Jan. 5th, 2009

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thank you all for the sympathy on the death of my poor iphone! i'm happy to report that i picked up a replacement yesterday, and all is once again right with the world.

speaking of all being right with the world, rumors abound that david f. cook is once again single. i would never ever wish unhappiness on him, so if he's hurting i'm sorry, but, y'know...YAY!!! my lack of affection for his [former?] ladyfriend is well-documented. now, someone send kelly clarkson to console him! ;)

scott and i saw synecdoche, new york (it's pronounced sin-eck-duh-key for other people like me who had no idea) the other night. i've always loved charlie kaufman (adaptation is one of my all-time favorite films, and being john malkovich and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind are also both high on my list) and as usual, he's written a movie that presents fairly simple truths in ways that are somewhat incomprehensible but, i think, ultimately rewarding. it was depressing in parts, and probably longer than necessary, but there were lots of parts that made my chest ache in that 'yes, that, exactly that!' kind of way. and phillip seymour hoffman is always perfect. ♥

buffy update: up to about 4.05 now, i believe. i always heard people bitching about riley but idk, i like him well enough so far. i miss angel but i assume he'll be back soon enough. oz continues to be my very favorite, but he just left and i sobbed like a sobbing thing. i know he still has some eps left tho, so i will eagerly await his return. i also kind of miss cordy - is she gone now? i wanted to hate anya but she had me in hysterics in her bunny costume and i kind of love her now. why do i have such a huge crush on giles? i feel very weird about it. xander and i need to be bff. ilhim. the mayor was a fucking awesome big bad. faith is dead to me; i know she'll come back and get redeemed or whatever but i'm pissed for what she tried to do to angel. ugh. spike is fun; i see why everyone loves him. i miss dru (sorry, lara)! spike & harmony were hilarious, tho.[/stream of consciousness]

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