Jan. 8th, 2009

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blah, i hate that i hauled ass home and to the computer to listen to dfc's radio interview and it was, like, five minutes and boring. fail! and is it really so hard for people to understand why a scottie dog would be named dublin that he had to explain that it was a joke? dumb (tm ryan ross).

apparently i am either delusional or just a horrible bitch for being happy that dfc and caldwell broke up. eh. as i said the other day, i'm sorry if he's hurting. i would never wish unhappiness on him, and i mean that. that being said, i disliked her way before i ever knew he existed. i make no apologies. *shrug* not to mention that, like...idk. people complain about the misogyny of the girlfriend-'haters,' but isn't assuming that they just dislike her because they're catty and jealous its own sort of misogyny? i mean, hell, i don't like michael johns, either, and i'm pretty sure he has a dick. meh. whatevs. over it!

it's snowing again. ugh.

jester almost got out today. well, i don't know if he would've actually gone out, but he was popping his head out of the door and i fucking tackled him, which resulted in my hitting my knee on the ground and also my scaring the shit out of him, which made him flail around and scratch my finger in his haste to run and hide under the bed. not fun for anyone.

i downloaded this iphone app which lets me tell my tivo things to record! *girl boner* i also downloaded this which is adorable but also pretty much pointless and dumb, from what i can tell.

i started watching angel! i love it a lot. angel's lack of people skills crack me the fuck up, and i am predictably in love with doyle. i have, like, one more ep of angel to watch to get me in line with buffy, and then i'm going to start alternating. fun times! \o/ but omg, the ways they totally ignore and skirt around the sunlight issue DRIVE ME NUTS. like, angel and doyle show up at cordy's apartment in the middle of the fucking day, and then doyle starts closing her curtains so angel doesn't go up in flames? WHAT ABOUT WHEN HE WAS STANDING OUTSIDE? omg. but really, it's worth it for scenes (on buffy) like the one in my icon, which i thought was just beautiful.

ok, that is all. :D
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hey, i was just imdb-ing seth green and i didn't realize he'd been on heroes. (i've gone off it.) is it worth downloading his episodes? ditto his grey's anatomy eps - worth it? 
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omg you guys, i don't want to lust deleon, i really really don't. :(


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