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item 1 is because it's an issue that comes up in my life every now and again, and while i have a definite answer that seems obvious to me, i've noticed that not everyone agrees. item 2 is because over my past couple of years on twop, between blake and carly and now david, i've seen what seems like a disproportionate number of people who are somewhat vehemently anti-tattoo. item 3 is the same general concept. i'm just curious, because i always find myself going "holy fuck, is everyone on this board, like, 60 years old?" and then i wonder if i'm just the weird one.

also, for question 1, since i phrased it stupidly - would you choose to wait outside somewhere where you have a pretty okay chance of meeting them OR would you choose to go see them perform in a place/situation where you are highly unlikely to meet them?

[Poll #1237963]
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i can has new otp? i really do not care about sports, but david wright is such a hotass and one of the only athletes in which i have even a vague interest. (also, he and dcook have the exact same birthday. ooooooh.)

DC: "david actually reached out to me towards the end of the [idol] season, really wanted to try to help out to get my older brother out to the finale and stuff, really reached out and he was cool, and then reached out very recently to invite me out today."

DW: "as far as celebrities go, i think he's right at the top of the list as far as coming out here and putting on a good show."

dcook approves.



also also, omg, blake + his puppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


great entry, or the greatest entry?

(i seem to have recovered from last night's emo, obvs. thanks, bbs. ♥
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omg, so i need to be leaving my house but i HAD to share this. i was just in my car and i turned on the radio, and the local station is having their summerfest thing today, at which i am missing both bshorty AND metro station because i fail at life. D:

but that's not the point! so ace young is also there, and when i turned on the radio in the car they were interviewing him. and he told a story about hanging out with blake at the hotel last night, and the fire alarm goes off at like 3:30 in the morning. and they don't care if they get burned alive, apparently, because they just stayed in the room and ignored it.

so a minute or two later, they get a knock on the door, and coolio(!), who is also performing today, asks if he can hang out with them, and he sits down and is kind of rocking in place like a little kid. it turns out he was doing, ahem, SOMETHING that set off the smoke alarm, so he was hiding with them.


i lolled. a lot.
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i owe people comments and replies like a wild owing thing (also payment of my voting bribes, which, OMG YOU GUYS THANKS), but i have to post this right now because, i mean.


i think bshorty says it best.

also, this owns my soul at the moment.

oh, also, go be david's friend on his new OFFICIAL myspace! \o/
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liveblogging idol results, eep!

whatever happens - ilu, dcook. ilu like whoa. ♥

your american idol )
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"after mojitos and on the way to the cocktail lounge"



in unrelated news, sarah's mom called me a slut. it was affectionate, tho. XD
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i need to be asleep! :(((((


*clutches ovaries*

*runs away*

(also, BSHORTY, NGH.)
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tagged by the luscious [ profile] _kittenheels.
List ten reality TV stars you wouldn't kick out of bed (in no particular order) and tag five people to do the same. (photos are optional but encouraged!)

with pics! one is possibly NSFW!

sex is natural, sex is fun, sex is best when it's one-on-one [or not! XD] )

i probably forgot some people, oops. not tagging anyone because i'm lazy - do it if you want! XD

i had a REALLY disturbing dream last night that i want to post about just to get out of my system, but i'm putting it in a separate entry so it doesn't taint the hotness in this one. it was that bad, srsly. D:

also, as much as i fucking love my layout, i think i'm going to have to change it. i can't read it without leaning way forward or enlarging the text, and it's annoying. :(
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little faaaaaceeee! it's not quite up there with the original little faaaaaceee but it ain't bad. :)

(more at [ profile] davidcookai7)

and omgggggggggg, it's donna's birthday today and her brother got her tickets for the final performance of RENT and she invited me to go with her. i could cry, you guys. like, right this second. ;alksdjf;dlkgj;lgk.
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ok, this isn't, like, our actual pic together and you can't even see my face but i just have this right now and IT'S THE TSHORTY YOU GUYS!!!

