Mar. 2nd, 2009

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looking at peoples' twitters from the concert tonight (last night) and this made me lol.
A little dude with a badge and a Neapolitan complex tried to make me sit down.

*giggle* i do not think that means what you think it means.
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i love you, neal. ♥_♥
I woke up early and can't get back to sleep as we drive through the snowed highways of New York. They say it's a big storm but I can't really tell from in here. The David Cook Declaration Tour is in full effect and, despite the current 11 to 3 sick ratio, everything's laying out smoothly. Thanks to all that have come out to the shows, stood out in the cold for shows, stood out in the heat for shows or committed any other courageous act to see me an' the boys play. We'll keep bringin' it if you keep coming.
In sadder news, it seems that I am forced, from all sides, to make rules about public comments on my page. 2. simple. rules. will now be instated.
1. anything about my family (this includes my dog. he has his own myspace not run by me.) will be denied.
2. anything overtly sexual. will be denied.
Also, concerning personal messages, I rarely have the time to respond to these. Moreover, I'm much more of a face-to-face kind of person so even if I do have time to write you back I usually don't because I'd rather be doing something in real life (i.e. writing, drinking, pillaging and overall piracy) and not internet related. Being on long enough to type this is already giving me a headache.

There are my terms.

It's good to be on the road. Oh...and my friend Andy's the one with red pants. Mine are maroon.


hahahaha, suck it, psychos! \o/
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hee. dork. <3

eta a follow-up:

yes, i changed the time on this entry so people would see the edit. yes, i'm annoying. but it was either that or a new post, so either way your friends page was getting spammed. XD
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eta an even better one, i think:


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