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When you see this, post another Buffy quote in your LJ. Let's see how long this can go on.
you're not friends.
you'll never be friends.
you'll be in love 'till it kills you both.
you'll fight and you'll shag and you'll hate each other 'till it makes you quiver, but you'll never be friends.
love isn't brains, children, it's blood. blood screaming inside you to work its will.
i may be love's bitch, but at least i'm man enough to admit it.

faaaaavorite. ♥_♥
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the casting for jovi & my epic bandom buffy & angel AU that neither of us has any intention of writing.

i might have forgotten some or messed some up, but i think this is where we left off.

chosen. )
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look what arrived!


ETA: OH ALSO! [ profile] aloverestrained and i have been having MUCH FUN casting an epic buffy/angel bandom AU that will never be written. IT PWNS. i think my favorite casting is ryan ross as cordy. XD
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i just bought this shirt.



also donate, if you can [this will be a recurring theme for a while, sorry]
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RIP, andy hallett. :(

but. loooooorne. :(

yeah you will, bb. ♥
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last one, probably.

crabby old house took out my bb booth, so spike is my last hope. i mean, i love barney, but he won last year and he's like the official ~spokesperson for the whole thing so eh.

also, this spike video someone linked in the comments is hottttt.
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so i'm only up to 1x10 of bones and i've seen two buffy alums (forrest and the mayor), hodgins was was totally in S5 of angel, and there was a firefly reference. i just went and imdb'd the show just to see if joss whedon was credited somewhere, lol.

also, david boreanaz is the most charming motherfucker on television, jfc. ♥_♥
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more later when i am maybe coherent.

also, i'm really happy that i misread a spoiler about who ends up dead in the end. amazing the difference one word can make.
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SEASON FIVE OF ANGEL IS SO GOOD YOU GUYSSSSSS. i'm about halfway through (i just watched "damage") and omg looooove. ♥_♥ however, WHY can i not find an icon of spike & angel that isn't hideous? all i can find are ugly manips. and i'm scared to dig around too much and spoil myself, so i decided i'd just make one myself, and photoshop just randomly died on me for the first time ever. as i told lara, it's clearly too much vampire soul for one icon. O.o

also, this picture amuses me:

i mean, not that i blame her, but hee! also he looks like he's about to die, lol. here's the full photo: idol class photo!
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remember the time i finished buffy and i was sobbing like an absolute basket case?

extremely quick spoilery things, cut because i know jovi is starting to watch and i don't want to spoil her. )

in conclusion: oh my HEART.

i can't believe it's over. :( thank god i still have a season of angel left! which i will start now to console myself.
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oh hai bbs hai! in case anyone doesn't have twitter/doesn't follow my twitter and was concerned about my, y'know, being alive *waves to lara*, i'm fine! XD i spent a few days with my lovely bff during which we made couscous and cupcakes and bought new underwear and watched rent and hedwig and my so-called life. win all around, i would say.

i have two episodes left of buffy and it's breaking my heart, tbh. also, i tried to resist because i lovelovelove buffy/angel and also i'm stubborn, but spike and buffy kind of kill me all over. the two of them in that house in "touched"? my HEART!

saw idol last night. yawn. i hated almost everyone, and even danny (who i think is absolutely adorable) underwhelmed me and was waaaaaaay overpimped, imo. and wow, what a lot of sucktastic song choices. i miss dfc on my tv every week.

speaking of mr. cook, i have to mock something on his official board for a minute. join me, won't you?

really? )

pop quiz: why do i find this picture hilarious?

more laterrrrrr.

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i added amber benson on twitter yesterday and she sent me a direct message thanking me for following her and i flailed a little, ngl. i'm sure she sends them to everyone and it was not a declaration of love/bffdom, but still! ♥_♥

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i twittered this the other day, but it bears repeating: there really really really should be a spike/buffy vid to ludo's "love me dead." tell me that would not be amazingsauce.

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so i finished S6 of buffy (and S3 of angel) and now i have a question. IMDb tells me i should watch buffy thru "lies my parents told me" [7.17] then angel thru "orpheus" [4.15], then back to buffy thru "touched" [7.20], then the rest of angel, and then the rest of buffy.

does that make sense or should i just keep alternating back and forth?

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latest edition of spot the dfc reference! XD (oh, and in case it isn't obvious, i totes love that game and definitely recommend it!)

unrelatedly, i can't stop watching this clip of christian kane on angel.

i have this song (thanks bana! ♥) but does anyone want to give me more of his stuff? and what's his story? is he a douche? i feel like i heard that he's a douche? tell me things!

buffy ramble. )

angel ramble, separated for lara's protection. XD )
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damn, brendon urie, why so hot, darling?

and why was i not theeeeeere to witness it?!?!?! my life, so hard.

also, weirdly, ryan ross is maybe my least favorite member of the disco (sorry bb, i still love you very much and all, especially when you blog) yet i have more icons of him than any of the others. mysterious.

UNRELATED: at the end of buffy 6.09 (smashed), with the sex and the building falling apart and all that (which, wow, hot.)? the music - is that, like, a song, or is it just score? does anyone have it? usually i don't bother people for things i can find myself, but i did some googling and have thus far been unsuccessful, and it was so pretty. *wants*

also, per my entry yesterday about the socks/uggs puzzlement, i went to the ugg website and this is what it says:
UGG® footwear is designed to be worn barefoot to maximize the cushioning and warmth of sheepskin.

Our fleece footbed will mold to the natural contours of your foot, creating a personalized arch support.

The natural properties of wool will wick moisture away to ensure dry and cozy feet. Wool fleece helps maintain body temperature, making UGG® Australia footwear appropriate for all climates. In fact, the wool will keep your feet warm down to -30°F and cool up to 80°F.

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hey, does anyone remember ryan star? he was on rockstar: supernova? i totally loved him.

well, apparently he's opening for dfc on tour! i'm not sure if it's for the whole tour, or just selected dates, but he's listed for iowa, penn state and the atlantic city shows, for sure. yep, the whole tour!


here's a video i just found of him playing a show in august. i think it's the theme song for lie to me, which apparently he sings?

[and thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! ♥ xo]

ETA: also, i am completely STUCK on my buffy-watching because i can't stop re-watching "once more, with feeling." SEND HELP.
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:D :D :D :D :D :D

*goes to bed omg*
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"...and the only person that i can even stand to be around is a neutered vampire who cheats at kitten poker!"

omg, dying of lolz. this is the most hilarious episode EVER, wtf.
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ok, so at the end of buffy 6.04 (flooded), she gets a call from angel and goes off to see him. and at the end of angel 3.04 (carpe noctem) he gets a call from willow telling him about buffy, right? so i've been alternating, and now on buffy 6.05 she's already gone to see him (which i realize obviously did not occur on HER show). did i fuck up and should i be ahead one ep on angel, or does this visit just never get shown?

if you can make it through that convoluted mess, you are pretty special.


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