(also, bonus, you can see that i cut my hair REALLY SHORT OMG! also also, in retrospect i'm not happy with the shirt i wore. i mean, i am not remotely thin to begin with [altho i'm actually starting a diet; not because of these pics but just because i want to], but that shirt, which looked perfectly cute in the mirror, makes me look way worse in pics the way it kind of tents out from my boobs. you can't tell so much in this pic but i'm pretty sure you'll see what i mean in the others. SIGH! oh well, live and learn.

HOWEVER, you can totally see the top of my blake-inspired tattoo, which is cool.)

EDIT: ok, i hate this picture of me and you can tell i'm completely freaked out because my smile's gone all crooked because i'm pretty sure my lips were quivering in fangirly fear and yes i cropped it to avoid worrying about my shirt issues but WHATEVER YOU GUYSSSSSSS.

totally geeking out but looking mildly less terrified.

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[ profile] livehead16 posted this in [ profile] davidcookai7 and it made go ♥_♥ a lot little oh fuck it, a lot.
The one contestant who commanded my attention better than Carly was David Cook. The former barkeep took that stage with unwavering confidence, and instantly made me feel like I was watching him in a solo concert rather than in a televised singing competition. And this is just week one of the finals.

Ah, David Cook. The male rocker was the only Idol contestant I saw give the singer before him (Carly) a big ol' congratulatory hug, and he was the only one to leave the stage to meet up with a member of his entourage (i.e. the guy in the green shirt and dark-rimmed glasses, who I reckon is his brother) and get a big ol' congratulatory hug. That family reunion was presaged by a quick, but telling, moment: Just after Ryan delivered David Cook's 866 number and took us to the break, Cook looked out over the audience, clasped his hand to his mouth, and his eyes briefly welled up with tears. You expect that sort of sentiment from a sweetheart like Brooke White, but out of Cook, well, let's say the guy surprised me last night in more ways than one.


bshorty update coming once donna sends me the pics! XD
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i'm a little braindead, but bshorty time was A+ awesome. ♥ check my phonepost for (slightly) more info.

i do not approve of tonight's AI results; but they could've been worse.

and beatles AGAIN next week? big fat meh.
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i won the radio contest. i will be eating pizza and playing wii with blake on wednesday.

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the idol wrap whatever show is coming on the tv guide channel right now. i'd assume it'll have some footage from the top 12 party, if anyone's interested. :)

EDIT: actually, they're having several hours worth of AI coverage this afternoon/evening, fyi! :)
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ugh, YOU GUYS. my localish radio station is having a contest to hang out with blake and have breakfast with him or some ridiculous shit like that and i just entered and i am completely terrified that i will win and then make an ass out of myself.. i have been within, like, a foot of that dude three times. two of those times i COULD NOT SPEAK AT ALL (like, i handed him a gift and he thanked me and all i could do was smile. erin said it reminded her of "i can hear the bells" from hairspray, lol) and the other time i said something to the top of his head as he was signing an autograph and then he looked up and answered me and i stuttered something and as soon as he left i dropped my bottle of vitamin water and it spilled everywhere.

fhkgjhkgjhrkjghrkehgkjrhgkj IDEK. i probably won't win anyway but WHAT IF I DO?!?!?! D:
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hey, blake and kevin? get a little gayer, plz.


slightly less gay. )
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it's official: josiah bb on ellen on tuesday!

if you click the little "tuesday" icon with his picture, there's a teensy clip of him in the promo.

yay! *draws a heart around him*

also, blake is going to be on this show on friday. you can see him for one nanosecond towards the end, heh.

bshorty on my tv! yes plz! \o/
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01. p.stump and bshorty performing at the same party does things to me that y'all can't even comprehend. i would sell my SOUL for a picture of them together. OR BSHORTY & TRAVIE OMFGGGGGG. *flail*


brendon's boots = DNW.


clive davis and i share a mind(!!!).


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