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feeling very remix-y tonight. what are some of your favorite remixes? feel free to upload them if you want extra awesome points. :D

two to kick things off:

air // kelly watch the stars (moog cookbook remix) (makes me want to drink a martini, and, have um, other stronger things and dannnnnnce)
andrew bird // imitosis (four tet mix) (i just want to fall into this one ♥_♥)

eta a couple more:

fall out boy // dance, dance (patrick stump secret agent remix)
mgmt // electric feel (justice remix)
daft punk // technologic (rogerseventytwo remix)
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if i've ever amused you, or maybe said something nice to you one time that made your day better, or posted a picture of that guy/girl you think is hot, or uploaded something for you or complimented you in some way or...idk, did anything at all that was decent and you feel like doing something for me?

please make a donation to race for hope

if you can even spare a few dollars, it would mean the world to me. i'm signed up as a virtual runner, because the event is taking place in D.C. and i live in new york and i'll actually be in south florida that day. i realize that's kind of lame. i realize that i'm asking for something for nothing. i realize i'm asking you to send in your hard-earned money when the economy is an absolute mess and nobody has anything to spare. and maybe that's stupid of me to ask.

or maybe it's not. i've seen my friends rise to the occasion in a million different ways, for a million different reasons.

i have faith.

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hey guys, do me a favor and take this survey?? XD it's quick and painless and it's for a friend of mine.

thank you! ♥
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quick poll: how do you pronounce "pwn"? does it rhyme with "cone"? (i say yes.) or is it "pawn"? or...some other way?

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latest edition of spot the dfc reference! XD (oh, and in case it isn't obvious, i totes love that game and definitely recommend it!)

unrelatedly, i can't stop watching this clip of christian kane on angel.

i have this song (thanks bana! ♥) but does anyone want to give me more of his stuff? and what's his story? is he a douche? i feel like i heard that he's a douche? tell me things!

buffy ramble. )

angel ramble, separated for lara's protection. XD )
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pimping two things:
birthday project for neal tiemann

we're raising money for heartland great dane rescue, so even if you don't care about neal (gasp!), you probably like puppies! kick in some money for puppies! we're currently at $850 and we're trying to get to $1000. PUPPIES YOU GUYS.

[ profile] dvbb!

What it is: A six-month challenge spanning 15,000 words per author. Artists are then paired up with each author and their story, where they then complete a set of graphics, soundtrack, wallpapers, or whatever other inspiration hits them.

writer signups close on january 30, so get your asses in gear, bbs!

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so, i haven't made one of those wishlist posts because i'm low on funds and can't really return the favor. :(

that being said: if anyone is just itching to give me something (lol), an lj gift certificate would not hurt my feelings. i am dying to get a permanent account, but $175 is too steep for me. if a handful of people toss, like, 10 bucks at me or something, then maybe...?

idk. just putting that out there. /o\

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questions of utmost importance.

#1. whence came this "adjective noun is that same adjective" meme? i see it alllllll the time and idk why.

annnnd #2. for this poll, assume that we are working with a normal belt that can't be upside-down or whatever.
[Poll #1288038]
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sorry i'm so spammy today, kids, but does anyone have a link to those rally photos of obama and joey in the rain? or at least know where that was? i want to redo my layout and i'm having a bitch of a time finding those photos.

thx bbs! <3
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ok, so. i demand amusement. confess something dorky that you do! not like "omg i would totally bang cash colligan. /o\" but like, ok, here's mine: scott and i play a fair amount of scrabble and we recently got a scrabble dictionary, so a lot of two-letter words that weren't in the normal dictionary are now in play. and i enjoy beating him at things, so i have the list of two-letter words bookmarked on my phone so i can stare at it whenever the mood strikes and therefore improve my chances of always beating him. (i usually do.) XD

another confession, altho this isn't so much something i do as much as a geeky theory, and will only (maybe) make sense to the hardcore dcook fans on my flist, but: "ziggy stardust" (um, minus the ending) is totes about dave from andy & neal's pov in the angsty 'verse in my head. "made it too far; became the special man, then we were ziggy's band," "he played it [guitar] left-hand," "ziggy really sang, screwed-up eyes and screwed-down hairdo," "well-hung, snow-white tan," "he could lick 'em by smiling," i mean, come on! if i had more mwk/andy/neal footage at my disposal i would totes make a creepy au video.[/crazy]

anyway, tell me dorky things about yourself!

