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oh my god, this just made me laugh SO MUCH.
The "Idol" judge isn't the only one getting some face time with Cobra. Last season's diminutive finalist David Archuleta stopped by backstage at a recent show, though at least one bandmember had no clue who he was. "[Guitarist] Ryland [Blackinton] met David Archuleta at our show three weeks ago," Saporta said. "[He] had no idea who he was. He's like, 'Hey there, little guy. How are ya?' "

"He looked like a little short-scale Fred Savage," Blackinton confessed. "He looked like a little man."

Blackinton quickly backtracked off that touchy statement about the 18-year-old. "I heard his fan club, the Arch Angels, are a pretty gnarly pack of middle-age women," Blackinton said with a smile. "So, listen: I didn't mean anything bad by calling him a little guy. It's just you can't tell because I'm sitting down — and they make me sit down for all the videos — I'm 7-3. So when I saw him, I didn't even know. I was like, 'Hey, stand up and meet me when you have a minute.' "

After Archuleta took off from the show, Blackinton said he sent a nervous text to Saporta: "Is that somebody important? Did I just mess up?"

The only one to cop to some "American Idol" love was bassist Alex Suarez. "I didn't get to meet [Archuleta]," he said. "I was really bummed out when I found out he was at our show and nobody hit me up on Twitter."

*gigglefits* ilu cobrassss. <3

also, GO BUY 'GOOD GIRLS GO BAD'! cobra starship + leighton meester = EPIC WIN. <333333
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golden globe noms about which i am happy:
-heath ledger in TDK
-james franco in pineapple express(!)
-mad men and jon hamm
-the office and steve carell
-30 rock and tina & alec
-ugly betty and america ferrara
-true blood(!!!) and anna paquin
-neil patrick harris in himym

omissions about which i am not happy:
-anyone else from the office
-donald sutherland for dirty sexy money
-even tho i know it wouldn't ever happen because it's gossip girl, my bb leighton meester because she rules

speaking of gossip girl, i'd gotten WAY behind and i finally got caught up last night. chuck and blair just kill me all over. leighton gets prettier by the day. jenny is an idiot. lily's secret was about as surprising as clay aiken being gay (props to clay for his cute bf, btw). cyrus is total love. and when did i start loving nate so much?!?

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gossip girl 2.08 - pret-a-poor-j )

heroes 3.07 - eris quod sum )

i have an icky feeling, like something's wrong, and i don't know why. i hope i'm just crazy.
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gossip girl 2.06 - new haven can wait. )

ok, heroes now...and i am kind of tempted to just finish watching true blood instead, idk. *soldiers on*

heroes 3.05 - angels and monsters. )

ok, off to download himym and chuck while watching true blood. \o/ OH TV.


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i don't think it's possible for this girl to do anything to which my reaction is anything other than "!!!!" and "♥_♥" and such. this is so fucking awesome, omg.

leighton meester - bette davis eyes

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god, you guys, i really fucking love gossip girl. dan and serena are still boring, but they were cute tonight at least. nate's storyline is actually sort of entertaining, even if i can't see how the choice he made is preferable to the alternative (i don't feel like cutting this, clearly). and blair and chuck, both together and individually, continue to win at everything ever. ♥_♥

i am also, i'm pretty sure, the only person who does not care about rufus humphrey, like, at all.

and next week looks a;kldfj;ldfja;lk-tastic.

eta: future spoilers (rufus-related, lol) in the comments.


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