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so dfc's stepsister has a twitter. and i'm a creeper, so i followed her. which, whatever, she has other fans following her, so i didn't think anything of it.

HOWEVER. apparently if you follow her, she follows you back. D: so, now she's going to see me talking all the time about how i want to bone her brother! D: D: D: AWKWARD. and idk what to do. i mean, sure, i could kick her off and block her, but...i can't do that to dfc's (step)sister! whatever. she's totally going to end up unfollowing me once she discovers how annoying/spammy/inappropriate i am. :/

went and spent a couple of days with [ profile] themightybee this weekend! she is awesome, as usual, and on saturday we went to an inside the actors' studio sort of shindig with the lovely angela kinsey. she is funny and adorable and charming and it was exciting. she ships dwangela pretty hard. hee. we also (that'd be sarah and i, not angela and i) ate at the melting pot (YUM) and lounged about and watched some freaks & geeks. good times. (we also were together when we learned about bea arthur's death. so fucking sad. she was a hell of a lady. ♥ RIP *clings to betty white forfuckingever*)

then tonight i saw believers never die 2! it was SO hot and humid in the venue, ugh. but cobras were fucking amazing, as usual, and then metro station was too embarrassing to be real (mostly trace, omg D:, he must be stopped, you guys) and then FALL OUT BOY HAPPENED TO MY FACE. i love them, band of my heart, favorite band ever, etc etc. and they fucking played "hum hallelujah"!!! i was just thinking today on my drive back from rhode island that i was sad that "hum hallelujah" hadn't made the setlist, because it's my favorite fall out boy song. and then tonight pete's all "we haven't played this on this tour, but we want to tonight, it means a lot to us [blah blah whatever]" and the first chords sounded and i lost my shit. <33333 sadly, tho, we didn't get "chicago is so two years ago." :( i would've taken that over "tiffany blews" tbh.

oh god, and "what a catch," askldfjlf;lsdkfj. predictably, i cried. <33333


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ahahaha, ed westwick, be more british and drunk and EPIC. (nsfw, kids!)
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hey so what's the story with martin from BLG? i really like his blog (he posted a funny video with singer the other day for those of you who're so inclined) and he's pretty cute.

what's up, lj? do we like him? cool guy? doucheface? tell me!

(this is not for any real reason, i'm just curious, idk.)
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*pause in dcook fangirling*


*resume dcook flail in 3...2...1*

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i have to say, i'm really sad about the death of estelle getty. she was hilarious and charming and she will most certainly be missed. :( i have the golden girls theme song stuck in my head now, and a lump in my throat. and, ok, a little tear in my eye. sigh.


i felt like i needed to divide that from this, but i didn't want to actually make two separate entries, so. anyway. give me david cook "5 things" prompts, please? i've been really wanting to write lately, but i can't seem to settle down on any one specific idea and i'm thinking this will help me get into a groove of some sort.
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hai flist! in case anyone was concerned by (or noticed) my lack of updates - i am, in fact, alive. i'm in rhode island in [ profile] themightybee's bed (rawr! except she's on the couch, but whatevs, it sounded scandalous for a second) and updating via iphone, and i'm way tired but i'm awake, so here's an inelegant rundown of the past few days.

- attended taping of the colbert report on monday. didn't get to meet the man himself, but did get to meet [ profile] sideshowkat which was more than sufficient! \o/ XD

- the warm-up comic at TCR told some dude in the audience that he needed to be in a band because he was wearing tapered jeans and had tattoos and "david cook hair." i hit sarah at the mention of DC's name. idek - it's pavlovian or something.

- got banned from twop. AGAIN. ho-hum.

- saw kathy lee gifford near 30 rock. idk.

- saw get smart. LOVE! and not only because i want to marry steve carell.

- had pinkberry! mmmm.

- took the NBC studio tour. sadly, kenneth was not our tour guide. :P

- watched wonder boys with sarah. the book was better but i dug the movie as well. that night sarah dreamt about james leer's

- george carlin. :(

- i can't think of anything else too noteworthy at the moment, but i didn't want to end on a sad bullet point.

- oh! we watched the first two eps of this season's my life on the d-list and i have suddenly developed a fondness for anderson andy cooper. i blame sarah and kgrif (and probably [ profile] likespring, heh) equally for this.

- oh, and i saw L&O: SVU for the first time tonight. that show is fucked up, y'all, jfc. necrophilia and kiddie porn right in a row is wayyyyy too much for me. ack! :O
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elliott yamin's mother passed away tonight. she was a sweet, lovely woman, and she will be missed.

rest in peace, claudette.


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All five members of boy band NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK will appear together on U.S.
TV show Today on Friday (04Apr08), when they are expected to officially announce they've reformed.

Speculation the group - Danny Woods, Jonathan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight - has reunited reached fever pitch in January (08) when a new untitled track was uploaded on New Kids On The Block's recently-active official website.
And although Woods denied the band is to reform, reports the five-piece were in the studio working on a new album then surfaced.
Now New Kids On The Block, who sold over 50 million albums before splitting in 1994, are to appear on TV network NBC's Today show, where they are expected to announce a tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their smash sophomore disc Hangin' Tough.

um. yay? i mean. idk? it's kind of awesome because i LOVED them when i was like 9, but kind of weird, because aren't they all like 40?
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i was going to post an entry all about sharing two random stupid things about myself (specifically that i never get whipped cream on my iced mochas at starbucks because i hate those bubble lids, and that, especially when i'm wearing black and feeling stealthy, i like to really creep up my front steps at night and try and fool the motion-sensor light, idk) but i decided those things were not really that interesting (altho i just told you anyway, oops) and i would do a random poll.


[Poll #1136587]

i would've had more "who would you do?" options but i got lazy! besides, y'all don't want to go looking TOO slutty in my lj in front of god and sixapart and everybody.
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i have nothing. NOTHING. BOYSSSSSSSS. *hands*

yes, i'm late. scott was hogging the computer. *sob*

EDIT2 EVEN THO THIS IS PHYSICALLY FIRST: i changed my mind, i have things to say about the panic video. they are: HUGGING! CLAPPING! YAWNING! STRETCHING! HAT! FACE FACE FACE AND FACE! that is as articulate as i can get right now. omg. BOYSSSSSSS.

EDIT: ok, amy winehouse's face just now (winning record of the year) made me tear up. oh bb.

EDIT3: is there anyone more boring than josh groban? (no, no there is not.)

the only person i ever need to hear sing "the prayer" is anthony callea anyway. ([ profile] _kittenheels, you'd love this guy.) i was just watching all his old videos the other day and SQUEE i still heart this boy muchly. i know there were plans to bring him to the states but idk if that's still on now that he's out of the closet. :/
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01. p.stump and bshorty performing at the same party does things to me that y'all can't even comprehend. i would sell my SOUL for a picture of them together. OR BSHORTY & TRAVIE OMFGGGGGG. *flail*


brendon's boots = DNW.


clive davis and i share a mind(!!!).
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james mcavoy's impersonation of ryan seacrest = WIN.


Jan. 28th, 2008 05:53 pm
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for anyone who missed daniel day-lewis's acceptance speech on the SAG awards (he dedicated his award to heath ledger), here it is.

he is just a lovely man, goodness.
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one more heath ledger thing, because mariel posted it and i flailed. i saw this movie, i think, 4 times in the theater.


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