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happy easter to those who celebrate, and happy sunday to those who don't.

and to each and every one of you:

♥ xo ;)

it's easy.

Apr. 4th, 2009 11:39 pm
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hey, guys?

i love you.


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happy valentine's day, darlings! ♥

i'm wishing you love, today and always.


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quickie update while sitting in the runway in denver!

yeah, so i had a faceful of this last night.

*happy sigh*

up to 3.03 of buffy and along with being epically in love with oz still (loooooove) i also want to marry xander. (and giles, ngl.) also faith just showed and i sense a massive girlcrush brewing. i always thought eliza dushku was way hot anyway. case i don't get another chance to update in 2008 (which is entirely possible), i want to thank you all for making my year brighter. i made some amazing new friends this year, and also reconnected with (or just better-connected with) some wonderful older ones. i'm lucky to know you all.

love you guys. be safe and be happy. ♥

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merry christmas, darlings. ♥

whether you celebrate christmas, hannukah, kwanza, solstice, festivus, something else entirely, or any combination thereof, i'd like to take this moment to wish you peace, joy, and -- above all -- love, today and always.


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just a random fyi: i replied to all the comments i got on that secret santa meme. most of them are not terribly interesting replies since i rarely knew who i was talking to, but i wanted everyone to know i appreciate the love (and also i asked a couple of people questions).

anyway, since i know replies to anonymous comments don't give email notifications, i just thought i'd let people know! ♥

ALSO! thank you to whoever sent me lj gift certificates. still digging for change in the couch cushions, but maybe, just maybe, i can finagle that permanent account somehow. :D
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omg, you guys are killllllling me on that secret santa love meme. ♥♥♥ i rarely do them 'cause i feel silly being all "SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT ME" but...gah. the one minor downside is that there are only three that i could identify for sure, and i want to tacklehug a number of mysterious people. but mostly i'm just all XD XD XD and a little ;___; and a whole lot of <33333333

my friends are the best friends of all the friends.

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to those who celebrate, and happy thursday to those who don't. i am thankful for you all. some more than others, but hey. ;)


(also today i am thankful for david cook + his band [nealnealneal], bandom boys and their stupid faces, bronx mowgli wentz and barack obama.)

(also, like, my mom and my boyfriend.)

(and my cats most of all.)

(ok, david cook most of all. then my cats.)

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three things i've been meaning to post.

01. the other day, i parked down the street from my house and as i was coming up the sidewalk, there was a time-warner cable van parked on the side of the street. cable dude was outside the van on his phone, looking at this bush that had (quite pretty) large-ish white flowers. so he ends his phone call, leans over to sniff a flower, picks it -- and then notices me and legit starts whistling and hops in the truck and drives off. yes, bro, i saw you pick that flower and i totes thought you were gay. oh noes!

02. i was talking to lara the other night and it came to my attention that it's not necessarily a commonly known fact that the iwo jima memorial sculpture has an extra leg. i think there are six men and thirteen legs. so, if you read my txt conversation that i posted the other day and thought i was on utter crack...well, you may have been correct but at least now my analogy might make more sense. (if you didn't see that post...well, just be happy that you missed it, lol.)

03. i just feel like i should let people know this - i tend to be a terrible commenter, pretty much universally. and it's not because i'm not reading your journal and it's not because i hate you. it's because i do a LOT of my flist-reading via iphone, which isn't conducive to commenting partially because it's a pain in the ass to type on here (altho i'm rocking it right now actually) but mostly because quite often my browser shuts down on me mid-comment and i have no idea why (i always end up yelling "motherfucker" or "cuntface" or something similarly charming), so i usually don't try anymore. the end result is that by the time i'm sittiing at my computer, i look at my flist and save for a couple of entries at the top, i've read eveything already and don't think about the lack of commenting. so! the more you know! *shooting star*

xo ♥

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ok, ok, i'll start with the ninth doctor, y'all! ;) thanks for the assistance. ♥

in unrelated news, i was myspace stalking like the total creeper i am, and this comment david cook left some girl back in 2006 made me lol. she asked him "so were you able to sleep last night? i highly doubt it."

