and do some major damage in the shoe department, lol.

4. If David Cook could only be slashed with ONE person, who would you choose and why?

i'm sure this surprises exactly no one. as for the why...idk. because they're my favorites and i find the dynamic fascinating, because while david is the frontman and the ~celebrity, neal is clearly the alpha. also, they're rather attractive.

5. What is the best fanfic you have ever read in any fandom and what makes it your favorite?
i'm gonna go with but not the song by [ profile] ignipes & [ profile] emilyray, posted in [ profile] shacklesnchains. it is epic, epic panic at the disco-centric (but including pretty much all of bandom ever) hurt/comfort slave au. sex slaves and boys in cages and angst and intrigue and, like, the cab. it's a ridiculous concept, perfectly executed, well-plotted, and just so good it hurts.


also, unrelated, but what the fuck, the hold steady is everything i never knew i desperately wanted. why didn't anyone tell me?!?!
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two excellent covers - one by request and one because it's making me cry. i assume you can figure out which is which.

midtown // your love [the outfield]
the sundays // wild horses [rolling stones]

ps: dear blender magazine, plz suck my non-existent cock. kthx, tracy.
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i'm in a hotel room in manhattan, because i just couldn't deal with leaving the city for albany at, like, 11:30. unfortunately, since i didn't intend to stay overnight, i have to wear my gross sweaty clothes home tomorrow. i have them hanging up, so hopefully they'll be less icky by morning. :/ this also means that i have no pajamas. /o\ *cranks up heat*

i am way too beat to do an actual review (also i haven't eaten in about 24 hours, ugh) so here are some pluses and a few minuses.

+fall out boy, like, EXISTS omfg


-tyga (sorry, kiddo, but i can't bring myself to care)

+i got to meet [ profile] anglichanka and my new friend [ profile] danacias, and hang out with [ profile] clippedwings, who actually changed her name today but i can't remember it right how, sorry bb. in any event, they are all lovely and chrissy got to witness my creation of a new *thing* - should i lay it on you guys? of course i will. "twits or it didn't happen!" (because pix are so 2008 - it's twitter in 09 for srs..) let's make this a ~thing, k bbs?

+they played "honey is for bees" omg. <3

+pete had his crazy-ass makeup with a "B" on his right cheek and an "X" on his left. daddy!pete makes me happy.

+joe's hairrrrr!

+patrick told a cute story about his first time alone in NYC, during which he saw a building on fire, russell crowe pointing at the building on fire, and the dude with glasses from queer eye and the oldest brother from the brady bunch bicycling in opposite directions and passing each other. "amazing," he said. PATRICK PLEASE BE MINE! LET ME HOLD YOU!

-i walked right fucking past alex suarez. /o\

+the second time i almost walked right fucking past him, chrissy poked me in time for me to look up and smile geekily charmingly at him. i wish i would've told him to send gabe our love. (&GABE; btw) but i'm not that smooth.

+on that topic: pete telling silly stories about gabe and then getting sweetly serious about his surgery tomorrow. (pls keep gabe in your thoughts, guys. *holds him*)

-the crowd was rough. i actually peaced out to the back for the last five songs or so, which is really unlike me, but i was so hot and squashed and getting shoved around that it was taking away from my enjoyment of the show.

+"yule shoot your eye out" with the boys throwing mad candy canes into the crowd.

+pete getting emotional when he was thanking us. <3

+the way "saturday" always, always makes my heart explode.

i love this band.

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everything is in order and i will see fall out boy tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

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ahahaha omg neal. <3

also, in case anyone is keeping track: TEAM HURLEY. <3
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so i'm visiting [ profile] themightybee and she's working and i'm bored. therefore, some incredibly pointless eljaying.

01. folie á deux continues to please me tremendously. no spoilers (altho i will forever maintain that music spoilers are not a real thing, sorry bbs), but just, LOVE. especially "the (shipped) gold standard" and "(coffee is for closers)". and "20 dollar nose bleed." and "west coast smoker." and "what a catch," still. and, y'know, all of it. &FOB;

b) speaking of those dudes, a ticket for the show in the city next week has been procured, because people are fucking awesome and kind. ♥ i'm still not 100% positive that i'm going because it's a pain in the ass to get down there and back, but, i mean, FALL OUT BOY. no matter how unrelentingly i fangirl david cook, musically speaking, FOB is my fucking favorite thing ever. so. i'm pretty sure i'm going.

third: allegedly there is going to be an 80s cover band playing here in a minute. i'm not sad about this. the keyboard player looks vaguely like ryland. sweet. EDIT: ahahaha omg they are hilariously awkward. two singers - she has pink dreads and dances like carlton banks; he has crazy new wave/emo skunk hair and total michael johns drama hands. and one fingerless glove. and a tambourine. epic. lolololol.

