Feb. 22nd, 2009

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SEASON FIVE OF ANGEL IS SO GOOD YOU GUYSSSSSS. i'm about halfway through (i just watched "damage") and omg looooove. ♥_♥ however, WHY can i not find an icon of spike & angel that isn't hideous? all i can find are ugly manips. and i'm scared to dig around too much and spoil myself, so i decided i'd just make one myself, and photoshop just randomly died on me for the first time ever. as i told lara, it's clearly too much vampire soul for one icon. O.o

also, this picture amuses me:

i mean, not that i blame her, but hee! also he looks like he's about to die, lol. here's the full photo: idol class photo!
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this video of "lie" is soooooo pretty. the lighting is technically faily, but i think it makes it that much more awesome, and it's super close, and plus the, y'know, SINGING is just all gorgeous and. whatever. it's late and i'm rambling, so basically: ♥_♥
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question: when it comes to twitter and spoilers, whose problem is it? [and by "spoilers" i mean twittering about stuff on tv as it's happening, basically.] should people censor their tweets to avoid spoiling others, or is it the responsiblity of the unspoiled to protect themselves by turning off updates or whatever?

burning questions, bbs.

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