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i just did a medium-ish friends cut. nothing personal in any case, but i had a lot of people on my flist that i don't really talk to/have much in common with at this point, so i figured i'd do some trimming. you're welcome to keep me added if you're so inclined; if not, that's obviously cool, too.
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i just saw this on tumblr and it made me giggle, especially while lj is being all faily.
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holy fuck, angel is awesome. i think i might like it more than buffy, even. :O

also, i've seen through 5x09 of buffy now and i still don't hate riley. *shrug*

also i think i might change my lj name to semi__sweet. idk. i'm not big on underscores but i really want the name and that's the most viable option (or _semisuite which, like, double FOB reference but it looks awkward, doesn't it?). or i might just leave it alone. IDKKKK.

ETA: pete wentz in a tree (at the inauguration), anyone? i love his dumb ass and i don't care who knows. ♥ his blog about the inauguration was ADORABLE.
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just in case eljay actually does go under (altho i doubt it):

email: vixen.ontheedge[at]gmail[dot]com
myspace: right here
twitter: itstracy
insanejournal: msbenzedrine
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ok, so i just did a pretty large (around 50 people, i think) friends cut. it was absolutely nothing personal in any case. i'm just trying to get my flist under control, and the best way i could think of to do that was to trim down the journals that i mostly just skimmed anyway. i refuse to read on a filter because i feel like that's just a copout, so this was my solution.

seriously, nothing personal. y'all are welcome to keep me friended (or not, of course); whatever works for you.

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did any of you guys ever see the movie heavy traffic? i remember seeing it...god, it must've been six or seven years ago, completely baked, and having it kind of scare the shit out of me, heh. i just watched the trailer on youtube and i think it's exactly as fucked-up as i thought it was at the time.

in unrelated news: IT WON'T STOP SNOWING OMFG DNW

in happier unrelated news: i deleted a ton of my icons last night (i currently have 32 slots open!), uploaded a few new ones, and redid all my keywords. fun times.


aaaaaand a gift, because if you don't have this in your life, YOU NEED IT, TRUST ME: fall out boy - honey is for bees. it's a lullaby and it's my happy place. you want this, i promise.
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so, i haven't made one of those wishlist posts because i'm low on funds and can't really return the favor. :(

that being said: if anyone is just itching to give me something (lol), an lj gift certificate would not hurt my feelings. i am dying to get a permanent account, but $175 is too steep for me. if a handful of people toss, like, 10 bucks at me or something, then maybe...?

idk. just putting that out there. /o\

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i think i bitch about this every time an album i'm excited about leaks/is about to be released (i definitely remember being annoyed by it for pretty. odd. and the glass passenger), but nonetheless, people who wig out about "spoilers" for music are ridic. omg, clearly if you see a few lines of lyrics it's going to ruin the album. O.o

dumb. (tm ryan ross)

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i redid my layout now that the election's over (sorry obama, ilu still, mr. president!) and i'm kind of ridiculously in love with my header. for once something i made came out exactly how i wanted it to, anddddd the little userinfo icons for this layout are IPODS you guys! \o/

[ profile] expatiates



...but i'm more excited about my girls. ♥
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three things i've been meaning to post.

01. the other day, i parked down the street from my house and as i was coming up the sidewalk, there was a time-warner cable van parked on the side of the street. cable dude was outside the van on his phone, looking at this bush that had (quite pretty) large-ish white flowers. so he ends his phone call, leans over to sniff a flower, picks it -- and then notices me and legit starts whistling and hops in the truck and drives off. yes, bro, i saw you pick that flower and i totes thought you were gay. oh noes!

02. i was talking to lara the other night and it came to my attention that it's not necessarily a commonly known fact that the iwo jima memorial sculpture has an extra leg. i think there are six men and thirteen legs. so, if you read my txt conversation that i posted the other day and thought i was on utter crack...well, you may have been correct but at least now my analogy might make more sense. (if you didn't see that post...well, just be happy that you missed it, lol.)

