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just some icons i've made over the past week or two.

12 david cook
11 ryan star

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29 icons. david, neal, andy, joey and a random guest appearance by ryan. no kyle, sorry - completely unintentional on my part. just a random assortment of icons i've made over the past few months and never posted. pics stolen wildly from everyone ever. definitely [ profile] bobsessive, some from [ profile] ninasfeet and probably some from [ profile] dizzysyd, idk. sorry if i ganked your shit. XD


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ALSO: please please please, if you can, consider donating to race for hope. just follow that link and then click "make a gift" below the thermometer. every little bit helps, you guys. thank you to those who've already donated. ♥

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iconsssss. 900 of neal, idk. some dfcook, some dfcook/neal, some dfcook/natasha bedingfield, some mr. sixx, some santa!andrew. also, i just switched from psp to photoshop so i'm still feeling my way around. they look kind of nice to me but i apologize if they are actually awful; if so, feel free to ignore this post. XD

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i'm not sure what really happened here. i set out to make an icon from one specific photo, which didn't work (five dudes in a picture who are not totally squashed together? not icon-friendly), so i was like "oh, i may as well icon these other pics instead" and then i thought "well, there's no sense is just posting, like, four icons, and there aren't really any icons of some of these dudes yet, so."

one andy skib & neal tiemann.
one david cook & andy skib.
one david cook, kyle peek, & joey clement.
seven neal tiemann.
six joey clement.
five kyle peek.
two mr. sixx. (neal's dog, stfu, idc.)
one andy skib.

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7 david cook.
8 neal tiemann (songwriter/rager/hotass/guitarist for dcook).

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1-4: random david cook that i made and never posted.
5-14: david cook lyrics/single pimpage.
15-30: the art of luke chueh.

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comments & credit are lovely. :)
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i wanted some tour icons and i wasn't seeing many around, so i decided to go ahead and make some myself. (of course, while i was making these, several people posted -- you guessed it -- tour icons! *facepalm*)

photos used are primarily by [ profile] renaberena, [ profile] livehead16, [ profile] thebeckert and this flickr. also a couple of randoms that i found while perusing the intarwebz, so if you see something of yours and would like credit, poke me.

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blah blah icons whatever. :P i was dicking around with some different textures and stuff which is always kind of hit or miss for me, so sorry if they suck! :D

16 david cook
2 david cook & michael johns
1 david cook & jason castro
1 david, jason & michael, oh my!

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comment & credit or the terrorists win.

oh also, i swear i had nothing to do with this, but there's a new david/michael comm if you're so inclined: [ profile] the_flyboys

also #2, there are some really nice AI icons here.
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23 dcook icons. :)

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in less bitchy news, i made some david cook icons. :)

10 + 1 text.

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i made some AI icons because, uh. idk, i was bored and i could and it's better than doing anything actually productive? they're all really simple; i made the bases and then realized i had no interesting ideas of what to do with them. XD

jason castro, colton berry, david cook and danny noriega.

17 in total. )
comments & credit are for winners. :)
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i'm about to go to bed (i spent like 36 hours in transit, more or less, so even tho i'm still on french polynesia time which makes it, sort of, still 2007 for me, i'm SO TIRED omg), but if anyone wants to point me in the direction of some good ugly betty icons (preferably not super-spoilery ones - i've seen all of S1 but none of S2), that'd be rad! ♥
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if you, like me, think enchanted is just the BEST MOVIE EVARRRR (well, or if you just love it a lot) - [ profile] dollsinameadow has posted some gorgeous icons here and especially here.
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i made some more AI icons, because i believe in devoting myself fully to my interests. or something.

11 blake lewis/chris richardson, 6 blake, 9 blake/ryan seacrest. :D well, a bunch of those are variations, but whatever.

MORE HERE @ [ profile] lickablepixels.

and don't forget the AMERICAN IDOL FRIENDING MEME!
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21 blake lewis (american idol). well, 9 + variations, and 3 blake-related text.

this way to the icons.
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icons of blake lewis from american idol.

more here @ [ profile] lickablepixels.
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i made, like, a million o.c. icons (ryan, taylor, townwood). they're pretty simple -- i was just playing around with cropping and coloring.

MORE HERE @ [ profile] lickablepixels


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