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new true blood trailerrrr. \o/

*waits for june*
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so dfc's stepsister has a twitter. and i'm a creeper, so i followed her. which, whatever, she has other fans following her, so i didn't think anything of it.

HOWEVER. apparently if you follow her, she follows you back. D: so, now she's going to see me talking all the time about how i want to bone her brother! D: D: D: AWKWARD. and idk what to do. i mean, sure, i could kick her off and block her, but...i can't do that to dfc's (step)sister! whatever. she's totally going to end up unfollowing me once she discovers how annoying/spammy/inappropriate i am. :/

went and spent a couple of days with [ profile] themightybee this weekend! she is awesome, as usual, and on saturday we went to an inside the actors' studio sort of shindig with the lovely angela kinsey. she is funny and adorable and charming and it was exciting. she ships dwangela pretty hard. hee. we also (that'd be sarah and i, not angela and i) ate at the melting pot (YUM) and lounged about and watched some freaks & geeks. good times. (we also were together when we learned about bea arthur's death. so fucking sad. she was a hell of a lady. ♥ RIP *clings to betty white forfuckingever*)

then tonight i saw believers never die 2! it was SO hot and humid in the venue, ugh. but cobras were fucking amazing, as usual, and then metro station was too embarrassing to be real (mostly trace, omg D:, he must be stopped, you guys) and then FALL OUT BOY HAPPENED TO MY FACE. i love them, band of my heart, favorite band ever, etc etc. and they fucking played "hum hallelujah"!!! i was just thinking today on my drive back from rhode island that i was sad that "hum hallelujah" hadn't made the setlist, because it's my favorite fall out boy song. and then tonight pete's all "we haven't played this on this tour, but we want to tonight, it means a lot to us [blah blah whatever]" and the first chords sounded and i lost my shit. <33333 sadly, tho, we didn't get "chicago is so two years ago." :( i would've taken that over "tiffany blews" tbh.

oh god, and "what a catch," askldfjlf;lsdkfj. predictably, i cried. <33333


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fandom has been wanky and i'm not into it, so i'm going to post a bunch of pics of dfc and the boyz from this weekend. none of them are by me. i stole them mostly from this flickr and [ profile] brookie0cookie. i sort of started at that flickr and then went and added brooke's pics, so hers are the ones at the end of each day. i probably could've just used hers because they're so pretty, but whatever, variety is good, right?

also, my journal automatically sizes the photos so they don't break my layout - most of them are bigger if you save them/open them in a new tab. i took off customized comment pages for now because these pics deserve to be big. XD


this seems as good a place to begin as any.

*throws beads at him*

hope you had a good time while you were here. )

[if you can't tell this is the former expatiates, well, idek]
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quick poll: how do you pronounce "pwn"? does it rhyme with "cone"? (i say yes.) or is it "pawn"? or...some other way?

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so [ profile] affectingly wins tonight! she put me on the phone with NEAL FUCKING TIEMANN! i of course fell to pieces and talked a mile a minute and was an absolute geek, lololololol. i wasn't prepared for that! i asked him if it was cold there, for christ's sake. and he said it wasn't really and they'd just been talking about it, so i was like "well, it's cold in new york, i'm warning you" and he said he wished he was in new york and i had to tell him i live upstate so it's not that exciting.

so then he's like "oh, andy has family in upstate new york!" so i told him how i met andy's uncle dan in tulsa, and he told me i was too awesome to be a democrat and he kissed me (little-known fact, i have kissed a relative of andy skib), and how i was vaguely offended by the not being a democrat thing but i got over it? oh god, i am such a geek. /o\ and then neal said something about uncle dan liking the ladies or something, i think. so then i was trying to think of something to say, or some way to smoothly end the conversation before i got even more ridiculous, and then we talked over each other for a second and i said i'd better let him get back to his public, lol. incidentally, i had JUST walked outside when this happened and i was freezing my ass off and shivering so i was having to focus about half of my brain on not letting my teeth chatter while i was speaking. /o\

so we got off the phone and he told amber he thought i was excited, lolololol. and she was like "duh, you're her favorite!" and he was pleased. :P

so yeah. it was both mortifying and amazinggggg! \o/ and /o\ and some more \o/!

oh oh oh and amber actually called me and i missed it, so neal was in the process of leaving me a voicemail when i called back, so i ALSO have voicemail from neal on my phone and he says my naaaaaame.

*collapses in girly little puddle*

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i already twittered about this but i'm very excited so it gets an lj entry, too.

the actor playing alpha on dollhouse has been revealed.

i seem to recognize your face. )

i approve. :D

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everything is in order and i will see fall out boy tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/

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gah, friends waiting outside the venue in columbus are reporting that dfcook soundchecked 'permanent'...


*dies* *hopes*

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he needs to just live his entire life on best week ever.

also FOLIE A DEUX!!! about to listen. \o/

eta: omg, "the (shipped) gold standard" = ♥
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rumor on the interwebz: david fucking cook will be singing john lennon's "happy xmas (war is over)" at the rockefeller tree lighting.

i have no idea if this is true (anyone?) but oh man, i will die. ♥_♥

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my xmas/bday present which is a SHINY NEW MACBOOK will be arriving next week.

*anticipatory orgasm*

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i'm leaving some empty space here solely because otherwise my icon fucks up the formatting. how annoying am i? :P sorry bbs.

david cook aol sessions
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there is literally nothing better in the world than waking up to stephen colbert and david cook fa-la-la-ing together on my tivo. :DDDDD

i need 90000 icons of that shit.

eta: why yes i did take a picture of my tv, what up.


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holy fucking hell.


if you have even a vague interest in him, go watch it! there are five live performances (which are shot, like, gorgeously, who knew?) and an interview. i just watched the whole thing with my mouth hanging open.

and don't forget to watch the tonight show tonight! i'm sure you'll never guess who the musical guest is! :D
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sorry for the spam, but i forgot to post this before and i can't edit it into my last entry.

anyway, walking through times square on wednesday night, guess what i saw?!

i won't lie to you guys; i definitely squealed out loud like someone had just bought me a pony. /o\

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ok, so, wright gala recap! \o/ [i typed most of this up and THEN went and found videos, so if i quote things he said and then you watch and you're like "uh, that wasn't what he said" plz forgive me, i was working from hazy overstimulated memory. ALSO most of the videos have hi-res versions available, so i recommend going and watching them in hi-res on youtube, because dude was looking all sorts of fine last night.]

this is really long (twss!), i realize, but humor me and read it anyway? :D

life on the moon couldn't be any stranger. )

i'm still on a high. i'm so, so happy i was there, you guys, i cannot even.

ALSO HEY GO CHECK OUT THE STREAM OF HIS ALBUM BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING AMAZING! i love pretty much everything. i could do without "i did it for you" (not because i dislike it, it just isn't doing anything for me), but otherwise? LOVE. early favorites are "life on the moon", "mr. sensitive", "bar-ba-sol" which continues to make my clothes fall off, and "permanent" which breaks my fucking heart. OH! and there's a hidden track at the end of "a daily anthem" which is AWESOME AS FUCK, make sure you leave it on. it's like 12 mins in.


[ETA] here's a rip of the hidden track, because i can't stop listening to it right now: david cook // kiss on the neck alsdkifdkjfh
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also omg you guys i get to see neal! and joey and kyle and kyle's hair! and andy again! and daaaaaavid! but...neal! \o/

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