Mar. 30th, 2009

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anyone bored? we haven't played this game in a while!

spot the dfc!

02. yellow pages
03. tamagotchi: 'round the world
04. wheel of fortune
05. virtual villagers 2: the lost children (this one barely qualifies but i was in a hurry; it'll probably only make sense to me)
06. american idol season 8 exclusive videos (lol, this one was a gimme)
more more more. )

much to my chagrin, a reference wound up being edited out of one of my reviews, thereby ruining my record. i think i will disavow authorship of that particular review. *shuns*
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RIP, andy hallett. :(

but. loooooorne. :(

yeah you will, bb. ♥
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if i've ever amused you, or maybe said something nice to you one time that made your day better, or posted a picture of that guy/girl you think is hot, or uploaded something for you or complimented you in some way or...idk, did anything at all that was decent and you feel like doing something for me?

please make a donation to race for hope

if you can even spare a few dollars, it would mean the world to me. i'm signed up as a virtual runner, because the event is taking place in D.C. and i live in new york and i'll actually be in south florida that day. i realize that's kind of lame. i realize that i'm asking for something for nothing. i realize i'm asking you to send in your hard-earned money when the economy is an absolute mess and nobody has anything to spare. and maybe that's stupid of me to ask.

or maybe it's not. i've seen my friends rise to the occasion in a million different ways, for a million different reasons.

i have faith.


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