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PORN POLL! re: fanfic. or i guess if you like original erotic fiction, that works, too. i ask because i was writing something and attempting to, erm, choreograph, so to speak, and i was deciding things, which made me ponder what i like, which made me ponder what *other* people like, because i'm nosy inquisitive!

nobody can see your answers but me, and no worries, i don't judge. and i'll tell you upfront that there's nothing in this poll that i won't read and that my answer to the third question is probably "recreational drug use and/or seedy, filthy anonymous hookups" so. yeah. PORN YAY. \o/

under a cut so as to spare people from dirty things, if they don't want to think about them. )
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will someone, anyone, pretty pretty please take pity on me and give me individual links to the FOB songs in the mixtape? i can barely get online and it's basically dial-up speed, and there's no way i can download the whole thing, and i want the FOB stuff so bad that my soul is weeping.

*puppy dog face like whoa*

thanks in advance bbs! i will owe you one like burning.

[also omg, folie a deux, get in my life!]

i didn't get to do my zipline thing because the weather was not conducive, sigh. i did, however, get a new hat.

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i cannot. stop. staring. at my new wallpaper. (photo by [ profile] monkiedude.) i have been actually MINIMIZING THE INTERNET just so i can ogle it. :O

ok, i showed you mine. SHOW ME YOUR TITS DESKTOP, BITCHES! idc if you have dorky and/or boring wallpaper or if you secretly have oodles of porn saved to your desktop. show me! amuse me, dammit, amuse me now![/vmars]
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item 1 is because it's an issue that comes up in my life every now and again, and while i have a definite answer that seems obvious to me, i've noticed that not everyone agrees. item 2 is because over my past couple of years on twop, between blake and carly and now david, i've seen what seems like a disproportionate number of people who are somewhat vehemently anti-tattoo. item 3 is the same general concept. i'm just curious, because i always find myself going "holy fuck, is everyone on this board, like, 60 years old?" and then i wonder if i'm just the weird one.

also, for question 1, since i phrased it stupidly - would you choose to wait outside somewhere where you have a pretty okay chance of meeting them OR would you choose to go see them perform in a place/situation where you are highly unlikely to meet them?

[Poll #1237963]
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i need to be asleep like whoa, but i was dicking around on and i discovered that the version of "your ex-lover is dead" that's on stars' page is way, way different from the version i've always had. so a) i'm confused, because apparently it's from set yourself on fire, but that's where the version i have is also allegedly from, and b) i need that version; does anyone have it? i tried to rip it with my usual site and failed spectacularly.

(btw, if you don't know the song, you should very much download it above. or right here. it is made of perfection.)
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things i would like to read, david cook-wise:

~ entourage-style fic in which david is vinnie (obvs), andy skib is eric, andrew is drama and michael johns is turtle, and wacky hijinks ensue. bonus points for the inclusion of jeremy piven in any way, shape, or form. also if vinnie & E suddenly, finally realize their love for one another.

~ a nancy drew-esque romp in which cook and archuleta solve a mystery. omg, or better yet, noir-style. trenchcoats! fedoras! archie as the wide-eyed innocent, cook as the caustic detective and ryan seacrest as the femme fatale!

thing i would like to read, bandom-wise:

~ fic in which ian crawford plots against ryan ross because he wants to replace him in panic. *hides from jovi*

someone should make these things happen.

that is all.

happy saturday, bee-yotches! ♥
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ok, bbz. this is the part where my fangirly ways get even more pathetic than usual, ready?

tonight is the top 2 episode of american idol. david cook wants to win, he deserves to win, and i really, really want him to win. really. like. a lot.

so, i'm prepared to offer bribes. XD

if you do not normally vote (or don't normally vote for dcook) and you'll vote tonight for 30 minutes (it's free and completely easy, all you have to do is keep hitting "redial"), i will make you 3 icons of your choosing, write you a drabble of your choosing, or buy you two months of paid account time.

if you're willing to vote for longer than that, hour? you can either have any two of those things, or you can just pat me and say "it's ok, crazy girl." or whatever. i'm willing to negotiate.

BUT PLEASE VOTE, YOU GUYS. even if you never watch the show and you don't care at all who wins and you think i'm super-annoying. it anyway? for the greater good? ALSO! i have decided that i'm not going to watch AI after this season, because as y'all can tell, it consumes my life. and the best way to guarantee that i won't watch next year is for this season to end on a perfect note. my favorite NEVER wins, you guys. if he wins, it will be the best closure ever and maybe i can break this cycle of addiction.


voting is open from 9pm - 1am.
or text "vote" to 5701 (at&t only)

let's see this tomorrow night, ok?!?! only with manly tears, too! \o/

...this silver leaves me burning for gold
second place has never carried me home.

-"silver," david cook
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quick pimp: david cook 08!! (or the feed: [ profile] davidcook_08)

it's still somewhat under construction, but [ profile] livehead16 and i are using it as the news feed for the cool gydget she made (below the cut), but if you're not feeling gydget-y, you can just bookmark it for news and other update-y things. maybe i'll even start sparing my flist some of my dcook spam.

or, y'know, not. XD

go-go-gadget-gydget! )


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