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new true blood trailerrrr. \o/

*waits for june*
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guysssss, i want it to be june so badly.


blair is excited, too.
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omg, my computer just refused to connect to the internet for, like...well, it probably wasn't actually that long, but it felt really long. (twss!) D:


things that make my life:

bigger? (twss.) )

things that ruin my life: the tags on the pictures, ugh. :(

thing that makes my life again:
my aunt's all, "So, you like David Cook?" and the woman's all, "Oh yeah! I went to high school with him and then later one of my sorority sister kind of dated him for a little bit." "Oh really!" "Yeah, I've seen him with his old band a couple of times and once with the other. He's really talented, and a nice guy. Also, really good in bed, apparently."

ahahaha. unsurprising, but awesome.

other things that are awesome: twittering MCR boys, starbucks peppermint white mochas, the true blood season finale, all of you. ♥
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re the ending of true blood: OMG WTF OH NOES. /o\

that's all i can muster right now.
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01. still neck-deep in dcook's album and never wanting to get out. majorly obsessed with the hidden track (i uploaded it at the end of my wright gala recap post if you're interested; i'd link but i can't from my iphone; also, does anyone else feel like it could totally be about kim or am i just projecting?) and "mr. sensitive." and "bar-ba-sol" still, as kelly would say, has my eggs screaming "daddy!" i think i'm going to post a track-by-track review later. be excited!

02. going down to the city tomorrow evening so i can wait outside virgin and my sick ass can catch pneumonia to get a wristband for dcook's show at the hard rock on tuesday night. squee!

03. go check out my last entry (again with the not being able to link, sorry) and give me a topic to talk about! there are still some letters left.

04. i forgot to watch SNL last night, but i saw the kissing family sketch on my flist earlier and just lol.

05. true blood tonight!! \o/

06. haven't really talked about it, but have definitely been fangirling/fascinated with rahm emanuel for a couple of weeks now and i'm pleased to see that several on my flist are right there with me. that dude is a BAMF and i barely believe he's real.

07. on a related note, i downloaded the first few eps of the west wing 'cause the real-life parallels made me curious and i'd never seen the show. i watched the pilot and i liked it (also the beginning of 1.02), but didn't LOVE it like i did studio 60. i assume it gets better? also, is it me or is mandy incredibly irritating?

08. next on my agenda is a chicken pizziola sub from subway! mmmmmmm.

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so, scott had to take his car to the shop this morning, which means that i had to follow him there and take him to work, which means i've been up for over an hour already. faillll. *yawns*

anyway, so like. ok. a certain segment of david cook fans have this thing going where they keep making up dorky embarrassing names for fans of all the members of his band? the most recent (and most mortifying) of which is for fans of his drummer, kyle peek. and it is peek-a-boos. i know, right? ugh. and they keep numbered lists, so that someone can declare that they are peek-a-boo #7 or whatthefuckever. i know it's all well-intentioned, but it makes me cringe and facepalm like whoa. i do not support this movement.

HOWEVER. from what i can tell, there is currently no horrible name for fans of the extremely cute bassist, joey clement. probably because nobody could think of anything lame enough to suffice.

so, it's now my goal to make "joe mamas" happen. who's with me? :D

UNRELATED: true blood was all sorts of awesome last night. i jumped, like, three feet at the end. this show just keeps getting better.

true blood 1.08 - the fourth man in the fire. )

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if you're not watching true blood (which, wtf, you should be), you should at least watch this video and experience the glory of lafayette, who is both super shiny gay and also pretty much the biggest badass in bon temps. hot stuff bbs! this is NSFW, language-wise.
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ugh, i'm spammy tonight, sorry.


true blood 1.06 - cold ground. )
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i finally got to watch sunday's episode of true blood, about which i have two comments, neither of which are spoilery, so no cut.

01. BIIIIIIIILL. i always liked him well enough, but tonight i fell in love.

also, new fall out boy on itunes, omg yay! go buy it! the album art alone is worth the 99 cents. and the song is, unsurprisingly, fucking rad. FALL OUT BOYYYYYY. ♥

fall out boy - headfirst slide into cooperstown on a bad bet

(that's an itunes link. i'm not uploading it because i refuse to in any way discourage people from giving pete wentz their money. everyone should just give pete wentz ALL of their money. that is the answer to world peace and things.)

omg, my layout is so cute right now.

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true blood is awesome! i FINALLY just got to watch episode four; the ending had me going WTF and i loved it! \o/

you guys should watch it, if you aren't already.

that is all!

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01. if sarah palin winked one more fucking time i was going to reach through the television and punch her in the throat.

02. i have one more episode of true blood to watch and i will be caught up! i seriously need icons but i'm afraid if i poke around in [ profile] truebloodicons i'll get spoiled, so once i've finished episode 4, i'll be on a ~mission.

03. i have obtained episode 3.01 of friday night lights! that's next on the agenda after true blood.

04. ugh, i love this song. ♥_♥ here, have it: concrete blonde - everybody knows

05. OCC!

so fly.

speaking of mr. cook, if you are interested in discussing/reading fic involving various people in his circle from his pre-AI life and such (old bandmates, etc), may i suggest [ profile] tulsa_gangstas?

ALSO HEY BUY HIS SINGLE. XD (yeah, that's going to be happening for a while.)
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seriously, dirty sexy money is SO GOOD! \o/ i am constantly on the edge of my seat during that show, you guys, idek.

dirty sexy money 2.01 - the birthday present. )

watched the second episode of true blood and yep, loved it. i need icons. and i am torn on bill versus sam. idk. sam is cuter, but i am almost always team vampire. because...vampires! also, major girlcrush on anna paquin, for the record.

ok, off to watch the next two eps! \o/

oh, also, 'folie a deux' tracklisting of weirdness! )
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so, i wanted to quickly talk about the tv i watched recently and haven't posted about! and...i was going to use cuts, but really nothing i want to say is spoilery, so.

how i met your mother was cute but felt like filler. although NPH should get to sing something in every episode. how is he so awesome, you guys?

chuck continues to be made of love and adorableness and lolz and everything good in the world, and zach levi, christ, you are cute. if you aren't watching this show, you really should be even though it's on at the same time as everything else ever.

annnnnnnnd i watched the pilot of true blood last night *waves to [ profile] slodwick* and i loved it! i've seen a lot of people on my flist who were lukewarm or just plain didn't like it, but i was definitely into it and promptly acquired the next three eps, which i'm about to start watching. :D

ALSO, DIRTY SEXY MONEY TONIGHT!!!!! out of all the returning shows, this is the one i'm actually most excited about. this show totally does NOT get the love it deserves, which makes me really sad, because it's soapy and sexy and scandalous, but also funny and touching and smart. there's intrigue, you guys, so much of it. and pretty people and decadence and omg, so good. ♥_♥

here, click this and watch the "starter kit." it's like three and a half minutes, and it'll get you caught up so you can watch tonight at 10pm on ABC. :D :D :D i believe the season one eps are available to stream on as well. season one was only, like, 10 eps due to the writers' strike, so now's the time to catch up! \o/



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