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golden globe noms about which i am happy:
-heath ledger in TDK
-james franco in pineapple express(!)
-mad men and jon hamm
-the office and steve carell
-30 rock and tina & alec
-ugly betty and america ferrara
-true blood(!!!) and anna paquin
-neil patrick harris in himym

omissions about which i am not happy:
-anyone else from the office
-donald sutherland for dirty sexy money
-even tho i know it wouldn't ever happen because it's gossip girl, my bb leighton meester because she rules

speaking of gossip girl, i'd gotten WAY behind and i finally got caught up last night. chuck and blair just kill me all over. leighton gets prettier by the day. jenny is an idiot. lily's secret was about as surprising as clay aiken being gay (props to clay for his cute bf, btw). cyrus is total love. and when did i start loving nate so much?!?

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ahahaha, ed westwick, be more british and drunk and EPIC. (nsfw, kids!)
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yes, i realize they are not fictional, but come on! hot. to. death.

in actual fiction: i always wanted ryan/summer on the oc. just a little. i wouldn't object to some serena/blair, either, that'd be pretty. i also really wanted dan/blair back in the day.
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confession: i am still, three weeks later, wearing my wristband from david cook's album release party. i'm going to wear until it falls off or the album hits platinum. ♥

plan: i am very, very behind on all of my tv. today i am going to catch up on gossip girl. :)

question: if i say or type "stbym" do you know what that means?

thought: folie a deux makes my lfe. i want to go see them in the city next week so badly i could cry.

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gossip girl 2.08 - pret-a-poor-j )

heroes 3.07 - eris quod sum )

i have an icky feeling, like something's wrong, and i don't know why. i hope i'm just crazy.
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minimial GG and 'heroes' thoughts. )
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occasionally there is a point to britney spears. this is one of those times.
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gossip girl 2.06 - new haven can wait. )

ok, heroes now...and i am kind of tempted to just finish watching true blood instead, idk. *soldiers on*

heroes 3.05 - angels and monsters. )

ok, off to download himym and chuck while watching true blood. \o/ OH TV.


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ugly betty 3x01 - the manhattan project. )

the office 5x01 - weight loss. )

also, while i'm here, i finally watched this week's gossip girl late last night, and blair is, as usual, my very most favoritest favorite. other than that, this sums up my feelings on the episode almost perfectly, in hilarious graph form. (srsly, GG fans, click that)

oh, and did i remark on the season premiere of HIMYM? i don't think i did! i loved it, duh. well, the barney stuff, anyway, not so much the ted stuff.[/deliberately vague so i don't spoil anyone]

now i'm watching fringe that i have on the tivo, and then i'm watching the pre-air chuck premiere so i have one less bit of television to deal with next clusterfuck monday.

mild tmi maybe, idk: i have had the most awful pms ever for, like, 2 days now. i am alternately annoyed at the world and devastatingly emo. FAIL, HORMONES, FAIL.

eta: i have red velvet cake mix! there are CUPCAKES in my future, you guys. cupcakes will improve my day by a substantial margin. \o/
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my offering for what i have dubbed the "come as you are meme."
* take a picture of yourself right now.
* don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
* post that picture with NO editing. (re-size OK)
* post these instructions with your picture

should've picked a ~cuter~ day to do this, but whatevs, you may peep my new highlights! \o/

i've always been lazy, but i think my lethargy has reached critical mass, y'all. i just cannot bring myself to do anything productive. :/

in other news, gossip girl was mostly awesome this week, even if i'm a little sick of lord marcus (not even in a shipper way, just in a...BE MORE INTERESTING way) and fringe wasn't as good as the pilot, but it was definitely good and i was definitely into it and joshua jackson should definitely do me.

i almost bought dirty sexy money on DVD today, except then i remembered how i don't have any money, much less any which is dirty and/or sexy. D:

speaking of not having money, i want to go to this so, so badly, omg. i think tickets are going to be like $150? that's crazy, right? omfg i wanna goooooooo.

also speaking of not having money, i decided i'm getting my next tattoo on october 21. it's her birthday and that seems appropriate.

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so, boots #1 won by a landslide and they arrived today!

hi, my legs are pale. D: anyway, new boots, yay! they're actually quite comfy and i kind of want to wear them now, but it's like 70 degrees out, lol.

i'm going tomorrow to get my hair cut and i think i'm going to dye it red. here's hoping i don't hate it, since i'm leaving for tulsa on friday. :D :D :D

still can't stop listening to ludo. don't sleep on this one, bbs.

also, everyone in the world should have this song, so if you don't, take it: violent femmes - add it up. i've been on a total femmes kick lately. and i was amused (and slightly ashamed) to only recently discover that their self-titled album (with "blister in the sun" and this and assorted other stuff you've probably at least heard) came out in 1982. i remember first learning of their existence through my so-called life and i went and bought the album and i guess i just assumed it was new.

more tv needs to start, so i can stop obsessing over gossip girl. because i really am. although, as someone said (i think in my comments? or in someone's comments? idk), rufus humphrey is no sandy cohen. and i miss me my sandy cohen something fierce. i miss the oc in general, actually. as much as i enjoy gossip girl, and as much as no marissa cooper is a total win for GG, it just doesn't have the heart that the oc (usually) did. that's been my one complaint about GG from the beginning and it's still there.

speaking of trashy teen soaps, how was 90210 last night? better/worse than the first ep? worth watching? i tivo'd fringe (which, as i said at 4am, was awesome) so i missed 90210.

i'm in a blah mood and idk why. i think because i have responsible-type things to do and i can't bring myself to actually get anything done, so i am filled with self-loathing (ok, self-mild-dislike, whatever) and that makes me REALLY not get anything done, and so on and so forth. oh well.

this helps. OCC! :D
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god, you guys, i really fucking love gossip girl. dan and serena are still boring, but they were cute tonight at least. nate's storyline is actually sort of entertaining, even if i can't see how the choice he made is preferable to the alternative (i don't feel like cutting this, clearly). and blair and chuck, both together and individually, continue to win at everything ever. ♥_♥

i am also, i'm pretty sure, the only person who does not care about rufus humphrey, like, at all.

and next week looks a;kldfj;ldfja;lk-tastic.

eta: future spoilers (rufus-related, lol) in the comments.
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when you see this on your flist, quote gossip girl.
Priest: What troubles you, my child?
Blair: (sighs) After being broken up with my boyfriend for exactly 20 minutes, I succumbed to inebriation, performed at a speakeasy, and surrendered my virtue to a self-absorbed ass. The only good news is that he's a total pig who'll act like it never happened, thank God.
Priest: Ahem.
Blair: Sorry. Truthfully, I'm not even Catholic.
Priest: You don't say.


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ok, so i hate myself for it and i still think chuck is horrible for what went down in the pilot (the writers fucked up massively on that, imo), but i am kind of shipping blair/chuck. (BLAIK!) this scene was hot. i still want dan/blair tho dammit.

and slkdjfhlkdsjgfjhg HOW HOT IS LEIGHTON IN MY ICON? *flails*

video of stripper!blair, alsidfhl! )
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gossip girl 1x05 - dare devil )

dirty sexy money 1x04 - the chiavennasca )

i missed pushing daisies because bina called and then i was talking to scott. i'll watch it later or tomorrow or something. i have to say, i love a LOT of things about it, but for some reason when i'm watching my mind tends to wander. weird.


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