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oh my god, this just made me laugh SO MUCH.
The "Idol" judge isn't the only one getting some face time with Cobra. Last season's diminutive finalist David Archuleta stopped by backstage at a recent show, though at least one bandmember had no clue who he was. "[Guitarist] Ryland [Blackinton] met David Archuleta at our show three weeks ago," Saporta said. "[He] had no idea who he was. He's like, 'Hey there, little guy. How are ya?' "

"He looked like a little short-scale Fred Savage," Blackinton confessed. "He looked like a little man."

Blackinton quickly backtracked off that touchy statement about the 18-year-old. "I heard his fan club, the Arch Angels, are a pretty gnarly pack of middle-age women," Blackinton said with a smile. "So, listen: I didn't mean anything bad by calling him a little guy. It's just you can't tell because I'm sitting down — and they make me sit down for all the videos — I'm 7-3. So when I saw him, I didn't even know. I was like, 'Hey, stand up and meet me when you have a minute.' "

After Archuleta took off from the show, Blackinton said he sent a nervous text to Saporta: "Is that somebody important? Did I just mess up?"

The only one to cop to some "American Idol" love was bassist Alex Suarez. "I didn't get to meet [Archuleta]," he said. "I was really bummed out when I found out he was at our show and nobody hit me up on Twitter."

*gigglefits* ilu cobrassss. <3

also, GO BUY 'GOOD GIRLS GO BAD'! cobra starship + leighton meester = EPIC WIN. <333333
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hey, go follow this twitter if you're not, please. i've been watching this like a dorky little hawk for two days now and i want him to win. XD
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the casting for jovi & my epic bandom buffy & angel AU that neither of us has any intention of writing.

i might have forgotten some or messed some up, but i think this is where we left off.

chosen. )
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look what arrived!


ETA: OH ALSO! [ profile] aloverestrained and i have been having MUCH FUN casting an epic buffy/angel bandom AU that will never be written. IT PWNS. i think my favorite casting is ryan ross as cordy. XD
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i just bought this shirt.



also donate, if you can [this will be a recurring theme for a while, sorry]
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looking at peoples' twitters from the concert tonight (last night) and this made me lol.
A little dude with a badge and a Neapolitan complex tried to make me sit down.

*giggle* i do not think that means what you think it means.
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hee! the chick who made that radtastic compilation vid of dfc's first week of tour posted another video with various clips of him talking and joking around on stage and i just giggled through the whole thing.

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this is not the best picture ever taken, i'm sure. however, it's gotta be top 5, easy.

skibby of my heart! <3

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so [ profile] affectingly wins tonight! she put me on the phone with NEAL FUCKING TIEMANN! i of course fell to pieces and talked a mile a minute and was an absolute geek, lololololol. i wasn't prepared for that! i asked him if it was cold there, for christ's sake. and he said it wasn't really and they'd just been talking about it, so i was like "well, it's cold in new york, i'm warning you" and he said he wished he was in new york and i had to tell him i live upstate so it's not that exciting.

so then he's like "oh, andy has family in upstate new york!" so i told him how i met andy's uncle dan in tulsa, and he told me i was too awesome to be a democrat and he kissed me (little-known fact, i have kissed a relative of andy skib), and how i was vaguely offended by the not being a democrat thing but i got over it? oh god, i am such a geek. /o\ and then neal said something about uncle dan liking the ladies or something, i think. so then i was trying to think of something to say, or some way to smoothly end the conversation before i got even more ridiculous, and then we talked over each other for a second and i said i'd better let him get back to his public, lol. incidentally, i had JUST walked outside when this happened and i was freezing my ass off and shivering so i was having to focus about half of my brain on not letting my teeth chatter while i was speaking. /o\

so we got off the phone and he told amber he thought i was excited, lolololol. and she was like "duh, you're her favorite!" and he was pleased. :P

so yeah. it was both mortifying and amazinggggg! \o/ and /o\ and some more \o/!

oh oh oh and amber actually called me and i missed it, so neal was in the process of leaving me a voicemail when i called back, so i ALSO have voicemail from neal on my phone and he says my naaaaaame.

*collapses in girly little puddle*

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ahahahaha. i can't believe that i'm going to watch this like 500x.
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SEASON FIVE OF ANGEL IS SO GOOD YOU GUYSSSSSS. i'm about halfway through (i just watched "damage") and omg looooove. ♥_♥ however, WHY can i not find an icon of spike & angel that isn't hideous? all i can find are ugly manips. and i'm scared to dig around too much and spoil myself, so i decided i'd just make one myself, and photoshop just randomly died on me for the first time ever. as i told lara, it's clearly too much vampire soul for one icon. O.o

also, this picture amuses me:

i mean, not that i blame her, but hee! also he looks like he's about to die, lol. here's the full photo: idol class photo!
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my friend just texted me this and i am lolling.
some girl in the front row had a shirt on that said THE Mrs Cook so he said i'll be spurning the advances of the young lady who said the night before she was the Mrs David Cook, so someone yells out I'll marry you any day of the week, he goes 'well you're all gonna have to fight Neal, he's kinda into me'

hee! BOYS. ♥

also, i have been ogling tour pictures like a motherfucker; there will be picspam later, oh yes. XD

ETA: aha, video of that text story! it's right at the beginning. i wish you could see neal!
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dfc webisodes begin! \o/ \o/ \o/

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i usually don't care about cat macros but this made me giggle.

spot the dfc: this one's 100% impossible to miss
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oh god, pardon my late-night spamming, but surprise!acoustic!dfc + drunkass!21stbirthday!kyle = amazingness.

2:20ish makes me giggle SO MUCH.
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"...and the only person that i can even stand to be around is a neutered vampire who cheats at kitten poker!"

omg, dying of lolz. this is the most hilarious episode EVER, wtf.
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so remember how the other day i was all "does this iphone app seem dirty to anyone else?" and you guys were like "um, yes"?


so like, you turn it on and there's sort of a button on the screen with a gently fluttering feather, which, okay. so i touched the button and then THIS HAPPENED.



eta: in motion! :O hee.
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i just played a 140-point opening move in lexulous (fake facebook scrabble)!!! \o/

unless you're [ profile] livehead16 you should be excited for me!!


eta: and hilariously, the word was "cheating" but i wasn't! >_>


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