Jan. 25th, 2009

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yesterday morning: i was in a hurry, so instead of going to starbucks for my coffee, i decided to drive thru dunkin donuts, which is much closer. i pulled into the drive-thru and there was a sign that it was closed, so i went inside and ordered an iced mocha swirl latte, at which point i was informed that they were totally out of milk and therefore unable to fill my order. wtf? that'll teach me to abandon my 'bucks. D:

yesterday afternoon: i finally saw the wrestler and it was wonderful. mickey rourke broke my heart. and damn, marisa tomei looks good. O.O highly highly recommended.

last night: i got thru 5.18 of buffy ('the body' and 'forever' both had me sobbing! ;___;) and 2.17 of angel (when he buys cordy the new clothes, omg, hilaaaaarious). also lindsey is really hot. jsyk. love both shows to bits. ♥_♥

this morning: i watched this week's FNL. she brought him a cheeseburger!!! oh my HEART.

today: i got my first (that i can recall) 'wrong number' text from some poor girl who was trying to ask a classmate about their exam tomorrow. i told her she had the wrong number but wished her luck on her test. :)

now: i am about to write a couple of reviews for work and then moar tv!! \o/

...and that's what's going on with me. :D

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so i just finished two reviews for work, and both of them were of applications that let you create a little cartoon avatar kind of thing. we have to include screenshots with our reviews. i am amused by how lame i am.

i think i'm going to make it my goal in life to try to sneak him into every review i do. XD
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pimping two things:
birthday project for neal tiemann

we're raising money for heartland great dane rescue, so even if you don't care about neal (gasp!), you probably like puppies! kick in some money for puppies! we're currently at $850 and we're trying to get to $1000. PUPPIES YOU GUYS.

[livejournal.com profile] dvbb!

What it is: A six-month challenge spanning 15,000 words per author. Artists are then paired up with each author and their story, where they then complete a set of graphics, soundtrack, wallpapers, or whatever other inspiration hits them.

writer signups close on january 30, so get your asses in gear, bbs!


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