Feb. 4th, 2009

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this song just came up on shuffle and i've always loved the video super hard so i thought i'd post it.

warm fuuuuuuuuuuzzies. ♥_♥
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oh god, pardon my late-night spamming, but surprise!acoustic!dfc + drunkass!21stbirthday!kyle = amazingness.

2:20ish makes me giggle SO MUCH.
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so, i was talking to [livejournal.com profile] livehead16 last night about how sometimes i really want to watch a scary movie, but i want ones that are good, because it seems like so many scary movies are also really bad movies. (in their defense, usually if i think they look bad, i don't bother seeing them, so i might be cheerfully defaming plenty of good movies.)

movies off the top of my head that i thought were scary and also good movies: the others, the ring, identity, the sixth sense. does cloverfield count? pet sematary scared the shit out of me even tho i don't necessarily think it was a "good" movie. thirteen ghosts was kind of terrible but i thought the ghosts in it were scary as fuck. i loved interview with the vampire, but i don't remember ever finding it scary at all. and i was wildly underwhelmed by the blair witch project - i loved the concept but hated the execution. i thought psycho was a terrific movie, but it didn't strike me as all that scary, idk.

and of course, these two, so let's have a poll about them.
[Poll #1343663]

so, the point of this ramble: what are scary movies that are also good movies in their own right?

[i couldn't figure out what icon to use, so i went with rahm because nothing has ever scared him.]


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