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i am entirely too retarded to use idvd/imovie/anything good for dvd-burning, from what i can tell.

so, i have a question: can i just burn .avi files to dvd as data? and then just open up the files from the dvd individually in VLC or whatever, without having fancy menus and things? that way i can skip idvd entirely. plus it seems like i can fit a lot more on a dvd that way - with idvd it wouldn't let me add more than 4 350MB files to a disc, which seems ridic since the discs hold over 4 gigs.

it seems like a reasonable assumption but i'm not positive and i don't want to waste my time here. i keep googling to try and figure this out for myself, but i'm failing wildly.

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so i discovered that, oddly enough, photobooth does the best job of properly picking up my new hair color (thx for the compliments, bbs! ilu!). so i of course decided i needed to take a new myspace/facebook photo, but idk which one to use. help?

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damn, brendon urie, why so hot, darling?

and why was i not theeeeeere to witness it?!?!?! my life, so hard.

also, weirdly, ryan ross is maybe my least favorite member of the disco (sorry bb, i still love you very much and all, especially when you blog) yet i have more icons of him than any of the others. mysterious.

UNRELATED: at the end of buffy 6.09 (smashed), with the sex and the building falling apart and all that (which, wow, hot.)? the music - is that, like, a song, or is it just score? does anyone have it? usually i don't bother people for things i can find myself, but i did some googling and have thus far been unsuccessful, and it was so pretty. *wants*

also, per my entry yesterday about the socks/uggs puzzlement, i went to the ugg website and this is what it says:
UGG® footwear is designed to be worn barefoot to maximize the cushioning and warmth of sheepskin.

Our fleece footbed will mold to the natural contours of your foot, creating a personalized arch support.

The natural properties of wool will wick moisture away to ensure dry and cozy feet. Wool fleece helps maintain body temperature, making UGG® Australia footwear appropriate for all climates. In fact, the wool will keep your feet warm down to -30°F and cool up to 80°F.

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ok, so i bought a pair of uggs today, and the girl at the store told me you're not supposed to wear socks with them. i am dubious about this.

uh. thoughts?

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ok, so at the end of buffy 6.04 (flooded), she gets a call from angel and goes off to see him. and at the end of angel 3.04 (carpe noctem) he gets a call from willow telling him about buffy, right? so i've been alternating, and now on buffy 6.05 she's already gone to see him (which i realize obviously did not occur on HER show). did i fuck up and should i be ahead one ep on angel, or does this visit just never get shown?

if you can make it through that convoluted mess, you are pretty special.
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hey dfc peeps, can someone give me "kiss on the neck"? i had it and now i can't find it, and i don't feel like ripping and editing it myself. :/

got it! ♥
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so i'm finally watching the season premiere of FNL, and i'm only like 10 minutes in, maybe, but is there going to be some kind of explanation for what the hell's going on? like for example what a certain dude is doing in a certain young lady's bedroom? because unless i blacked out and missed some extra eps at the end of S2 (or else forgot a lot of things that happened? i guess it WAS a long time ago), i am confused.

however, despite my epic confusion, ugh, i love this show sfm. if i could recommend one show to people, it'd be friday night lights. HEARTS in my EYES, you guys.

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omg, wait, where's, like...where's my word? or...whatever the apple equivalent is?


oh wait, here's TextEdit. is this my only option? it looks kind of like notepad.

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um, ok, so how the hell do i cut and paste on this thing? i'm transferring stuff via flash drive and it'd make my life easier if i could cut and paste rather than copying everything onto the macbook and then having to clear the flash drive. and i'm sure it's very simple, but idk what i'm doingggg. help me, pls? :D :D :D

LOL! *is silly* brooke has saved me. <3

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sorry i'm so spammy today, kids, but does anyone have a link to those rally photos of obama and joey in the rain? or at least know where that was? i want to redo my layout and i'm having a bitch of a time finding those photos.

thx bbs! <3
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ok. baseball fans (and more specifically, mets fans), i have a couple of weird questions for you. (don't ask. although you can probably figure it out if you've been paying attention.)

01. do you have any idea where david wright lives? just...neighborhood-wise? i found an article that said he lived on the lower east side, but it was from 2005 so idk if that's still accurate. (no, i don't plan on stalking him or ever going there.)

02. if he were hanging out with an avid baseball fan, is there some kind of sports memorabilia he might have in his apartment that said baseball fan would be interested in seeing? like..idk, something like a super bowl ring (yes, i know that's football) or a trophy or some other item of interest?

thank you!



*smooshes him*
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will someone, anyone, pretty pretty please take pity on me and give me individual links to the FOB songs in the mixtape? i can barely get online and it's basically dial-up speed, and there's no way i can download the whole thing, and i want the FOB stuff so bad that my soul is weeping.

*puppy dog face like whoa*

thanks in advance bbs! i will owe you one like burning.

[also omg, folie a deux, get in my life!]

i didn't get to do my zipline thing because the weather was not conducive, sigh. i did, however, get a new hat.

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hey, so you know how if you move a music file, a little exclamation point icon appears next to that song in intunes?

is there a way to select ALL the exclamation-pointed songs, rather than clicking them individually? i'm having some difficulties here. i have a slew of songs that i need to clear out of my itunes (i'm talking hundreds, maybe a thousand) and they're all scattered and i have been clicking and deleting FOREVER and omgitsucks. :(
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item 1 is because it's an issue that comes up in my life every now and again, and while i have a definite answer that seems obvious to me, i've noticed that not everyone agrees. item 2 is because over my past couple of years on twop, between blake and carly and now david, i've seen what seems like a disproportionate number of people who are somewhat vehemently anti-tattoo. item 3 is the same general concept. i'm just curious, because i always find myself going "holy fuck, is everyone on this board, like, 60 years old?" and then i wonder if i'm just the weird one.

also, for question 1, since i phrased it stupidly - would you choose to wait outside somewhere where you have a pretty okay chance of meeting them OR would you choose to go see them perform in a place/situation where you are highly unlikely to meet them?

[Poll #1237963]
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guys, someone take pity on me and tell me how i would take a two-page PDF file and split it into two separate pages? i sold a concert ticket on ebay, but it's one of a pair and idk how to only send one of them.

i am aware that it's probably really obvious and that i am retarded. please help me anyway.
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i need to be asleep like whoa, but i was dicking around on and i discovered that the version of "your ex-lover is dead" that's on stars' page is way, way different from the version i've always had. so a) i'm confused, because apparently it's from set yourself on fire, but that's where the version i have is also allegedly from, and b) i need that version; does anyone have it? i tried to rip it with my usual site and failed spectacularly.

(btw, if you don't know the song, you should very much download it above. or right here. it is made of perfection.)
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hey, disco queens? does anyone have/want to point me to a good mp3 (or video with good audio) version of bden's acoustic "time to dance"? i kind of love it really a lot and it's been stuck in my head all day and the album version isn't cutting it.

speaking of which, when did brendon urie become my favorite member of panic at the disco? /o\
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hey, is anyone watching SYTYCD? have they shown gev at all tonight? he's the only one who i specifically remembered from the auditions and i've been watching for him, and i don't think i've seen him at all. help?

oh, and does anyone remember the name of the cool gene kelly-ish dude from last night? his name was (and presumably still is) evan! thanks, [ profile] howveryasif! ♥


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