03. i just feel like i should let people know this - i tend to be a terrible commenter, pretty much universally. and it's not because i'm not reading your journal and it's not because i hate you. it's because i do a LOT of my flist-reading via iphone, which isn't conducive to commenting partially because it's a pain in the ass to type on here (altho i'm rocking it right now actually) but mostly because quite often my browser shuts down on me mid-comment and i have no idea why (i always end up yelling "motherfucker" or "cuntface" or something similarly charming), so i usually don't try anymore. the end result is that by the time i'm sittiing at my computer, i look at my flist and save for a couple of entries at the top, i've read eveything already and don't think about the lack of commenting. so! the more you know! *shooting star*

xo ♥

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just testing this iphone lj app.

also, john mccain is not just a tool - he's the entire craftsman department at sears.

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is lj acting wonky for anyone else? i clicked on my bookmark for it a little while ago and it took me to but all it showed me was a random icon. and then a few minutes later i had clicked on what was supposed to be my friends page but it took me to the friends page of some other random journal. weird.

i went to the saratoga music festival yesterday with scott. conor oberst was amazinggggg and the total highlight of my day and i wanted his set to be 10x longer (&conor;), i was excited to learn that the swell season consists of glen hansard and marketa irglova (they were awesome; he was wicked charming, too - he said something about his holy trinity being bob dylan, leonard cohen and van morrison, big love from the crowd for that), i didn't know who steve earle was but i enjoyed him tremendously, and bob dylan was underwhelming. yeah, i said it. idk, admittedly neither of us are, like, dylan experts of any sort, but by the time he'd played for over an hour and neither of us recognized anything he played (well, "highway 61 revisited" kind of, but eh) and it was after 11 and we'd been there since 1? yeah, we totally left. oops. plus, he was kind of...not engaging? he never spoke the entire time we were there. idk! :/ *fails* also, this was without question the whitest crowd i've ever seen, wow.

omg, i am leaving tomorrow to go to florida! i get a jovi! and a dar and an adrienne and a jen and stuff! and then i get to go to tampa and have a josie! and then i have a mom, lol, and we're off to seattle and then our cruise to alaska! \o/ \o/ \o/ i am not at all packed! D: D: D:


ETA: bonus of the littlest cook, because he is SO CUTE.
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i just did a...idk, medium-sized friends cut. nothing personal in any case, i promise. just people who never update/i never talk to/i know nothing about. you're welcome to keep me added if you're so inclined, as anything remotely interesting i post is always public anyway.

best wishes and all that. :D
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just did a friends cut. it's 100% nothing personal in every single case; i promise. i'm just trying to be a better friend/commenter, and the easiest way to do it was to trim down my reading list to close friends and/or people whose journals i legitimately enjoy reading. most of my posts are public these days, so you're more than welcome to keep me friended if you're so inclined.

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does anyone else get annoyed when fan communities for musicians or bands or whatever upload music by that artist, like, stuff that's available for sale? i mean, i have no problem with people uploading leaks or rare tracks or live recordings, but beyond that i find it sketchy. i guess i feel like if you're a big enough fan of an artist to join a community for them, if you want their album you should be willing to pay for it? i mean, if i consider myself a fan of an arist (or band, whatever), i want them to succeed, i want to support them, i want to actually buy their music. i'm not going to lie, i download plenty of stuff, but it's usually things i'm just checking out or whatever. however, i have paid for every FOB, cobra, panic, gym class, kelly clarkson, butch walker, etc. album that i own, because i admire and respect those artists and i'm happy to give them my money. i can't imagine being all "omg, i love *insert band here*" and just downloading all of their music for free. so when fan communities allow uploads of that artist's music, i personally get a little >:O about it. i mean, clearly people will find downloads of things if that's their inclination, but i guess i would expect that fan communities would encourage people to support the artists.

am i weird on this? (the community stuff, or just the idea that real fans pay for the music, or...whatever!)
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heh. so i'm sitting out in the living room, dicking around on the internets (raise your hand if you're shocked, go on!) and scott just called me on my cell from the bedroom to inform me that shrubby mcprez got booed when throwing out the first pitch at the braves-nationals game tonight.


that is all!