IV - there was a segment about the puppy cam on the news earlier; apparently it's the most streamed thingie in the history of the internets. puppies ftw!

cinco~ occ!

lawlz. oh, dfc, never change. did you guys hear that he said something this morning about going to a titty bar (my words) the other night and that a bunch of fangirls on message boards were quite aghast? puritans for cook! \o/ O.o

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confession: i am still, three weeks later, wearing my wristband from david cook's album release party. i'm going to wear until it falls off or the album hits platinum. ♥

plan: i am very, very behind on all of my tv. today i am going to catch up on gossip girl. :)

question: if i say or type "stbym" do you know what that means?

thought: folie a deux makes my lfe. i want to go see them in the city next week so badly i could cry.

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i wanna scream 'i love you' from the top of my lungs
but i'm afraid that someone else will hear me

fall out boyyyyyy you are my favorites.

folie à deux. <3
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he needs to just live his entire life on best week ever.

also FOLIE A DEUX!!! about to listen. \o/

eta: omg, "the (shipped) gold standard" = ♥
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omg, ok, so i was coming to post this live butch walker album that i promised poor [ profile] wearemany, like, two weeks ago, so let's do that.

butch walker // leavin' the game on luckie street

tracklist. )

anyway, that is why i came on lj before i went to bed, because i was determined to post it before i forget again.

but then pete had to go and post this in a blog, and just. omg! december 16, please happen now.

ps: this picture makes me hot.

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*sits on hands*
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they say the captain goes down with the ship
so when the world ends, will god go down with it?

fall out boy; "what a catch, donnie"
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fall out boy // what a catch, donnie [please buy it]
Then there's a song that, again, tentatively titled "What a Catch," and that's probably one of the most effective songs to me; it's a really interesting thing where Pete was kind of writing in a character, and the weird thing is that it's like me, it's as if I wrote the lyrics, but I didn't. And I'm not being narcissistic, it's really cool, like it's impressive to me how well he has me figured out, so it just made me respect him that much more as a writer. It's weird, it felt like I sat down and wrote a confessional song, but I didn't. It feels like that to me, but I didn't. I was writing off of Pete's lyrics, but it's as if I was confessing through them. That's probably my favorite song, but again, I don't know what the name is yet.

patrick stump's AP interview

my heart, you guys. i'm crying like a little girl. oh my GOD. i literally cannot even.


they will always always always be my favorite.

basically this entire entry (minus the weepy flail) was stolen from [ profile] offtheceiling, thx bb!
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i finally got to watch sunday's episode of true blood, about which i have two comments, neither of which are spoilery, so no cut.

01. BIIIIIIIILL. i always liked him well enough, but tonight i fell in love.

also, new fall out boy on itunes, omg yay! go buy it! the album art alone is worth the 99 cents. and the song is, unsurprisingly, fucking rad. FALL OUT BOYYYYYY. ♥

fall out boy - headfirst slide into cooperstown on a bad bet

(that's an itunes link. i'm not uploading it because i refuse to in any way discourage people from giving pete wentz their money. everyone should just give pete wentz ALL of their money. that is the answer to world peace and things.)

omg, my layout is so cute right now.

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fall out boy will always be my favorites. ♥_♥

Fall Out Boy mans up with $50k for No on 8

(if you don't know - proposition 8 would take away the right of gay couples to marry in california.)
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seriously, dirty sexy money is SO GOOD! \o/ i am constantly on the edge of my seat during that show, you guys, idek.

dirty sexy money 2.01 - the birthday present. )

watched the second episode of true blood and yep, loved it. i need icons. and i am torn on bill versus sam. idk. sam is cuter, but i am almost always team vampire. because...vampires! also, major girlcrush on anna paquin, for the record.

ok, off to watch the next two eps! \o/

oh, also, 'folie a deux' tracklisting of weirdness! )


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