and mr. cook said:
Not at all. Did Chad Michael Murray ever find out the true identity of Hilary Duff?!? Did that nerdy kid get the stuck-up girl?!? These are the questions that will keep me awake for the foreseeable future.

idk what movie that is (i'm sure one of you will) but the fact that david cook knows that chad michael murray even exists just...amuses me. XD

oh and psssssssssssst: [ profile] cooktastic
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i love how these are getting progressively more ghetto - we started out all well-lit with fancy editing and background music, then went to green room laptop-shot and now we have dark, slightly shaky car video. \o/

unsurprisingly, the more crappy and homemade they get, the more i love them. AND THIS ONE HAS SNARKY CAPTIONS! \o/ and andy skib omg he is so fucking cute!

in other news, i got a pedicure today, which is good under normal circumstances, but was EXTRA GOOD today because last time, i decided to get wild and get a color other than red for the first time in, omg, seriously like 5 years, probably. my toenails are always red. and for the last few weeks, they weren't, and it was not ok with me. yes, i know that's ridiculous, but i feel so much better now. XD

i bought the virgin suicides and rant (chuck palahniuk) today. \o/

i am obsessed(!) with mark & chelsie's hip-hop from SYTYCD the other night. cannot. stop. watching. ♥_♥ (ok, i have also been rewatching their contemporary and argentine tango somewhat obsessively. stfu.)

nothing else to say, really. nothing else interesting, anyway. (because OBVIOUSLY my adventures in pedicures are fucking RIVETING, duh.)

and just because i don't say it enough: i adore you, flist. i hope you know that. ♥♥♥♥
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i'm in a smooshy mood so a little further pimping of THE COMPLETELY RANDOM LOVE MEME!

everyone i could find who is on my flist (i haven't commented to all of them yet but i will!), in case you know them too and would like to love them:

[ profile] poetrytoprose is here.
[ profile] searchtheskies is here.
[ profile] blushingblaze is here.
[ profile] birdofparadise is here.
[ profile] subtle__sarcasm is here.
[ profile] quarterturn is here.
[ profile] touchthesky is here.
[ profile] malpractice is here.
[ profile] themightybee is here.
[ profile] aloverestrained is here.
[ profile] hearthisvoice is here.

oh, and me! is it douchey to pimp my own thread? idk. i love my friends, tho. they make me cry. ♥_♥
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i started threads for three of my favorite girls on THE COMPLETELY RANDOM LOVE MEME!

go show some love to:

[ profile] themightybee: RIGHT HERE!
[ profile] aloverestrained: AQUI!
[ profile] hearthisvoice: YONDER!

also, if there's someone you know who you think should get some sweet sweet lj lovin', go start a thread! and regardless, PIMP THIS so everyone can get the loving they deserve!
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hai bbz! i'm down at my mom's (so FL people who mentioned wanting to hang out, i'm down in the keys and therefore out of range, sorry and ilu!) and i haven't really been on lj (i've been kind of keeping an eye on my flist via phone) but i get twitchy if i go too long without posting, so here i am.

first: obligatory david cook content.

this amuses me. i guess we know who the girls like best? lol. i could certainly imagine that he'd be the most comforting.

second, obligatory ME content! (some of which has a david cook twist, hee.)

ok, so this was how i spent my flight on wednesday, doodling on the back of my boarding pass. (yes, i know i cannot draw, lol.)

and this was how i spent yesterday. (that's the 7 mile bridge, fyi.)

and this? is how i'm spending today. D:

...that pretty much sums things up, tbh. oh, and i had a microdermabrasion yesterday? idk, my mom's been going to an aesthetician so she decided to make me an appointment. it felt like a cat licking my face. *shrug*
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if nothing else, [ profile] _kittenheels should appreciate this.

you see the bandana hangin'

that means i'm like a bandit.