(i owe people comment responses like whoa. they're coming! i always feel guilty updating when i still owe people replies. *flails*)

(also, i'm changing my layout later. YES, AGAIN. i really love the one i have now, like, SO MUCH, but i'm a little old lady and it's too hard to read. i need bigger text. *sobs*)
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[my icon, you guys. i miss makeup!panic, sigh!]

ok, so first of all, i am not on strike. clearly. because i am a spammy bitch, first of all, and one with no life who NEEDS her flist, dammit. also because i think it's pointless. if people are upset and want to take action, more power to them, but mostly i'm rolling my eyes at the whole thing. i'm so sorry (but not really). [see what i did there?]

moving on! so, i am officially a new york resident (10 months after i moved here, oops!). i finally got my license changed today. i felt vaguely sad surrendering my florida license. it seemed so final, somehow. i still don't really feel like i live in new york - probably because i have no real life here. idk. (i'm much less maudlin than that sounds.)

i owe people comment responses like whoa. they will come tomorrow. be excited!

IN VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: i have officially decided that "northern downpour" is my favorite song off of pretty. odd., which i'm sure you are all very relieved to know. it does things to my heart, you guys. endless amounts of ♥_♥ for the whole album, srsly, but that song... *hands*

speaking of which - i've seen a lot of people who are all "OMG NO SPOILERZ" re: the album, and i guess...i don't know. i can understand to some degree not wanting to listen until it's actually released (i myself am of the "but what if i get hit by a bus tomorrow?" school of thought), but...what constitutes a spoiler for music? lyrics? saying "i love brendon's voice on such-and-such"? or...? i just. i find it confusing? i can understand with movies or tv or books or, like, anything with a linear narrative, but music is...i mean, hearing someone talk about a song doesn't begin to "spoil" it for me, because music to me is SO much more subjective and, like, fluid i guess? this is a very rambly paragraph that probably doesn't make much sense, but the whole thing doesn't make sense to me so i suppose that's appropriate.

a related, less meandering question: have the liner notes for pretty. odd. been posted anywhere? does anyone physically have the album already?

i think i'm tired. i have a lot of thoughts floating around in my head that i want to post, but i can't seem to formulate anything terribly coherent, boo.

this is cute.

this is the best ever.

this is brendon urie and i enjoy him very much.

this is the end of this entry. XD
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ok, so, i have 563576456 things i need to be doing, but i wanted to say this, so.

recently, several of my friends have been hurt/upset/whatever by things posted on assorted anonymemes going around. i personally cannot stand anonymous anything. i feel like if you're not willing to sign your name to something, why should i be willing to read it? don't be a coward and hide behind an anonymous comment; suck it up and put your name on it. if it's that important to you, fucking own it. if you're not going to do that, i can't bring myself to care and it's not worth my time.

admittedly, if someone chooses to participate in a "brutal honesty" meme or whatever, i guess it's a risk you have to be willing to take (however, at least one of my friends was bitchily attacked on that stupid bandom anonymeme, which, HATE). but i just don't GET IT. if you have a problem with someone that's your friend, talk to them. if you have a problem with someone who isn't your friend, ignore them. i realize that not everyone on the internet is by any means an adult, but there's no reason for people who are adults to behave like children. this should not be that complicated. focus on the things you enjoy, live and let live, et-fucking-cetera.

i think i've posted this song before, but i'm posting it again because it really sums up my philosophy on dealing with other people. a friend of mine included it on a mix years ago, and pointed out that although the song is about weed, she likes to look at it as a general outlook on how she lives her life, and it's something i can totally get behind. i'm by no means perfect (captain obvious at your services, bbs!) and sure, sometimes i bitch about people too, but for the most part this is how i try to live, and i think everyone could use a little dose of it.

ben harper - burn one down
my choice is what i choose to do
and if i'm causin' no harm
it shouldn't bother you.
your choice is who you choose to be
and if you're causin' no harm
then you're all right with me.

if you don't like my fire
then don't come around
'cause i'm gonna burn one down
yes, i'm gonna burn one down.

also, if none of that does anything to get people to chill out and share the love and shit, here's a vibrator sale. maybe that'll help?


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