hee. XD

oh! and thank you to josie, nisha, lex and jess for the "he's safe!" texts last night. ♥ also to everyone who alerted me via eljay or email. ilu all! ♥

a couple more pics because i can. XD )

eh, one more. stfu. ♥
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is there someone on your flist who you just cannot believe i do not already have friended?

fill me in! (twss.) [also, don't feel obligated to, like, RACK YOUR BRAIN or anything! if no one comes to mind, that's ok, too! XD]

(if you do not, under any circumstances, want me to rec you as a friend to anyone else, let me know.)
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things i like:
  • my new layout.
  • this awesome sea salt scrub.
  • this yummy gourmet peanut butter.
  • motion city soundtrack, apparently.
  • the fact that enchanted comes out on dvd on tuesday.
  • new panic rly soon.
  • cute boys.
  • all of you. ♥

    things i do not like:
  • the word "adorkable." :x
  • myspace layouts that require a lot of work from me.
  • that i am failing miserably at "100 movies in 2008."
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    ok, so, i have 563576456 things i need to be doing, but i wanted to say this, so.

    recently, several of my friends have been hurt/upset/whatever by things posted on assorted anonymemes going around. i personally cannot stand anonymous anything. i feel like if you're not willing to sign your name to something, why should i be willing to read it? don't be a coward and hide behind an anonymous comment; suck it up and put your name on it. if it's that important to you, fucking own it. if you're not going to do that, i can't bring myself to care and it's not worth my time.

    admittedly, if someone chooses to participate in a "brutal honesty" meme or whatever, i guess it's a risk you have to be willing to take (however, at least one of my friends was bitchily attacked on that stupid bandom anonymeme, which, HATE). but i just don't GET IT. if you have a problem with someone that's your friend, talk to them. if you have a problem with someone who isn't your friend, ignore them. i realize that not everyone on the internet is by any means an adult, but there's no reason for people who are adults to behave like children. this should not be that complicated. focus on the things you enjoy, live and let live, et-fucking-cetera.

    i think i've posted this song before, but i'm posting it again because it really sums up my philosophy on dealing with other people. a friend of mine included it on a mix years ago, and pointed out that although the song is about weed, she likes to look at it as a general outlook on how she lives her life, and it's something i can totally get behind. i'm by no means perfect (captain obvious at your services, bbs!) and sure, sometimes i bitch about people too, but for the most part this is how i try to live, and i think everyone could use a little dose of it.

    ben harper - burn one down
    my choice is what i choose to do
    and if i'm causin' no harm
    it shouldn't bother you.
    your choice is who you choose to be
    and if you're causin' no harm
    then you're all right with me.

    if you don't like my fire
    then don't come around
    'cause i'm gonna burn one down
    yes, i'm gonna burn one down.

    also, if none of that does anything to get people to chill out and share the love and shit, here's a vibrator sale. maybe that'll help?

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    because i approve of teh love:

    L♥VE MEME || (my thread!)

    go do it so i can molest you with glittery declarations of my affection tell you i dig you! XD
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    ok, so i already technically made a valentine's day post, but that was just because i thought that cobra video was so cute. this is my real v-day post, featuring one of my favorite love songs ever. well, it's not technically a love song, per se, but it's a song about love and i think it's amazing. it's from hedwig and the angry inch, which, if you haven't seen, i cannot recommend highly enough. the story of the song is based off aristophanes's speech from plato's symposium, which begins...
    Mankind, he said, judging by their neglect of him, have never, as I think, at all understood the power of Love. For if they had understood him they would surely have built noble temples and altars, and offered solemn sacrifices in his honor; but this is not done, and most certainly ought to be done: since of all the gods he is the best friend of men, the helper and the healer of the ills which are the great impediment to the happiness of the race.

    the origin of love.

    and because i love it: rufus wainwright - the origin of love

    [while i'm pimping hedwig, here's another of my favorite clips from the movie: wig in a box (it's funnn!)]


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